Evil Till I Die

Last Online - Friday 13th of October 2023
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7-23-2014 3:33 pm EST
come back! :(
11-14-2013 3:10 pm EST
yeah good fights.
10-12-2013 6:09 pm EST
I'm in bro and im am so damn happy lol i did not know of the new str n weaknesses
10-11-2013 5:34 pm EST
Yea i don't mind at all
10-11-2013 8:43 am EST
I was in M O D before it closed down now i am just solo trying to reign terror anywhere i can lol
11-11-2012 4:20 am EST
nagh i really did even mean to get that title i sighnd that fighter to the company without knowing the company so whatever
10-27-2012 1:00 pm EST
10-27-2012 4:29 am EST
how do i get all those titles like i mean you have alot and i wont to know what style is best for when you spar
10-26-2012 5:18 pm EST
not trying to bother you but can you give me tips on how to become champs
9-24-2012 5:00 am EST
Indeed! cpuld of gone either way!
9-3-2012 4:59 pm EST
I understand your frustration. I share your frustration. If you scan all of my PtP fighter's records you'll see the vast majority of their fights are against SnB, PG, or CD. Those are the only requests I get, so the requests I send will be vs anyone but those styles. If you had a PL, or PtP, or something else other then SnB then you'd see my requests more often. Sorry, I'll refrain from sending your 8pts requests from now on.
8-31-2012 4:08 am EST
Got no hw atm boss. Dont think i'll enter TuF comp.
Dublins Finest
8-7-2012 12:34 pm EST
Hey sorry ive been MIA. Ive just been preparing for a mma fight.
7-28-2012 6:38 am EST
Who cares lol
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
7-26-2012 8:58 pm EST
Better if I be posting status to forums but trying to get in that event too
7-20-2012 8:36 am EST
Cheers bud, im gonna leave the 2nd round up until i get back, so plenty of time for everyone to vote, could u let guys in WDoA know about it, when I get back ill post the next round and probably a new set of Pick'ems with the winner of the poll I posted about the next potential ideas, like Favourite wrestler, hottest bird etc
7-19-2012 11:00 pm EST
Dunno man, been kinda neglecting the game recently due to work and other stuff, plus got a holiday for 2 weeks, ill try and update at the weekend, but cant make any promises
7-17-2012 9:12 am EST
I am posting on a few walls and have a recruitment message on my wall now, linking to your wall
7-17-2012 8:35 am EST
O when the stags ......go marching on....O when the stags go marching on... I want to beeeeeee in that number, when the stags go marching on on on !!!!
7-16-2012 8:30 am EST
1st game of the season MTFC 4 - 0 NCFC
The System
System MMA
7-16-2012 4:19 am EST
i'm not in currently in any alliance
grim reapers
7-8-2012 1:54 pm EST
Lol at telling somebody else u can help get me better I'm a Better trainer then you lol
7-5-2012 11:07 pm EST
Nice one beermondo, ttyl
7-5-2012 11:04 pm EST
I got bored lol, I only have 3 fighters so I'm fighting these trainer bitches lol
7-5-2012 11:01 pm EST
There my trainers lol and their shite
grim reapers
7-5-2012 10:46 pm EST
Yea returning to the game guys r retiring left and right. I'd love to be in a alaiance how does it work
Big Fella
HI Fight Team
6-28-2012 1:31 pm EST
Ya maybe. Never really did the alliance thing. What's the deal?
Cyborg Crush
6-25-2012 6:07 am EST
sorry for the hold up of the belt, i challenged a guy but he never accepted and i was tied up most of the weekend. LnP reserved for aother fight.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-24-2012 9:43 pm EST
I was just fucking with you, you had the style to kill my dude anyways.
be Scared
6-18-2012 11:48 pm EST
No probs
5-23-2012 10:41 am EST
no none of my guys are on that level un fortunately
5-22-2012 11:38 am EST
real cute beer not only do you have to wax my fighters ass you have to rub it in my face? lol good fight.... dick jk
5-18-2012 12:06 am EST
Im Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4-29-2012 11:36 pm EST
thanks for the fight, how have you been ol friend?
4-22-2012 5:23 am EST
Fair play bro
Goodkid MMA
4-16-2012 4:27 am EST
You've had guys hold tier 2-3 titles with those stats.
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 6:09 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
4-9-2012 11:28 pm EST
LOL bro loving the comments :)
4-9-2012 6:04 am EST
no not at all lol... your the man beer
4-8-2012 12:22 pm EST
are you signed in to the forums or in a allience?
jesse neal
4-6-2012 6:14 am EST
4-2-2012 10:40 pm EST
No no, nothing to bad. Wassup dude, come on dog and yeaaaaaaaaah buddy are my favorites.
