Sapo B rasil

Last Online - Friday 6th of September 2013
Display Name Randy Gracie
Member Since Jun 1, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 6126-6113


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Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
11-24-2012 12:27 pm EST
camp closed. See Fedor Fight Force for info...
10-19-2012 3:15 am EST
don't mock my figthers plz ;-)
7-17-2012 2:31 pm EST
cool fighters, i am going to start doing the same, good luck!!
Boxing 101
6-24-2012 7:47 pm EST
Sry mmarmy, *fuking. :).. Did you say you were going to get me banned lol? Now I really think you're half retarded.
6-14-2012 12:59 pm EST
Nah, just like the word Kentucky
Ima Beast 2000
Ima Beast
4-24-2012 1:46 pm EST
Well thank you. I plan on after gettin my equipment up to 2 squaares on the main sparring things I plan to customize my fighters.
Gracie jiuNETsu
4-21-2012 11:53 pm EST
nice try,better luck next time jackoff.
Big Ace
4-17-2012 5:15 pm EST
nah. I only have a couple trainers without a switch. They're the only pussies that resemble your fighters.
3-8-2012 3:28 pm EST
you must feel pathetic with your 10k worth of fights and 1 EFC hahaha. just give up, you suck
3-8-2012 3:23 pm EST
b level camp haha, you're a fucking loser, just like your 2 camps. nice that i got under your skin enought to show you run that other bitch camp.
xtreme holmes
10-23-2011 5:50 pm EST
Santiago "Sac Lunch " Cunha what the hell Ale Santiago
8-18-2011 3:28 pm EST
we fightin or what?
8-9-2011 2:11 am EST
I've created a tournament Buddy! "Elite Force MMA 2 The Challenge" Please enter 2 of your Top #800 fighters that have at least 5 FIGHTS
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
6-7-2011 10:24 am EST
Hokutoryu JuJutsu hosting Full Contact JuJutsu Open Weight Amateurs rank 2000 min! http://i.imgur.com/ztGkV.jpg
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
4-2-2011 8:43 am EST
Yes, thats him. Dont really care for him but thats some funny shite.
4-1-2011 11:29 pm EST
LOL who is that doing the worm in your avitar? is that jamie V?
3-1-2011 5:31 pm EST
are you leaving with us?
3-1-2011 4:43 pm EST
are you even still with us at rebirth?
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
2-19-2011 2:19 pm EST
Hey man, drop by the Rebirth forum when you get a chance!
Hell Fight Club
1-7-2011 5:22 pm EST
just got lucky bro... i thought you would dominate me base on your stats
10-12-2010 7:11 pm EST
you run a good camp and being on the forums makes it even better. You can really learn a lot from there. Plus being in an alliance really adds to the fun in the game as you compete in wars and tournaments
10-11-2010 4:49 pm EST
you on the forums?