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Last Online - Wednesday 17th of February 2021
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17th Planet
3-18-2016 10:11 am EST
Done man, didn't even see the challenge my bad.
Onyx Elite MMA
3-7-2016 12:32 pm EST
Thank you man !!
Sambo Bear
Oskol Shooters
3-3-2016 7:10 pm EST
Hey mang, yeah I was surprised my guy came through in the end, I'm just happy that I have one of those SRs that actually seems to have a chin. And yeah I'm pretty new, but believe it or not we are alliance mates! I'm Sambo Bear on the forums. Also running Phreak MMA for Phreak, and another camp of my own.
2-8-2016 5:52 pm EST
Glad to see you around the neighborhood.
2-8-2016 11:51 am EST
Good to see you back my friend.
2-8-2016 10:27 am EST
are you back tommo ? check the forum if you go there
2-8-2016 7:24 am EST
Thanks for the Tournament invite!
4-20-2015 3:05 pm EST
I'm glad everythings been sorted. if you still wanna send that challenge I will fight ilya in the morning before the reset is out .
4-20-2015 2:38 pm EST
Haha why's that? Anyway thanks man, I appreciate the understanding!
Murder Muay Thai
10-2-2014 3:58 pm EST
Just starting up again. glad your still playing my dude. camps looking good. how have you been?
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
8-24-2014 7:12 am EST
Well played strategy Tommo. Killing me. Bear with me. Im at work will send next legend fight when i get out or get a breather. Hopefully i can make it interesting.
Movement MMA
8-23-2014 5:38 am EST
His oddly coloured lava angered miki, Mimi always did have a temper
8-23-2014 5:38 am EST
Tommo I owe you thanks. You have single handedly proven Static as Fraud :)
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
6-14-2014 11:51 pm EST
yes, i take no credit. pretty sure it was your guys who i saw beating PG with LnP.
6-3-2014 4:09 pm EST
Thanks, Tommo...my first ever
Murder Muay Thai
5-21-2014 11:48 am EST
It's showtime manhoef vs saki was actually the fight that really turned me into a full time fan of kickboxing.
Murder Muay Thai
5-21-2014 11:45 am EST
Yeah I think bazooka joe if fighting for the title actually. Should be a good event(s). I'm excited kickboxing is starting to get recognition in America finally. Do you know who manhoef is fighting? That guy is brutal, I would not wanna be the guy that has to fight him in a kickboxing match. Scary dude lol. Your right rumble vs manuwa would/could be an amazing fight.hope they book that fight. I hope rumble keeps this run going. Davis had nothing for him. Dominated from the start to finish
Murder Muay Thai
5-20-2014 10:16 pm EST
Did you see rumble vs Phil Davis? Man rumble walked right thru him like it was nothing. I love how rumble is on fire right now. I was not a fan of his when he was a ww. But pudgy rumble is awesome.
5-15-2014 3:51 pm EST
I appreciate that.
5-15-2014 1:57 pm EST
Thanks, yea i just started.
4-21-2014 6:05 pm EST
Most polite and respectful to everyone on the set. Apologizes for every little issue that he may be part of. For me... I absolutely hated his character. However, I also thought he was really special in that part. Imagine what he could be in the years to come.
4-21-2014 5:50 pm EST
What he said was that he want to go to work in the education field. Said nothing about going back to acting. He apparently won a scholarship of some sort. BTW, the article also said that he is 180 degrees from his character.
4-21-2014 3:05 pm EST
Read an article recently about Jack Gleeson, King Joffrey, and it said upon completion of King of Thrones he was retiring from acting. Going back to school. Has banked 8 mil. and is only 20 years old. Interesting to say the least!
4-21-2014 12:40 pm EST
Murder Muay Thai
4-17-2014 12:50 am EST
HW and he was always the smaller guy. spong vs saki could have been one of the best fights ever, it had the potential. spong has been whooping everyone lately and saki just has nasty power and his style is so pretty for a HW. What did that warrior internatial guy say to you? he's such a bitch the way he plays and thinks he's the best coach. ducks,cherry picks,stat rapes and hangs around in low tiers with ged/glory/efc lvl stats.
