Sambo Elite Fighters

Last Online - Saturday 20th of July 2024
Display Name Russianthai
Member Since Mar 18, 2011
Active Record 11-5
Overall Record 5936-4207


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5-23-2023 11:34 am EST
Cheers mate really appreciate you comment on my camp,if you have any tips for me please let me know bro much appreciated!
Platinum Paddy
1-23-2023 12:33 pm EST
Scratch that, Bangladesh LOL
Platinum Paddy
1-23-2023 12:21 pm EST
Absolutely, any help is appreciated haha it was a bit of a surprise myself to get that title honestly, I will chalk it up to a good pool of stats for Indonesian fighters haha
Platinum Paddy
1-19-2023 7:38 pm EST
Unfortunately I don't have a username haha but I appreciate the offer. Maybe I'll sign up at some point in the future.
Platinum Paddy
1-18-2023 6:05 pm EST
Not really, have looked at the forums a couple times but that's about the extent of it. Maybe I should look back through old threads to help myself haha
Platinum Paddy
1-18-2023 9:19 am EST
Hey man. I just kinda train something close to what they're already gifted in, however it's completely speculation on my side with regards to what styles match what haha. I appreciate the insight, do you just train Sambo and those that may help enhance that skill? And when it plateaus, what do you do in that case? Thanks for any help, I don't want you to give away all your secrets of course haha
1-5-2023 2:30 pm EST
Win 5500 Yevgeni Ivanov wins by Unanimous Decision
12-26-2022 3:37 am EST
lol it happens bro, nice work with the camp!
12-22-2022 7:51 am EST
you too! always a battle
12-20-2022 7:29 am EST
Thanks and great to see you still around too buddy
Gi All Stars
12-13-2022 8:56 pm EST
its just the same as here bro and keep making them killers !!!!
11-7-2022 12:17 pm EST
Living the dream.
11-5-2022 5:58 pm EST
What’s up bro
10-29-2022 6:58 am EST
No worries man just wanted to spell it out clear. Didn’t think it came off as dickish. Everything’s alright just busting ass trying to survive. Hope all is well with you
8-20-2022 11:23 am EST
Everything is great. Trying to get myself to get this camp up and running. My striking camp is coming along. Great to see you bro!
8-20-2022 11:23 am EST
Everything is great. Trying to get myself to get this camp up and running. My striking camp is coming along. Great to see you bro!
8-15-2022 2:35 pm EST
Damn, RT. Nice to see you here, bud!
1-1-2018 5:19 am EST
Good fights bud, u in an alliance atm? cant remember lol
10-25-2017 12:04 pm EST
Haha wouldn't I have to be good to be the ace? XD All good with me, family are good! 3rd and final kid on the way in march :D What's new with you? I'm only playing a little ATM until I get my fire back, but hopefully back up and running properly soon
10-25-2017 8:47 am EST
How's it hanging hombre?
10-20-2017 11:48 am EST
WCK Squad
10-20-2017 7:12 am EST
Yeah man, im on DBA.. Im having a good start here cause its my secondary camp, and I already knew how to star it! But thanks for the help anyway!
WCK Squad
10-20-2017 6:33 am EST
New camp dude! Im Jhg on forum, just messed up with display name
12-28-2016 7:10 pm EST
Thanks again that makes a lot of sense actually. I finally joined the fourms I'll be "Jonah" there and in the shout box. Thanks a lot for all the help
12-26-2016 12:02 pm EST
Thanks and i do have a question not sure if you would know but my camp has a record of like 114-82 yet remains unranked. My other camp is nearly 50/50 something like 227-217 and is ranked 93 ... but looking at the rankings I find that this camp (my unranked camp) has more wins and a better percentage then some camps even in the top 50. Do you have any knowledge of why that would be? Thanks a lot hope you had a great holiday season
12-18-2016 11:11 am EST
I haven't joined yet but with the way my teams are lacking in consistency I think it may be time to join
12-17-2016 11:08 pm EST
Newish I do have another camp as well "LHP"
12-17-2016 10:52 pm EST
Good fight
12-9-2016 6:51 am EST
Gulnara Nabieva gets camp win #4000 (4000-2822)
11-9-2016 4:33 am EST
Thank you for the luck with my guy :)
11-5-2016 5:00 pm EST
Yeah, I started a couple of months back, people keep saying on the forums that I've progressed pretty quickly. :)
Praetorian MMA
10-17-2016 7:57 pm EST
Lex is up to 17 without a finish now haha
10-15-2016 2:10 pm EST
Thank you, bud. In fact I'm making the transition from eight points to GnP because I was losing a lot of fights. Anyway I think Ill always have some eight points fighters on my team because I like the style. Good luck to u too, man. :)
10-14-2016 4:23 pm EST
Sorry for the late response, I rarely look at my fighter's messages. TGTO owns HKK, your dude just got one of the rare wins. So much to consider with hidden stats involved.
10-11-2016 11:10 am EST
Alliance event starts Fri. Its a legends event we're hosting, no SR. Submit any guys you want.
