Fat Camp

Last Online - Thursday 21st of September 2023
Display Name Chubby
Member Since Jun 1, 2011
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Mister Judo
2-23-2021 6:30 pm EST
He will most likely be retired. Just got a bad lower batch lately and had lots of retirements lately. This dude has a positive record at least, many others didn’t so are getting axed
Fat Camp
2-6-2021 9:08 am EST
There is a secret society of coaches who control the game. I know them as "The Old Boys Club". They got the game to exactly where they want it to be. As a result the game will never change. These coaches, DON'T want more players. They don't want any changes. Any efforts you make to bring new players to the game will be countered by this group. Some of them may not even play the game currently. They have operatives in each alliance. No where is safe.
2-1-2021 8:40 am EST
top prospect list be wilding anyway :D I'll just see if he makes it far or nah. Thanks and gratz on the belt back lol
Mister Judo
1-29-2021 5:26 pm EST
I have 3 fighters with negative stars in chin. Like I said enjoy feeling cool until all my shitty Canadian recruits are fazed out. You’re not doing so hot vs my Africans
1-27-2021 5:19 am EST
Ty. So do I lol.
NorthernLights Out
1-16-2021 5:03 am EST
Nah he was on the road too much. Some times she goes and sometimes she doesnt, its the way of the road bud. Didnt believe in all that fancy book learning. But ive got my grade 10.
1-16-2021 4:38 am EST
haha this wall is gold, you'll probably delete this, but chubby you have some real issues, and being so obese you've self-diagnosed yourself as disabled is the least of them, your mental issues far outweigh that, excuse the pun.
NorthernLights Out
1-13-2021 6:18 pm EST
Woah, easy there bud. Do me a favor and keep Coffee Times name out of your mouth? How dare you disrespect the birth place of the great Tim Horton's food chain that represents 30% of your diet! The lack of respect is a tad silly pal.
Fat Camp
1-13-2021 12:58 am EST
I swear half the freaking time it just seems like the older fighter wins just because they are older.
Fat Camp
1-12-2021 2:29 pm EST
OK so now you're just making it so my fighters can't reach #1. Your area of influence is shrinking ever so much. Soon there will be no where left for you to run. The mass banning will begin.
Fat Camp
1-12-2021 12:19 am EST
It has been confirmed to me the TNG does in fact perform seance style rituals to hex my camp. Their secret grounds are somewhere outside the dirty hammer. I imagine they gather around a giant drum of steel waste water run off. Wear animal skins/bones and all take a drink from a ladle Hewn by LCM HIMSELF!! When the effects of the waste water kick in the chanting and praying around the barrel begins. It continues for 16 hours. afterwards they regroup at Coffee Time.
Fat Camp
1-11-2021 11:34 am EST
I wouldn't expect a D Tier, at best C Tier coach to understand. Timestamp affecting the fights is real. Secondary styles more important then it used to be. The real reason guys run 1 style for 15 years is they are garbage and don't understand the game at all. Chief plays the game with a shadow camp its the only explanation as to why he continues the game. Or possibly he set up his own server and doesn't have to pay server fee's anymore.
1-10-2021 1:54 pm EST
Wtf are these theories on your wall XD they’re as dumb as you are fat!
1-10-2021 1:52 pm EST
Lol keep talking shit about an online game you fat cripple drain on society XD
Mister Judo
1-10-2021 4:07 am EST
Nah he goes full out ko. His chin is worse than your feet
Fat Camp
1-2-2021 12:47 pm EST
So another year eh? Keep drinking the kool aid ya simps.
Fat Camp
12-29-2020 1:25 am EST
There is a time stamp = victory aspect of this game. TNG figured it out through cheating but recorded every fight result for a year or more so they could fake it. Now that I have figured it out things will change. I don't believe this was an mkick creation. I believe this is why such strange fight results will occur.
Fat Camp
12-18-2020 2:08 pm EST
Any fighter I have who makes it to EFC champion has their hiddens auto- nerfed. Without fail any fighter I have who makes it to EFC champion will start losing right away and never be able to beat good fighters again. They go from beating p4p #1 fighters to not being able to crack the top 50 p4p.
Fat Camp
12-17-2020 2:18 pm EST
Past couple of resets I have been up for title shot. Instead of fighting for the title I fight another fighter I have no business losing too. I lose that match-up, why? My camp has been coded to lose those fights.