Murder Muay Thai
4-17-2014 12:46 am EST
i had to work and missed it. i've only seen the saki vs sponge fight. i downloaded the torrent but it was a russian speaking version lol. so crazy that saki knee spiked spong similar to silva/weedman. kinda shitty that we are starting to see that happen more and more as i feel leg kicks are a awesome tool to use in kb/mma. Remember when it happened to corey hill? I'm so bummed out that it happened to spong. i love both spong and saki. i think saki is going to be a beast at lhw, he sure was at
Monster M M A
4-16-2014 4:37 pm EST
awesome avatar!
4-7-2014 11:50 am EST
season 4 premiere last night! wooo!
4-6-2014 11:58 am EST
LOL forgot to fight him, maybe every other reset ;)
4-6-2014 5:39 am EST
Doing ok. How about you? Life is but a struggle. Hope not so much for you.
4-5-2014 9:41 pm EST
You sent my fools to join the black. >=(O)
Will Schuester
New Directions
4-5-2014 3:56 pm EST
blah good job tommo
4-3-2014 6:16 pm EST
Too late ya wank! The judges and refs are firmly in my pocket!
4-3-2014 5:15 pm EST
that bribe payed off
4-3-2014 4:43 pm EST
good first round buddy boy lol
4-3-2014 1:52 pm EST
Lol if any of my guys make it to the finals i'll consider it a moral victory
4-1-2014 4:10 pm EST
boom brackets set
4-1-2014 2:19 pm EST
lol chief revealed 19 camps i ran in the shoutbox a few days ago. I have well more than 19 though. i have 48 saved on the login for .org
4-1-2014 2:09 pm EST
I can make up to a 32 man tourney with this camp. How do you want to do this?
4-1-2014 12:17 pm EST
We could do one. I think i have credits in Dation.
4-1-2014 11:17 am EST
I think for the most part everyone was grateful for you running the tourneys. Its your decision though :)
4-1-2014 10:00 am EST
Oh that is horrible
4-1-2014 8:05 am EST
What up Tommo...havent seen ya in forums in a while....you okay?
3-31-2014 5:33 pm EST
Damn it i found a guy who could have been in your never been ko tourney. RJ Scott
3-20-2014 3:32 pm EST
Yeah, Wimpee Foster is looking good. He seems to continually pull it out. I hope he continues on. He shows indications of making it to the top. We shall see!
3-18-2014 9:17 am EST
Yeah "Haka" only had a short career, shame really, would have been interesting to see how he faired with full stats. Thats the only downfall with random career lengths
3-15-2014 4:42 pm EST
Well, I didn't check every single guy, but certainly the guys that I would like fighting.
3-15-2014 1:58 pm EST
Sorry, can't make that one. All of my guys have tasted defeat via a KO! Sorry to say!
3-14-2014 4:33 pm EST
http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1058780 That guy would fit....
3-14-2014 8:12 am EST
Are you in my journeyman Tourney? Enter a couple of fighters
3-11-2014 1:27 pm EST
At midnight tonight Camp Southern Yankees will be holding a midnight vigil for all of the downed FUTF fighters in the past Tourney. A few words will be spoken by Camp Manager Warren.
3-11-2014 9:10 am EST
Damn! I can hardly believe that! I gave that up as a lost cause! My boys, my boys, my boys! They strike on! And on! And on!
3-11-2014 7:45 am EST
Ditto to you and your camp! Okay watch for the challenge. We will choose our best fighter ranked # 79 and let them go at it! BTW, yes, you are the main man in bringing to light the counter to PTP. It was a good thing that my guys are natural strikers over the years with MT/CD/FF skills. Thanks so much for the tourney! See you in the cage..
3-11-2014 3:22 am EST
Pick a number from 1 to 100 and let me know what it is.
3-11-2014 3:12 am EST
Thanks on Champion. The two challenges that I sent your main guys was my top guy against yours. The second challenge was my #3 guys against yours. Ready to switch over to CD? ;) Thanks for the tourney, always a lot of fun with you. See you in the cage.
Murder Muay Thai
3-11-2014 12:10 am EST
But who knows, it could still happen one day.