Dagestand and Bang
9-27-2016 11:13 am EST
Yeah nan, I have seen you around... I am in CC ;)
Dagestand and Bang
9-25-2016 1:37 am EST
Yeah pal, I'm CobheaadJake. :)
8-29-2016 10:09 am EST
Meh not bad I guess lol. I just love bugging ppl with Conor cause so many haters. :) how u been man?
8-28-2016 12:03 pm EST
Butt hurt? Conor is for real.
7-31-2016 8:09 am EST
lol no problem
7-24-2016 9:57 am EST
RT it's me Arch.
Enik Schleestack
Land of the Lost Gym
7-15-2016 5:40 pm EST
Sorry about giving a title challenge after the loss, I wasn't even paying attention. Thanks for pointing that out.
7-12-2016 8:59 am EST
Good fight man. Good to see you back bro.
3-16-2016 7:59 am EST
Rory is probably the worst matchup for him due to his well rounded style. I'd lean wonderboy
3-13-2016 7:23 pm EST
Yeah he's a favorite of mine.
Sean Wooldridge
Wooldridge Training
3-5-2016 6:14 pm EST
I didn't exactly draw a crop of world beaters off the bat, but I'm back.
Sambo Bear
Oskol Shooters
3-2-2016 7:24 pm EST
Hey thanks man, I appreciate it, and yeah I'm pretty new, joined up a few months back. I'm Sambo Bear on the forum/shoutbox.
2-28-2016 6:13 pm EST
Miss you too. Loved having you in THC. Wish you never left. You're my dude.
2-28-2016 6:05 am EST
2-28-2016 5:21 am EST
Been great thanks for the fights. Good to see you here!
2-28-2016 2:07 am EST
Alik "Malaysian sensation"Tretyakov Gets camp win #3000
Mister Judo
2-25-2016 7:05 am EST
Lol must've been a glitch. I had like 8 ppl restricted (u, chuck, blitz,) etc. must've glitches and blocked everyone who recently posted lol
2-25-2016 6:38 am EST
RT!!!!!!!! Sup man?
12-28-2015 5:49 pm EST
You still play, dude!?
11-20-2015 1:14 am EST
Wassup man, long time no speak homie!
10-31-2015 11:39 pm EST
lol seems i made some one angry go throw your hissy fit on some one elses wall child :) cant hang with the big boys dont talk k princess:)
10-30-2015 2:31 pm EST
Your shit talking I weak and lacks body, let me know when you get a #1 princess till then you are irrelevant :)
10-30-2015 4:32 am EST
scared say your scared princess im never sry for anything i say.. and im not your boyfriend.. just some lame ass excuse to not get beat by one of my guys..... like you always do :)
10-23-2015 9:34 am EST
Maybe next time man.. Lost a split lol. With how well our camps are doing, we'll fight for the strap soon. Count on it bro!
10-12-2015 1:06 pm EST
Love kb Giorgio Petrosyan is my dude
Itagaki Gym
10-5-2015 5:39 am EST
thanks, RT. good to fight your guys all the time!
9-24-2015 3:44 am EST
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-18-2015 9:49 am EST
you the man RT
9-8-2015 12:13 pm EST
Thanks! It's definately hard trying to learn the new styles. Eventually I'll join you guys in EFC again.
Camp GT
9-7-2015 6:18 pm EST
thanks finally got time to play again
7-29-2015 5:49 am EST
7-13-2015 1:15 am EST
❤ Where u been homie?!?
7-4-2015 3:11 am EST
Wow...... I read that late man and yeah I saw Jid was asking me and My brother was with THC so he said join the forum and I did. So I'm now TRT.
7-1-2015 9:04 am EST
Thnx man xD
Penn nation
6-30-2015 7:15 pm EST
Thank you for the fight. It feels good to get s fighter this high. My highest so far. Trying g to push one division higher haha
6-17-2015 6:29 pm EST
I'm considered a new coach this is my side camp My name on the forums is Outchea
6-17-2015 4:58 pm EST
What makes you think that bro
6-15-2015 7:57 pm EST
I have next. :)- Vic Banks
6-3-2015 11:34 am EST
Yeah, I have another camp that I am using mainly. Too much work to have two. So I'm currently just training my guys.
5-26-2015 9:17 pm EST
Awesome to see your camp still around.
408 Monster INC
5-21-2015 4:23 pm EST
yes sir, U?
5-9-2015 7:18 pm EST
That's the plan, hehe.
5-8-2015 5:17 am EST
Sounds great. Count me in. :)
5-7-2015 4:55 pm EST
5-7-2015 4:23 am EST
i might be. how does an alliance work?
5-7-2015 2:53 am EST
I just started to play again. I have account there but i think that im not starting to read it before my camp is ready to join in to an alliance.
5-7-2015 2:34 am EST
Thanks. I've got a forum account but haven't used it at all. I've been fighting anyone who would accept to upgrade my equipment as fast as possible.
Big Damn Hero
5-3-2015 12:41 am EST
deleting the negative comments does not make you a better person LOL fucking coward
Big Damn Hero
5-2-2015 1:41 am EST
Penn nation
4-20-2015 5:44 pm EST
Thanks man. Trying to make a dirty boxing camp. If you got any advice to ofeerm
4-20-2015 1:52 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words. Just trying to get better and better.