Fat Camp
12-16-2020 9:44 pm EST
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
12-12-2020 5:17 pm EST
I know, I only used CS because I thought he was going to use SfTf
Fat Camp
12-12-2020 4:40 pm EST
The fool Mr.Judo never even competed in the most prestigious of tournaments this game has. I know he has some ability in the game. Perhaps he can prove himself but I doubt it. He thinks that having #1 camp is more important then having more Legendary Fighters. He thinks having more wins matters. Very one dimensional. He thinks he would have been able to compete better with cheaters. Only possible if he himself is somehow gaming the system.
Mister Judo
12-10-2020 3:15 am EST
Ya I definitely didn’t play when there was thousands of players and dozens of them using the steroid glitch and unlimited spars glitch. Weird that such a dominant player was able to emerge in my absence though. Especially when they played at the same time as me and didn’t have that success? It’s like there was an opening at the top or something. Keep giving yourself props though chubby, because nobody else is going to lol
Mister Judo
12-9-2020 6:02 pm EST
70% of my fights are challenges. My success is from shitty coaches like yourself protecting their fighters and cooking them to old ages. Mine fight out the gate usually so I know their expectations. The real secret to success is the game is flooded with big egos and poor tactics. So you challenge me anytime you want. Because I love easy wins
Mister Judo
12-9-2020 5:50 pm EST
Lol who am I ducking exactly? I take all challenges. Don’t seem to get many from your shitty fighters though. Lol at your ippon build. You weren’t even playing when I figured this out. Harrier figured out focus. I did the rest
Mister Judo
12-9-2020 1:37 pm EST
3. You got your #1s mostly when then game was dead. The other half you got with 3 stat ptp (cheapest style ever) how have you done since it’s been nerfed? Majority of my #1s were when the game thrived. I also lack #1s because the game rewards duckers and inactivity over fighting early and every reset. You should be thanking me right now for talking you out of thinking your some style discovering savant. Head back into the heard little sheep so you can get some fake #1s and maybe compete with m
Mister Judo
12-9-2020 1:29 pm EST
1. I vacated the belt because all contenders no showed and I like to actually fight my fighters 2. You tried mmartist and pyp? Neat. How did both go? I did pg and Cs. I then discovered fs and put it on the map (before the update changed it) then a style called “ippon” was added because I’m Mr. JUDO. So yes after I discovered the stats myself almost entirely (6/7 stars) so ya I’m gonna stick to it.
Sevastian Krycek
Corpse Corp
11-14-2020 8:11 pm EST
Thanks for the tip
10-29-2020 10:12 am EST
Vitamin S Club
9-29-2020 6:57 pm EST
'cause a Vitamin S Party DON'T STOP.
9-9-2020 10:07 pm EST
What do you don't care about?
Henk Myers
Camp Myers
5-13-2019 3:28 pm EST
I dunno, am I? I can't access the alliance forum for over a month now.
4-13-2019 8:33 pm EST
oh ok sorry for that.
4-12-2019 11:33 pm EST
Title shot im no.2 on efc ranking or just tell me you are scared
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
4-9-2019 6:24 am EST
first round was mine, the second or third must have given way to that decision. now it's 1x1 between our girls
Eric MacCormick
Eric Macs Hell House
2-15-2019 8:03 pm EST
Any time. Youre a beast! It was an honor.
12-26-2016 3:54 am EST
Didn't realise I missed a reset my bad.
12-26-2016 3:54 am EST
Ok no worries man.
7-13-2016 10:51 am EST
Good fights, youve got my number Chubby!
7-13-2016 9:22 am EST
Chubby get your butt in the forum for basebrawl, new alliance event. Also how you doing these days.
6-18-2016 8:31 am EST
Sorry the broken avatar was pissing me off.
6-6-2016 4:46 am EST
Don't forget Kumite recruiting starts today! Please recruit a HWT either this reset of next and post in the forums.
6-4-2016 4:55 am EST
Hey Chubby there is an alliance event coming up please check out the forums for details. It's a kumite and the recruiting happens Jan 2504 and Feb 2504.
4-17-2016 3:02 pm EST
Hey check the forum you have a fight!
2-23-2016 9:08 am EST
GNP 247
2-8-2016 1:45 pm EST
dew yew evan jitz faghit
Flying Armbars
2-8-2016 11:54 am EST
Good to be back! Thank you!
GNP 247
2-8-2016 9:24 am EST
Duck you when my guys always beat yours? I'm out for your blood fat camp
2-7-2016 8:27 am EST
11-2-2015 1:24 pm EST
what zenex said...
11-2-2015 4:17 am EST
fuck fat camp
10-25-2015 5:41 pm EST
Yeah your right i didn't realize cheers man
9-30-2015 5:39 am EST
Chubby Fat Camp 9-29-2015 2:07 pm EST | Restrict | Delete oh, well i see. hard to steal them from my fighters if they outstat ya. I know... that's why I lost. I got caught trying to steal.