Murder Muay Thai
3-11-2014 12:09 am EST
Oh yeah I'm really excited for that one. As much as I love the lightweights the light heavyweight tournament is going to be amazing. I really like saki. I think LHW will be a good fit for him. He was pretty small for HW. Spong vs saki should be an amazing fight if it happens. Every GLORY tourney has had upsets so far so it wouldn't surprise me if it does not happen. Maan Georgio vs buakaw 2 would have been amazing since petrosyian is a lot better than he was in the first fight.
3-10-2014 4:28 pm EST
So is Nathan the Champion or is there another fight? I always have trouble following them damn charts.
3-10-2014 4:18 pm EST
Shit, man... why don't I just commit suicide? I am the only one that can beat me. ;)
Murder Muay Thai
3-10-2014 1:36 pm EST
Yep it was risti's first title defense of the lightweight belt and I had him winning the first 4 rounds pretty easily and even scored a knockdown. But davit Kiria knocked him down 3 times in the 5th round to win it. He was pretty rocked after the 2nd knockdown.
3-10-2014 3:00 am EST
Who is your last man standing?
3-10-2014 2:59 am EST
Oops, sorry, make that 4th ranked position. I don't want ot under bill him. :)
3-10-2014 2:56 am EST
The "Snake Eats-Real Deal" and thinks to himself... "What a wonderful world!" ;) Mind you... that was my 6th position man.
3-9-2014 2:06 pm EST
Let the trouncing continue! Step up my man.
Murder Muay Thai
3-9-2014 1:42 pm EST
Yeah that was so crazy. I've barely ever seen him get punched clean. Shocked me. And then risti just got tko'd a few nights ago defending the belt. Thanks for your help also. I appreciate it. I've been thinking about making a forum account. What's your username so I can message you on it.
3-9-2014 9:43 am EST
My main man got taken out because his commander, me, was sick and couldn't adjust style setting. Be damned! That won't happen again! My second man should be able to tire out your PTPer and then peck him into submission. ;)
3-9-2014 9:31 am EST
My geese will drop their load even after flying the Atlantic. ;)
3-9-2014 3:09 am EST
And imagine, my guys had to take them selves out so that you could keep up... ;)
3-9-2014 3:08 am EST
They will NEVER S U R E N D E R !
3-9-2014 3:06 am EST
Just getting back to the computer. I had been sick as a dog for the last couple of days. Glad to see my fighters represented well. Now, about those geese...
Murder Muay Thai
3-8-2014 6:15 pm EST
Stupid question but how much do you make per fight in EFC?
Murder Muay Thai
3-8-2014 3:50 pm EST
Thanks I appreciate it. I looked at the forums for a few weeks before I started to recruit fighters. I'm actually kinda lost on what I should do for a second style. Kickboxing seems like smart choice but the forums say chopdown does just as well vs ptp...is that correct? What would you do for a switch? Would counter strike be useful? And thanks buakaw and Georgio petrosyian are my favorites to watch. Both are so amazing at what they do.
Team Alpha Female
3-7-2014 11:24 am EST
Aww im not worried about being in a different alliance. Just wanna be able to give it my all if I joined. Dont think I am good enough either if I am honest!
3-7-2014 10:54 am EST
Still going to be interesting. There can only be one winner! May try a trick or two and see if it will pan out. Either way, "It is Time!"
Team Alpha Female
3-7-2014 10:40 am EST
Hey sorry I havent got the hang of this yet, I forget to check for comments lol. Ive heard alliances mentioned. My bf is in one, but I work and can't get on here for the morning bfore reset. If I can get on more I will come straight to you.
3-6-2014 12:36 pm EST
Well damn, my styles have been set. My boys are up against a tough bunch of PTPers. Most of my top guys are more MT guys than CD guys, but we shall see what comes out in the wash. My initial feeling is that your boys will pull off a win against Southern Yankees. Who knows, maybe my guys will have a lot of hiddens that will bring them up to competition. Good Luck my friend. NOW LET'S DO IT !!!
3-6-2014 11:03 am EST
You make the decision. It is your tourney. NOW LET'S GET IT ON!!
3-6-2014 10:07 am EST
Hey Buddy, I put many fighters in the tourney. Please eliminate Mills Robinson. LET'S GET READY TO R U M B L E !