4-11-2015 6:53 pm EST
Thanks! Been on a good run, just hope I can keep it up. Your camp is doing well, great active record.
Movement MMA
4-2-2015 6:53 am EST
Yeah good battles man , keep it up!
4-1-2015 12:23 am EST
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
3-24-2015 12:36 pm EST
3-24-2015 6:34 am EST
It was my bad I always challenge whoever I can fight and your guy had already beaten my guy But no it was my bad
3-22-2015 11:33 am EST
Hey sorry my fighter keeps challenging your fighters over and over. I just challenge anybody online. I'm trying to build up my gym equipment I will try to avoid your fighters my bad
3-17-2015 7:09 am EST
Thank you bro been putting in the time. :) Turbo
3-16-2015 8:42 pm EST
Sorry bro. Little miss leading, ehrod's fighting this camp right now. I started it up long time ago and I've borrowed it back from Teshore just to mess around with a style or two for a bit.
3-10-2015 9:18 am EST
Hi there - no, so far I've only been to the forums as a reader. You've been around for awhile?
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
3-10-2015 4:34 am EST
I look at the forums for help, but I don't actually post
3-3-2015 1:51 am EST
Thanks, man!
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
2-18-2015 5:01 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words, send a challenge anytime!
2-15-2015 8:27 pm EST
2-7-2015 9:04 pm EST
Dynamo training and Elite training facility have been restricted. Only a pussy would get a compliment then start acting like a bitch and then start talking shit
Tap or Sleep
11-16-2014 5:04 pm EST
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
11-15-2014 4:17 am EST
Ok scared boy, do not send me any more messages. If you can not handle this game, go find another easier, kid.
11-6-2014 3:10 am EST
I think I love you?
Tony the Indecent
Indecent Kombat Alliance
11-4-2014 2:39 pm EST
Yes @IndecentKombatAlliance. I've kinda looked into all of that already just to get an idea of what statistics to build up and everything like that
Tony the Indecent
Indecent Kombat Alliance
11-4-2014 9:26 am EST
Lol alright. I think I understand the styles and stats needed quite well. But is any particular kickboxing style better? Like Chop Down, Fast Feet, or High Kick Killshot
scott cooley
10-21-2014 2:13 pm EST
Sure am bud :) like the judo comment lol, that filthy style/stat rapist :p
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
10-19-2014 3:33 pm EST
Rodrigo Oliveira
Thai Boxe MMA Academy
10-18-2014 6:00 pm EST
I've found the game looking for MMA simulators on Google and decided to give it a try.
10-18-2014 11:47 am EST
Good fights bud!
10-17-2014 5:08 am EST
Ioakim Tikhomirov gets camp win #2000 via tko(ref stoppage)
10-7-2014 3:34 pm EST
lol yeah
5-9-2014 5:40 am EST
Are you a pervert and homosexual now? is that what you are trying to tell me?
5-9-2014 5:39 am EST
so what do you want? suck my dick?
5-5-2014 10:54 pm EST
4-13-2014 6:47 pm EST
1900 wins!
4-8-2014 6:08 pm EST
I just know it pissed off a lot of people lol.
3-29-2014 1:23 am EST
Ohhhh shiiiit!!!
5-29-2013 12:47 pm EST
will never get the 1900th win
5-23-2013 12:23 pm EST
These aren't tricks. Bring it Segal!
5-22-2013 6:18 am EST
Alright.. Lets get real.. You've beaten me like once or twice in your career. Besides, it doesn't matter what style my camp will be, I am the greatest in all aspects of the game. Maybe I will go MMArtist.. Never been a successful camp MMArtist. I will be the first
5-21-2013 1:45 pm EST
Sup KillaC! Im BaAaAaAaCk!!!! So the party's over. Chuck Norris IN DA HOUSE!
Mister Judo
5-18-2013 5:30 pm EST
i challenge everyone lol. dont feel pressured
5-17-2013 9:53 am EST
I visit the forum from time to time but only to find out stuff...I don't actually post
Mike Griffiths
Mikes Gym
5-16-2013 5:16 pm EST
Yeah, just joined the forums, MikeyG is my username.
The Timster
Irish Punishers
5-14-2013 6:18 pm EST
Dude, you only E-Thug because you're not shit in the real world. I'm serious, look yourself in the mirror and ask "who acts this way?". Let me help you with the answer....losers. Please don't message me. Just move on in your life. Please try to grow up. Have a nice day.
The Timster
Irish Punishers
5-14-2013 3:18 pm EST
Don't send me bull shit messages. Tired of it homie
Doctor Xtreme
Doctor Xtremes CoD
5-13-2013 10:37 am EST
Yeah I am
Mma 4 Ever
5-11-2013 1:59 am EST
if i am a faggot how come i fucked you mum last night dickhead :)
5-8-2013 2:35 pm EST
aye look out for my tournament man put ya fighters in if ya want
5-8-2013 1:30 pm EST
lol found it and thought like this shit has to be my avatar
5-8-2013 11:25 am EST
chicken and bisquets masta
5-7-2013 6:12 am EST
thanks man we try to get there i see you doing pretty damn good yourself
Mike Griffiths
Mikes Gym
5-5-2013 12:56 am EST
I'll take any advice you got, still new to the game. Saw that there's a fighter style database and that was helpful but still raw to the game.