9-27-2015 11:05 am EST
Actually... it is STEAL, not steel.
9-27-2015 11:04 am EST
What I was saying is that I thought I could steel that win from your fighter. Didn't happen. :(
Sticky Green MMA
9-26-2015 11:55 pm EST
lol true
9-20-2015 12:13 pm EST
Killed my boy quick. I like it.
Itagaki Gym
8-28-2015 6:43 pm EST
it's always a pleasure fighting your guys, chubby. thanks for the kind words.
Task Force X
6-27-2015 12:29 am EST
thanks man.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
5-24-2015 2:01 pm EST
Thanks, hoping too make a other tournament soon with the same name.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
5-21-2015 1:05 pm EST
Good luck in the semi finals
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-16-2015 12:55 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-16-2015 12:55 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
3-12-2015 8:05 pm EST
u just need to drink more and it gets better
3-9-2015 6:20 pm EST
Hey man you've got a few fights for the alliance event. They're posted in the Triad Trials thread on the first page.
3-2-2015 7:47 pm EST
Good fight!
2-16-2015 2:29 pm EST
Are you playing on a phone or tablet? My avatar isn't broken. It for some reason doesn't show up on my phone or tablet but does on my pc. And yes you are a crum bum
2-15-2015 10:00 am EST
you sir are a crum bum
2-14-2015 10:37 am EST
jesus you are one of the coaches i can never beat.
12-10-2014 4:16 pm EST
6-20-2014 9:06 pm EST
Lol, both our fights just now had nearly the exact same play by play. Thanks for the fights man
5-30-2014 3:19 pm EST
I remembered that the moment I saw my guy was out of the org. Sadly past the point of no return. Apologies.
4-27-2014 10:04 pm EST
Thanks you too.
2-24-2014 6:34 pm EST
Fighter in tier 1 due to losses only . High stats . My apology :(
Team Corona
2-21-2014 11:14 pm EST
Dude. Every challenge you send is against a fighter with less stats. lol How big of a pussy are you exactly?
2-2-2014 9:14 pm EST
That's not why i'm not letting him in. I want 1 fighter per coach. I explained that on the forum.
1-24-2014 9:31 pm EST
Are you the fucking king of can crush challenges now!? Try sending some even challenges and stop trying to get easy wins.
Free Flow
Like Water
1-18-2014 5:29 pm EST
Who is the faggot running this camp?
1-17-2014 12:35 pm EST
I've sent you a message on the forum Chub, i need you to respond
10-23-2013 12:33 pm EST
Chubby - we need you to enter TUF 3 mate, can you put x2 fighters in mate ?
10-15-2013 9:02 am EST
I'm ready for that shot.....Let's dance. Bert Simmons
8-11-2013 7:15 pm EST
First off im not easy, second off i was pulling titles when there were 30k+ fighters in this game. Youre fighting your own camps when there are barely 3k fighters just to win the titles. You are a scrub and you belong in a scrub alliance that rewards shady play.
8-11-2013 3:25 pm EST
It's posted in the feeder thread on the forum. You've been busted for feeding yourself in EFC. Someone posted like 8 examples of you feeding.
8-11-2013 10:23 am EST
Its embarrassing that your alliance endorses cheating.
8-11-2013 10:21 am EST
Haha if you only knew. Ive never had to feed to have efc champions.
8-10-2013 6:40 pm EST
Wow you're a scumbag feeder.
8-9-2013 3:20 am EST
Will you please stop fighting your own fighters for EFC titles? I see you ensure they have a win streak first, but it's a serious violation and you're more respectable than that suggests.
8-6-2013 11:03 pm EST
Come on chubby, give Benny hill his shot lol
7-28-2013 12:01 am EST
Get in the TUF you let down
7-5-2013 3:23 am EST
:) no there no love for you chubby, not untill Lightyears gets struck down
7-4-2013 4:30 pm EST
chubby there come a point in every mans life, where by he decides to dislike someone that person is you bro. I Want my belt!!!!!!!!
Crazy Mexicans
7-4-2013 4:25 pm EST
Damn bro your whole camps a monster.
7-4-2013 3:40 am EST
i will beat lightyears if it kills me
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
6-28-2013 6:07 pm EST
Besides, you should know by now with all of the fights I've had with you that I don't duck, I accept any fight, I don't care if I lose or win, I don't spend as much time as I used to on here, just randomly send challenges and accept any I get when I log on.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
6-28-2013 6:06 pm EST
I actually didn't duck, I sent a challenge to whoever was online because I was tired of not having anyone to fight, last reset I had 0 fighters with a winning streak that actually signed on, frustrating that not even glory has any active competition, may be time to move on here soon.