Team Alpha Female
3-5-2014 11:48 am EST
Yeahhhh I stalked him a little bit. You guys have been playing a while! I didnt enter the forums until I was told I had been mentioned, but likely I won't go back except for the player guides. I didnt even realise there was a comment section for a while and even then didnt bother with it. Hoping it will be less addictive if I don't find other reasons to play lol.
Team Alpha Female
3-5-2014 11:16 am EST
Ahhhh really? I've been to Wakefield a few times but that is about it. Originally from Nottinghamshire but live in Folkestone in Kent now. Every forum I ever read was full of trolls and a few good guys so im not worried. They can think what they want, I play for me :)
3-5-2014 11:15 am EST
Done! Are we taking them from the retirement roster? I assume so.
Team Alpha Female
3-5-2014 11:07 am EST
So I gathered. Injaymous told me I was being talked about so I had to go see what was up but I dont feel the need to prove I am a girl or anything! Nice to meet ya Tommo, I'm Lily :)
Team Alpha Female
3-5-2014 10:42 am EST
Hey, thanks. I am slowly getting there I think. Then again everytime I think I understand, I have a whole bunch of fails... haha, addictive game!
3-4-2014 9:56 am EST
Think ol Duane blew his load back in the EFC. 2nd legend fight lost. Thanks for the fight man.
2-26-2014 3:47 am EST
Yes I have, I just don't have too much available time for.it.
Heart FC
2-17-2014 9:06 pm EST
It is a little aggressive isn't it, i've had credit for like a year unused figured this camp deserved an avater
Heart FC
2-16-2014 4:36 pm EST
thanks man.
Mister Judo
2-16-2014 5:40 am EST
how about colt turcotte?
Mister Judo
2-16-2014 4:38 am EST
is this tommo? if so i would rather another legend. holla back
2-12-2014 9:03 am EST
Sorry bro, it was a low level title and I sent challenges to top 5 guys....he responded 1st...I hate skipping fighting waiting for people on lower tier we can scrap...look at my records....I dont dodge.
Heart FC
2-6-2014 1:22 pm EST
thanks for the legend fight. was really close but you got me. - Hector Rios
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
1-31-2014 5:11 pm EST
thanks for the heads up. looks cool.
11-20-2013 8:02 am EST
Give me some details to mull over. Leaders, members, why WODA? That type of thing.
11-20-2013 8:00 am EST
I will contemplate the change as I sit in the DBA cave and stair at the walls drinking away the loneliness and thinking of past days.
11-19-2013 4:35 pm EST
Yeah, I know. I am the sole survivor of DBA! Kind of like the Robinson Crusoe of DBA. :(
3-22-2013 2:49 pm EST
What is the GP? Would like to take part in about any event. Let me know. I will say, however, that I have been away for the last two days. Just got home this AM.
3-20-2013 6:07 pm EST
I have had some success with it, but it was a mistake, thanks for the fight-
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
3-20-2013 9:29 am EST
Ok I'll try to get some fighters in there when I can, thanks for doing this!
jersey devils
3-16-2013 3:32 pm EST
By the way thanks for all these tournies they have been a blast.
jersey devils
3-16-2013 3:31 pm EST
WOO HOO!!!! I didn't even think he was the best HW in my camp!
3-16-2013 2:57 pm EST
That is so true. He is a bit of a beast. I was really hoping though. Once again, thanks for hosting the event.
3-16-2013 3:13 am EST
Got let down of the very first fight...it happens. Thanks for the invite. Sorry for the showing.
jersey devils
3-14-2013 12:34 am EST
Sorry thought I had already entered.
3-12-2013 5:03 pm EST
Wow...I won the Tourney! How great is that! Thanks so much for the invite and just let me know when you have Standup Sizzler Champion Tourney. Much R E S P E C T !
3-11-2013 5:46 pm EST
I think I am fighting Jersey Devils, is that right?
3-11-2013 5:12 pm EST
Moving on to round #4...Yahoo!
3-8-2013 7:58 am EST
i did, he got his ass whipped in the first round!
3-6-2013 4:56 am EST
Sorry Buddy. Thought it was in the future. Didn't know you were putting it together now. All taken care of. Thanks again.