Doctor Xtreme
Doctor Xtremes CoD
5-3-2013 4:48 pm EST
Yeah. ProjectJinx is my username.
Doctor Xtreme
Doctor Xtremes CoD
5-2-2013 11:52 am EST
I am always up for it! I was in one with Beast Mode when I first started
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
5-1-2013 1:25 am EST
I like the camps build. I added boxing for the few girly ippon camps still out there.
Mister Judo
4-27-2013 5:03 am EST
like a classy lady
4-18-2013 9:54 pm EST
Yeah I have signed up I kind of wished we could have more well rounded fighters in the next game because I kind of feel like this is almost UFC 1-10 when I play such distinct styles.
4-18-2013 6:59 pm EST
4-17-2013 10:49 pm EST
Aaah norcal good to see another fellow Californian playing. Have you signed up for the beta?
4-17-2013 11:45 am EST
San Diego and thank you
jersey devils
4-14-2013 12:21 am EST
Anytime bro.
4-12-2013 12:04 am EST
No problem, you too.
Mister Judo
4-9-2013 2:12 pm EST
Call me anytime ;)
Mister Judo
4-2-2013 12:01 pm EST
Doctor Xtreme
Doctor Xtremes CoD
3-30-2013 8:33 pm EST
Yeah. Trying to get back into it. It's been awhile.
3-25-2013 9:22 pm EST
3-24-2013 5:36 am EST
Hows it going?
3-14-2013 1:47 pm EST
heyyy man u think u could let ma man will hart compeat in ur tourney sorry havent wrote on ur page in like a few years i think
3-4-2013 8:13 am EST
Trying to get together some coaches to try and get some interest going in the game again, proposing a massive tournament, check out this page and sign up if u want to :) http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=348683&#Post348683
Mister Judo
2-13-2013 4:06 pm EST
ive been great. working lots but life is good
2-11-2013 9:04 am EST
Yeah I sorta around.. Taking some time off. Im letting all my fighters retire on their own then Ill be back sometime after..
2-9-2013 9:50 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Spain are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Mister Judo
2-9-2013 4:51 am EST
ur alive
Rajun James Cajun
Southern Pride
1-29-2013 7:46 pm EST
solid camp man.
1-8-2013 8:59 pm EST
Thank you! Yes, I'm quite new, like my join date says. A friend told me about this game. He also told me a little about how to play, so I'm not completely clueless.
Mister Judo
1-6-2013 6:49 am EST
are u alive?
Mister Judo
1-1-2013 2:52 pm EST
tournys up! check the thread!
12-26-2012 6:32 pm EST
hahaha i like how sure he is that im piggly wiggly and calls me a nerd with no life but takes the time to post everywhere that im some kind of super troll haha
12-24-2012 11:12 pm EST
walmart is piggly wiggly who is also the guy who wrote all those msgs sayin hes in an alliance with we will fight but there not i no we will fight personally walmart lost a title fight then asked for rematch my buddy said no rest is history as you know it dont be fooled walmart is one sad fuck - signed your friendly mmarmy superhero
12-20-2012 3:59 pm EST
man aint that the truth whew lol
12-19-2012 7:39 pm EST
1500 wins.
Fred Gibson
12-16-2012 2:25 am EST
Don't fucking come at me bro pissed off cause my dude beat your guy in a shit org for a shit title fuck off I didn't make the ranking don't give tittle shots what ever bro that shit works both ways I been playing this off and on since 08 funny how your first guy to call me a feed o and piss off bitch
Mister Judo
12-14-2012 6:47 am EST
sign up for my competition or il ban youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!
12-8-2012 8:19 am EST
Yeah, I haven't maxed any equipment yet. Nope, I don't have an Xbox or Ps3, I plan on getting an Xbox though. I'd love to join an alliance.
12-7-2012 8:02 pm EST
Oh, no problem. It's an awesome game. Thanks, I've never been very good. I just decided to start playing again. Building up a camp with new guys is hard for me.
12-7-2012 8:19 am EST
Your avatar is from Red Alert 2.
12-6-2012 10:05 pm EST
Red Alert 2?
Sir Freud
12-1-2012 8:44 am EST
Hey Can i joint your Alliance im very active and full of money ;)
11-19-2012 9:08 am EST
you are a real winner. racist, misogynistic and homophobic in three straight posts. fuck you.
11-18-2012 7:15 am EST
like i said before, i challenged everyone in the division. didn't check your stats. don't want to fight, don't accept.
11-17-2012 6:20 pm EST
what bullshit? i challenged everyone in the division
11-13-2012 1:26 am EST
yes pure 8pts with some slight experimentations to counter the style exploits.
11-11-2012 3:40 am EST
damn right bro... hes an absolute douche. nice to know hes just as hated from other coaches haha
11-7-2012 11:35 pm EST
thx dude, could be better, all my coaches retired, so I couldn't recover yet from a general low skill level.