4-2-2012 7:46 pm EST
Oh and my new job is taking some time to get used too. Home with the boys till the wife comes home, then sleep for 5 hours if Im lucky, then midnight shift. 4 days a week though, so I get 3 days to catch up on sleep. Needed to be done though, Id rather raise my own kids instead of letting some daycare do it.
4-2-2012 7:43 pm EST
Just saw your comments dude. Life is good. The boys are growing up quick! Grap 2.0 is 21 months and already knows the alphabet. He is a parrot too. I love making him say funny shit, he cracks me up big time.
4-2-2012 9:18 am EST
i'm not much of a forum poster, i just read some of the stuff from time to time. i wouldn't be an asset to your alliance :) but thx for the offer.
4-2-2012 12:00 am EST
Well at least you got one fighter bro, sorry whos the daddy this week :)
3-30-2012 8:25 pm EST
i never go on the alliance forum anymore. it's a rather dead place so...
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
3-21-2012 7:37 am EST
lol fu, didn't or don't remember I have shit memory :D
3-20-2012 2:09 am EST
Fuck! I just realized this was you Beer. lol
jimmy chin wynn
3-5-2012 4:02 pm EST
lol wasn't being hateful about it just had sent you a few fights and i was like hmmmmm why the hell does this guy never except any of my fights!! lol my browser logs me out if im not active for like 10 min thats weird you stay logged in
jimmy chin wynn
3-3-2012 9:00 pm EST
can i ask why you refuse to fight me?
2-26-2012 6:17 am EST
I havent seen I was in the ranking yet! Nice. =) Im really enjoying the alliance. Its helping to improve my camp even more.
2-25-2012 9:56 am EST
Thanks man means allot! Cheers! - JK
2-24-2012 6:45 am EST
fuck yeah I started shit back up cause im done schooling till next september :)
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
2-22-2012 5:53 pm EST
its all g homie
2-22-2012 1:34 pm EST
Of course joint leader lol
2-20-2012 3:06 am EST
thanks bro! =D
2-14-2012 10:07 am EST
oh, I thought you were someone else.
2-13-2012 7:28 pm EST
who the fuck is this..?
Kings of Chaos
2-11-2012 7:44 pm EST
Haha sounds good! I've never been in an alliance before.
Kings of Chaos
2-9-2012 10:51 am EST
No and nope lol
gate master
push off me
1-22-2012 6:01 pm EST
legends fight to end this.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
1-21-2012 2:15 pm EST
Yeah, it's nothing personal, I just don't visit the forums enough to be an active member.
1-20-2012 2:13 pm EST
Nope Didnt Realise Lol, Altho I Kinda Wonder Why I Was Called A Numptie :D
1-20-2012 1:58 pm EST
Yeah B33r Is Awesome, I Helped Him A Bit When He Started, Another Brit, But Hes Welsh So Hes Not All Good :D Plus He Supports The Dirty Scousers!
1-20-2012 12:28 pm EST
Yeah Im A Man U Fan Aswell :) Love Football! Where You From? Im Really Not That Good, Just Like To Play The Game, I Would Suggest If You Wanted To Get Good, Dont Copy Me As I Accept Any Fight Win Or Lose, You Wanna Take Fights You Can Win, But Also Take The Odd Fight You Can Lose, Winning That Is So Much Better Than Crushing An Opponent Your Expected To Beat! Feel Free To Post Away Buddy!
The Awesome Ones
1-20-2012 11:06 am EST
He"ll get it eventually
The Awesome Ones
1-20-2012 11:02 am EST
Erasmo "The Bomber" Brunet
The Awesome Ones
1-20-2012 10:52 am EST
challenge me to an MFO welterweight title match
1-20-2012 8:15 am EST
Nice! You From The UK Bud?
1-19-2012 9:45 pm EST
Lol Very Surprised At That Win! Thanks For The Fight!
gate master
push off me
1-17-2012 8:16 pm EST
the word of a man that will be any man you put forward good look wining
gate master
push off me
1-16-2012 4:49 pm EST
what makes you think you get a title shot u just lost a macth win a couple like me them get the tile
1-9-2012 11:02 am EST
Hell yeah man, my phone was on the fritz for a while so I could barely get any fights in, but its all good now.
1-7-2012 2:59 pm EST
Ok mate cheers
1-5-2012 1:47 am EST
Happy New year as well dude
1-1-2012 3:56 am EST
Normally it cains FS guess i ggot lucky
12-24-2011 3:03 am EST
No worries mate.. No hard feelings and look forward to some good scraps between our camps.
12-23-2011 1:07 am EST
What ever boy you better check your self fool!! Hugh greens record speaks for its self!! Come get some hell eat you up!!!
team revolutionary
12-21-2011 9:15 pm EST
too scared to fight me?
12-20-2011 12:38 am EST
Nope not in an alliance. But i cant post on the fourms so im affraid i can't participate :(
12-20-2011 12:10 am EST
You really had to rape me out like that? Haha you sir are a dick. The originals a beast.