3-5-2013 4:02 pm EST
Accepted, Buddy! Looking forward to it!
3-4-2013 11:45 am EST
I'll be around again, regularly. Took 3 months off. We'll see what happens. Looking forward to seeing you in the cage. Also, looking forward to the tourneys.
3-4-2013 7:42 am EST
Trying to get together some coaches to try and get some interest going in the game again, proposing a massive tournament, check out this page and sign up if u want to :) http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=348683&#Post348683
2-26-2013 6:43 pm EST
Saw the message in time for this one! Submitted Alfonso Perez and Gunther Bamberger.
Fat Camp
2-26-2013 6:34 pm EST
Thanks again.
Fat Camp
2-19-2013 7:07 pm EST
No just took me a while. Thought I won the last tournament. Got robbed by my alliance mate.
2-15-2013 7:29 pm EST
saw your message too late, let me know if you have any other tournaments.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
2-14-2013 4:27 pm EST
Thank you, appreciate the tournaments, best of luck to you as well!
2-14-2013 9:34 am EST
thx for the invitation!
Fat Camp
2-13-2013 4:04 pm EST
No problem. Thank you very much.
2-13-2013 9:01 am EST
Entered my guys, great idea!
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
2-13-2013 5:55 am EST
You got it, looks like fun, thanks for the invite!
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
2-11-2013 5:07 pm EST
I'd try asking him what's in a nice way, and if he has no good answer, which I can't imagine there is, just remember it in the future. Payback's a bitch.
Ill Chronicles
1-5-2013 4:52 am EST
Lets do battle!
12-17-2012 11:40 am EST
This game has become so boring now that everyone does PTP, i'm changing to MT, HKK, CD.
Elite Evolution
12-2-2012 4:04 pm EST
Rematch for the title, I had a fcuked up ACL.
11-19-2012 4:21 am EST
yeah man, mega busy in work, and to top it off, all my good fighters seems to retire in the same week haha
Welsh Warriors
11-15-2012 7:35 am EST
It's not like that with us mate, no monthly roll calls, we like you to be active but if your gonna dissapear for a few weeks then just post a message and is no drama. Coaches pop in and out of the game all the time.
11-14-2012 8:24 pm EST
yeah man, i think its easier to concentrate that way for sure
11-14-2012 9:25 am EST
well i just fight about 3 fighters at one time, cos i work a lot of hours and never had time to do all of them, but i do train them all :)
11-13-2012 8:25 pm EST
Thank you buddy :P you have a very accomplished camp for such a young one :D keep up the good work :)
Welsh Warriors
11-10-2012 9:43 pm EST
Are you part of an alliance, if not do you fancy joining one? Let me know and i will explain a bit more - cheers
10-19-2012 2:30 pm EST
Thanks man. I was trying to just see how good the 2 stats would do for awhile.
9-29-2012 11:36 am EST
As they say, "To each, their own."
9-29-2012 3:24 am EST
Two EFC Titles this reset with CD dominating PTP. Nice! Goes to show you, regardless how long you have been in the game you can learn from someone else. TY.
9-29-2012 3:15 am EST
That becomes two EFC Title that are directly related to your camp. You should be proud of yourself. Thanks so much.
9-29-2012 3:10 am EST
Check this one out. I owe this one to you my friend. http://mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=5146316
9-27-2012 12:13 pm EST
I never take intelligent questions and or comments the wrong way. For me, I am predominantly a striker, a MT lover, with little kicky experiance. I do use CD and FF when I can. I have not been very successful with anything against PTP, so any information from someone like yourself is helpful to me. I will try to develope a more rounded fighter with CD/FF abilities and give it a shot. Thanks so much for your comment. Glad you are part of the community. Stay in touch.
9-4-2012 2:35 pm EST
Cool bro he is a top fighter and with wicked abilities lost the title but will get it back in no time
9-1-2012 7:34 pm EST
Cheers mate al the bet to you as well
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
8-30-2012 11:49 am EST
sent challenge to 2nd ranked in the org 2 resets ago so youre about to get the shot
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
7-26-2012 6:54 pm EST
Henry lasted the exact minimum time on here. Sucks so bad. Fighters can last 7 to 15 game years. He picked 7.