10-26-2012 6:46 pm EST
Ye Ye Chuck da Fuck.. Got data now Mang? Dolla Dolla West! Where's Osipov? I wan other piece asshole tard face!
10-25-2012 11:23 am EST
boxing is shit now anyways, may aswell let them all take steroids. its a side show nowadays.
10-22-2012 1:37 pm EST
i hate mayweather
10-21-2012 3:22 am EST
What I seems to have found here, with your help, is that if you build like Stan "Snake" Cooper there is an answer for all of the grapple builds. The only real problem is whether or not the fighter will have a long enough career.
10-20-2012 3:31 pm EST
Yes, I have had some rather good luck fighting PTP with CD. recently, thanks to you and others that have pushed me in that direction. Many thanks.
10-19-2012 2:21 pm EST
we are in contact dont worry ^^
10-16-2012 6:06 am EST
like I said, Judo plans on rescheduling all the tougher matchups so he can fight them at the end, when his stats are built up.. Complete Cheeseballer!! Haha
10-15-2012 5:12 pm EST
sounds good to me, and no I don't feed haha i figured that was pretty obvious :) i do have a username. its makenziewheeler and id love to join an alliance sounds good to me
10-15-2012 3:38 pm EST
RussianThai>Robo lol
10-15-2012 12:12 pm EST
what does joining an alliance entail exactly ? haha i have two camps aswell, can both of them join?
10-14-2012 12:32 pm EST
thanks dewd. recruits have all been compleeetttteee garbage lately though T_T
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
10-6-2012 10:47 am EST
That's my point bud I am and I'm staying there great people and learned a lot :)
10-5-2012 12:15 pm EST
Hey bud this is my main camp...
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
10-5-2012 12:12 pm EST
Hey mate just for you right mind I just started the rebirth of this camp as it went dead because no one in wdoa was using it.., ohh and my main camp is Camp numberone that's a ptp camp and its doing really well, have a look :)
10-4-2012 7:07 pm EST
hey what alliance are you with if you dont mind me asking
9-30-2012 6:48 am EST
kinda new ya, i used to have a pretty good camp back in the day but forgot the username/password. Like before dirty boxing,Ippon, push the pace, and punches in bunches were even around
9-27-2012 7:31 am EST
Dude, your pm. respond its been like a month and a half :)
9-26-2012 9:15 am EST
No, I'm not.
Mister Judo
9-23-2012 6:16 am EST
better not be a problem.... *raises hand*
Mister Judo
9-22-2012 1:38 am EST
my cousin. it was retired so i assumed u ddnt want it?
Anatoly Romanishin
The Kremlin Demons
9-21-2012 11:37 pm EST
Thanks! I'm still just learning this game.
9-13-2012 5:40 pm EST
Nick* >.
9-13-2012 5:40 pm EST
I like 'em both. I started following Nate on TUF 5. I remember him almost throwing down with Karo Parisyan. Ha! Have you ever thought about poking your head in at CGJJ for a class or two? I hear Nike and Nate are helping "Big Country" coach on this season of TUF. It might give me a reason to tune in.
9-13-2012 4:13 pm EST
following Nick*
9-13-2012 4:13 pm EST
SoCal (Dana Point). I've been following the Nick since his first UFC stint. What about you? :)
9-3-2012 1:06 pm EST
I couldn't really say. I don't use CD for much at all. You could probably tell me more about that. The styles that beat PTP that I know of is SnB and PL. I have some success with MT but it is not dominant. Let me know what you find. GL.
9-2-2012 10:12 am EST
sure lets do it
9-1-2012 9:28 am EST
Yeah but you fought 2 guys ranked like 2000 below you and then ended your contract so you didn't even challenge the champ
jersey devils
8-19-2012 10:42 pm EST
Well u still need to focus if ur fighting high level jj guys but since there isn't tons of them around right now I stopped training it for other stats. Flying submissions beats my kind of HKK especially if they have a good chin.
8-18-2012 4:39 pm EST
Thx for the fight
8-17-2012 1:03 am EST
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
8-13-2012 6:36 pm EST
thank you very much. creating/designing fighters is my fav part of the game -FFF
Muay Thai Champions
8-13-2012 4:08 pm EST
i don't remember what i told you but im glad it helped yeah the efc is rough i have only one guy do decent and it was pure luck
Muay Thai Champions
8-13-2012 3:46 pm EST
i am good,i quit for a little while but now i got a full roster again glad to see your camp is kicking ass
Muay Thai Champions
8-13-2012 1:38 pm EST
hey bro long time no see
8-9-2012 7:15 pm EST
Dont be hatin'. I'll release the hounds.
Rambo Rockstars
8-7-2012 6:28 pm EST
Yea im relatively new
7-27-2012 11:57 am EST
Yes, Red Scorpion. :)
7-27-2012 12:55 am EST
Ok bro cheers so much I'll get a few wins on and if your still champ will have a go cheer bro
7-23-2012 2:12 pm EST
Taken a few EFC belts lately. Ive been around hah:) Come fight me.. Somebody, anybody.
7-20-2012 2:28 pm EST
Its my dungeon.. Lets not forget this...
7-15-2012 7:24 am EST
i bro, im not at the forum. but i read something about... i like roots reggae music, dancehall is good too... and u?
7-14-2012 10:39 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Spooks are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Tilde Moskva
7-13-2012 10:38 pm EST
I guess.
7-13-2012 9:40 pm EST
lol lol lol lol didnt know there is a rule against challenging you!!!
Tilde Moskva
7-13-2012 4:23 pm EST
Not anymore man, haha.
Shane McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Vatican
7-13-2012 9:13 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Vatican are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Tilde Moskva
7-9-2012 10:11 pm EST
When I first started playing I had a couple, just have this one right now.
Tilde Moskva
7-8-2012 6:05 am EST
I respect thee Pacroid
Tilde Moskva
7-7-2012 9:28 am EST
Lol, Pacroid.
6-29-2012 8:36 pm EST
lol np, man.
Who Knew
6-23-2012 4:35 pm EST
Aye man, I do not do the troll thing bro.
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
6-23-2012 9:56 am EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
6-19-2012 5:14 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
6-15-2012 12:23 pm EST
Ontario mang
6-14-2012 9:20 pm EST
800th win
6-7-2012 3:42 pm EST
haha What I do now? ;P
Mister Judo
5-31-2012 10:41 am EST
dont quit! i wuv u! if it makes u feel better counter judokas often set themselves up for a throw so they can use ur momentum and throw u with a counter
Tap or Sleep
5-31-2012 7:33 am EST
Thanks, I took a hit the other day losing my best fighter. Your camp looks pretty awesome as well. WAR MOD!
5-31-2012 1:15 am EST
mate i couldnt care less about titles im here to have fun not fuck around with you silly dickheads. having something against brittish people, fuck what did brittish do to you ?? wait i dont want to know just fuck off ah
5-25-2012 12:42 pm EST
Yeah my camps almost all Sambo. I pretty much accept nearly every fight cause I'm working for my next equipment level in Sambo.
No Surrender
5-25-2012 12:35 pm EST
the rape? glad i can be a role model for you!
5-25-2012 9:30 am EST
Hahaha! Just read your chuck Norris joke now.. I like, I like. Lol. Good show bro.
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
5-24-2012 4:57 pm EST
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
5-24-2012 10:39 am EST
thats what she screamed!
5-13-2012 10:48 pm EST
Itagaki Gym
Titan MMa House
5-3-2012 10:37 pm EST
Thanks Bro
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-3-2012 5:08 pm EST
i thought i told you to fuk off, quit lurking you cunt
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-3-2012 4:31 pm EST
you should Seau yourself.
5-2-2012 8:49 pm EST
Lol it's funny cause im who you least expect to be this person but i had it you fucksare immature as fuck try going outside for once bow to fedor and everyone else who plays his way you sick fuck
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-2-2012 4:05 pm EST
Pardon me, but I don't give a fuck what ppl think, you sorry cumulative guzzling bitch. Now, plz fuck off.
Fat Camp
5-2-2012 2:36 pm EST
i dunno, i think that it came down to a combination vs knockdown.... we can rematch it soon
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
4-30-2012 8:07 am EST
Im good thanks mate. Have you managed to suss out getting on the forums as yet? Good luck with your camps
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-21-2012 7:57 am EST
lol, cool with me, and thanks! All the best dude!
4-21-2012 6:32 am EST
shit nigga... didnt notice, but thx anyways;)
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
4-19-2012 11:15 am EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-16-2012 2:57 pm EST
Cool camp btw - Nobu "Nobody" Kyubei is a pretty cool fighter!
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-14-2012 3:07 pm EST
Make romance inside of my fighters? At my gym? You have invitation.
Club Casual
4-12-2012 4:33 pm EST
wat u mean pick them cherries ?
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 6:46 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 5:53 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 5:44 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
4-3-2012 7:10 pm EST
Footwork and speed is key for 8pts, try to make one style strong then work on your switch. and try to stay away from ptp,fs and pg with 8 pts guys and ippon when your hkk , use 8pts for ipoon and hkk for ptp,pg and fs
3-29-2012 6:04 am EST
Zootork was the founder of nothing except ring a shitty troll on the forums and being banned.
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
3-29-2012 6:00 am EST
In game or in real life?)well in game i think good)gonna try to change my record to positive)in life also good i manage to finish and win my court, also my education going well i start learning spanish)Tommorow ill try to get a new job)need money for training)and how are you?
3-26-2012 7:20 pm EST
Please accept mein fight
3-26-2012 3:28 pm EST
3-26-2012 12:50 pm EST
Yes I am. though, I left a week after starting it.
3-26-2012 7:33 am EST
I heard you've been looking for the founder of MOD? What do you need?
K Rich
K Rich
3-24-2012 5:13 am EST
No sir
K Rich
K Rich
3-21-2012 7:24 am EST
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
3-21-2012 12:58 am EST
Yea your guy absolutly killed my)))
3-20-2012 9:49 am EST
Have we? Well brazilians and russians are the coolest dudes in the world.
3-19-2012 1:50 pm EST
500th win.
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
3-3-2012 7:12 am EST
Yeah man, I'm one of the co-founders.
Flying Armbars
2-22-2012 2:16 pm EST
lol just had to have surgery on my finger
2-22-2012 12:08 pm EST
like i support ur team u support mine feel me lol and did i fight one of ur fighters
2-19-2012 2:16 pm EST
yo guy u wana co op ?
Flying Armbars
2-15-2012 10:41 am EST
where you hiding?
salvador magarito
Conseguir apedreado mexic
1-23-2012 11:13 am EST
good thx
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-13-2012 7:20 pm EST
Mine is Max)nice to meet you too)are you gonna watch this saturday ufc?cose we here in rus watching events mostly afterwards. cose we have a huge time difference you know. basiccly when ufc prelims is starts we have 3 am but sometimes if there is a big events we watching it online)
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-12-2012 11:59 pm EST
But thx again if i have any questions im gonna ask ya. im also on the forums nick name Bao Quach.)by the way you are watching mma events like UFC or other right?
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-12-2012 11:56 pm EST
thx man)actually its my 4 or 5th camp. Other ones was you know...just for funn. In this camp im trying to train whatever my guys have talent to in te begining for example Vetale Antonov when i recruit him was ideal for FF build so i train him a lil bit, later then i add to him another styles my camp posess right now its: FF, PG, GnP, SnB,PL, 8pts,PtP,CD,SiO,LnP. So basicly im trying to have everything or at least the most styles cose pankration is mma type of combat)
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-12-2012 9:36 pm EST
Yep)living in Moscow)
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-12-2012 1:46 am EST
Thx man. appriciate it much. your camp is also good, like the sambo stuff too). Has many good titles and good fighters. So if you want some other fights just challenge me im more then open for a challenge spesially from expirienced camps like yours. By the way are you Russian?
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
1-6-2012 2:07 pm EST
Hey man. You'll eventually get a heavy weight cutter. They come around. Rare...but they will come.
Flying Armbars
1-6-2012 12:56 pm EST
i cant help it! i love snappin yo limbs! lol
Flying Armbars
1-4-2012 8:26 pm EST
il give him another week then il pm ya
Flying Armbars
1-2-2012 12:48 pm EST
aaah ic. well im reviving my friends old camps. if he doesnt return like promised il give you 1 lol. there decent camps
Flying Armbars
1-2-2012 12:48 pm EST
aaah ic. well im reviving my friends old camps. if he doesnt return like promised il give you 1 lol. there decent camps
Flying Armbars
12-31-2011 5:00 am EST
+ how could i give it to u? u have no forum user lol. if i post it on ur wall some else could steal it
Flying Armbars
12-30-2011 2:09 pm EST
i would give u the anchormen but i forgot the password lol
Flying Armbars
12-24-2011 6:46 pm EST
lol nice, mod i swell. happy holidays :)
Mister Judo
12-23-2011 5:49 pm EST
yup. judoka, flying armbars and i recently revived newaza plaza
Flying Armbars
12-23-2011 6:54 am EST
hows things going dude? ur camps looking great!
12-22-2011 7:13 pm EST
400th win
Sick Puppy MMA
12-22-2011 12:25 pm EST
Thanks dude, you are off to a good start. Keep on trucking. Why cant you post on the forums?
UK Dragons
12-21-2011 4:39 pm EST
Yeah sorry mate, shame about the forum thing. Judo is cool and this alliance mod are all good guys and coaches. If you can get access to the forum then I would defo advise joining us or mod. Best two alliances as far as character's and activity go so you would learn a lot and have a good time which is the main thing.
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
12-20-2011 12:17 am EST
Hahha sorry dude - are you in an alliance then mate, coz we are currently recruiting a few more for WDoA that me and Jid run.
UK Dragons
12-19-2011 11:46 pm EST
Have you joined an alliance yet, i see Judo has given you a bit of help.
Judoku USA
12-5-2011 4:37 pm EST
8 pts is MT, Speed, and FW. You have the build down correctly. And as far as the switch, I would just go with HKK if I were you. Your main style worry with an 8 pts camp is getting raped by FS; HKK kills FS. And, no problem - I know what it's like to be a rookie. You're running this camp pretty well so far.
Judoku USA
12-5-2011 2:38 pm EST
It's a little tough since you've already got a three stat build, but if you want to start getting even with FS, then you should add Kickboxing/Focus for an HKK switch.
Judoku USA
12-5-2011 2:25 pm EST
LOL. Maybe you should build a switch. ;D
12-5-2011 2:10 pm EST
yes in DBA, i m jeyjey2912 on forum, bye bro ;)
No Surrender
12-2-2011 8:09 pm EST
no luck at all. your dudes hiddens and what not are better in thoose fights.
No Surrender
12-1-2011 9:08 pm EST
my #2p4p makes 13,400 base so double if wins. my #7p4p makes 13,600 base and double for win. lower ranked EFC fighters make i think 8,500 and up to 14,000
Mister Judo
12-1-2011 5:58 pm EST
both my camps shal crush u! muahahha! quit ur job and join mod already u dick! lol
No Surrender
12-1-2011 7:16 am EST
thanks! looks like you're coming along very fast in this game
Carpe Diem
11-21-2011 7:24 am EST
Thanks man, good fight.
11-20-2011 2:39 pm EST
nice camp keep up the good work man ur roasters awesom
11-19-2011 12:41 pm EST
300th win.
Flying Armbars
11-19-2011 1:02 am EST
lol! i called dibs on this biaaatch! ;)
Flying Armbars
11-18-2011 6:48 pm EST
wow that is shitty. and yes i co created mod and im the moderator of it. pm would be a hard system but possible. i say i just keep helping ya for a bit. then in a few weeks il ask the guys (ul have more fights and look more impressive now)
Flying Armbars
11-18-2011 5:32 pm EST
notta problem dude glad i could help. if u ever joined the forums and wanted to join an alliance id welcome u to mine. just throwing that out there lol
Flying Armbars
11-18-2011 7:55 am EST
i believe both are equal. bal is good for an ippon switch though where flex is good for pg. i combine it all training 5 stats and getting 3 fully loaded styles
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
11-15-2011 6:45 pm EST
Neither. My equipment is lacking, and I tend to focus on many styles, opposed to excelling at one. It kind of makes the fighters feel like distinct characters, which is what makes me enjoy the game.
11-10-2011 8:31 pm EST
Yeah dude, had a couple matches with you it seems like.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
11-7-2011 3:02 pm EST
Ha, no just up north in 707 land. Though I have been known to travel out to the 925 to check in on my poor pathetic A's.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
11-7-2011 5:56 am EST
Born and raised. Yup
11-7-2011 2:50 am EST
I mean Pat Barry and my fighter... LOL your guy is good
11-7-2011 1:36 am EST
HD stands for Huge Disappointment... as both of those guys are, LOL. thanks for the fight!
11-6-2011 7:10 pm EST
Oh, thank you lol. I didn't think I would win that last one but I got lucky I guess. You got a good camp too, man. Good luck
11-3-2011 10:29 pm EST
Your camp is damn good. Look forward to facing you again soon
10-27-2011 3:47 am EST
10-22-2011 11:11 am EST
You are American?
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
10-21-2011 11:08 pm EST
WDoA = Wanted Dead or Alive. We are an alliance and this camp is run by several of our alliance coaches. Me (B33RM0N5T3R), Jid, Newman, Turbo, APostrophe, AAJJ1144 and Anthonius. Hope that helps, if you need any help, join the forum and PM me - b33rm0n5t3r. The guy who posted below is also in our alliance.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
10-19-2011 9:48 pm EST
which fighter are we talking about in this case?
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
10-19-2011 9:47 pm EST
I'd focus on power, mthai, judo, and strength.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
10-19-2011 6:35 pm EST
Chop down, slam it out, or swing with for the fences has always worked well with me.
Flying Armbars
10-19-2011 3:02 pm EST
gnp or hkk.
10-17-2011 10:55 am EST
a good switch for 8pts against jj guys is GnP or HKK, for Gnp, add brawl/pow and some wrest/strength. for hkk, add kickboxing/focus/power
Joshua golden
Joshua Golden
10-14-2011 1:13 pm EST
10-10-2011 4:36 am EST
- ?
salvador magarito
Conseguir apedreado mexic
9-30-2011 10:30 pm EST
pretty good i just fight anyone get lucky sometimesLol you?
salvador magarito
Conseguir apedreado mexic
9-17-2011 2:06 pm EST
haha np i dont care bout gettin wrecked as you guys say i just have fun on here after long day its nice relaxing to play LOL
5-1-2011 10:43 pm EST
i'm out of town till the end of the year.
Sean Wooldridge
Wooldridge Training
4-2-2011 5:59 am EST
Yeah, it became aparent that they were more interested in trolling than they were in finding out what the real situation was. Any fool can look at my camp and determine that their accusations don't hold up outside one single fighter who got stuck in a low org...and still got beat.
Sean Wooldridge
Wooldridge Training
4-1-2011 3:41 am EST
I do PG/PL, so I'm not completely sure what Muai Thai goes with. 8 points of contact is common. I believe that would be MT, Speed, Footwork and Power. It is pretty effective against everything. It is especially effective against counter strike. Flying subs beats it, but very few people use FS any more because it is so ineffective against ground and pound. Once you are ready to add a second style, you should consider what style is beating your camp consistantly and then add a style to counter it
Sean Wooldridge
Wooldridge Training
3-31-2011 1:36 pm EST
It looks like you are training for multiple styles. I would stick with one until you get some cash. The guys that you see doing style switches are using trainers and probably have 500k gear. If you start with Jitz up to about 3, then add Flex, then Stren, then Wrest, then you will start to see guys move up and get some multi-thousand dollar contracts. Before you know it, you'll be able to afford to hold some guys back and use them as trainers and you'll have the gear to make it work.
3-29-2011 7:50 am EST
You can cut up to 35 depending on the hidden attribute the fighter has for weight cutting.
3-27-2011 6:37 am EST
lol who knows, not to worried about it though, just trying to build my stable of fighters back up. So record doesn't really matter to me at this point. I just accept any fight request..