6-28-2013 9:43 am EST
Congrats on six thousand wins!
6-24-2013 9:16 am EST
defo bro looks like i might of had it via split if the slam did daze me. cracking fight. :)
CN Grind
Cool Nerds
4-17-2013 7:07 am EST
ok i hope we do fight again
CN Grind
Cool Nerds
4-15-2013 3:58 pm EST
but my secondary was ippon
4-7-2013 1:19 pm EST
Im back, you will be my bitch again real soon lol
CN Grind
Cool Nerds
4-7-2013 11:52 am EST
ok thats fair ill stay in the second tier and train ippon more
3-19-2013 8:22 pm EST
SOCAT's Heavyweight division is alive, anyone with Heavyweight fighters heading into 4th tier ORGS please put them in SOCAT to keep it alive! It just adds more to the game, thank you.
3-5-2013 7:54 am EST
I invite ***Masayuki Higashiyama*** to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Standup Sizzler 4***
2-26-2013 1:08 pm EST
I invite ***Hachiro "Heroshi" Narahashi*** AND ***Nao "Ninja" Nishimoto*** to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Standup Sizzler 3***
2-19-2013 4:25 pm EST
You not entering your fighters?
2-17-2013 6:59 pm EST
I invite ***Masashi "Sono Banjin" Kawabata*** AND ***Ioakim "Still Hungry" Chernov*** to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Standup Sizzler 2***
2-14-2013 9:14 am EST
The tournament is READY!!! Change your fighter styles to what is needed.
2-13-2013 3:03 am EST
I would like you to enter the following fighters into my tournament called ***Standup Sizzler*** - ***Mitsuo "Banzuke" Tayama*** , ***Minori "The Yellow KO" Okanao***
12-6-2012 8:28 am EST
well thanks for the advice. we have had some good battles recently your fighters are tough even when their styl doesn't match up well.
12-4-2012 6:46 pm EST
its a matter of opinion and to be quite honest i don't really care how people look at my camp in the game because I try to play fair. i've been playing this game a while and been on the forums and even the most veteran players give shitty title shots all the time. I sent your guy a title challenge I hope that puts a little light on my camp. I try not to play shady and accept fights even when the style clashes against mine.
gate master
push off me
11-22-2012 2:36 pm EST
Thanks for the heads up
11-17-2012 4:37 am EST
That's right who you beat does count. Obviously since I had just broke the top 10 means I had to come from the bottom up, therefore having to string together consecutive wins just to earn a spot. So because a fighter fought you before and gains 1 win makes him worthy of a shot? Lol to each his own then I guess. And i never once told you "hey FC you have to play this way" now did I? No. So pipe down,
hardcore mother effer
hardcore tough guys inc
10-15-2012 2:20 pm EST
haha i know eh. if only you could put nicknames behind or in front of their real names i'd make it: Hack King "Off your limbs" :D
10-15-2012 11:42 am EST
Idk about luck mate just pure skill ahaha ;) na was just luck with his big jump in weights
10-3-2012 1:23 pm EST
10-3-2012 2:07 am EST
In response - my ninja are ptp ninja specialists in focus and intensity
9-21-2012 11:50 am EST
The ninja got ya
9-12-2012 1:45 pm EST
Yea its a big word but atm he is, thats the crazy thing i know his stats aint high but he somehow manages to keep winning haha cant wait to face you again
9-11-2012 5:01 pm EST
Yea i know mate just seems since my guy got the title he cant be stopped
9-9-2012 1:02 pm EST
Yea mate I was going to fight you but had to fight a two win streak instead mate get a win and will fight ok bro :)
grim reapers
9-8-2012 11:29 am EST
Got put out
8-27-2012 11:28 am EST
Answer the PM bro - need to sort out the event - cheers
8-12-2012 8:53 pm EST
no worries bro, dont worry about it :)
7-24-2012 11:51 am EST
Thats cool, you still picked up a few points in P4P so keep it going and get in the forum when you can. Running an event now because signed a load of new coaches so activity is quite good again. Take care bro
7-23-2012 10:41 pm EST
You still running this camp Chubby my friend?
5-20-2012 5:38 am EST
Thanks. :)
5-20-2012 5:38 am EST
Thanks. :)
5-19-2012 8:14 pm EST
YEs I am new
5-18-2012 9:24 am EST
LOL he is heading for tier 1 stardom :)
5-1-2012 7:40 pm EST
lol that split was so disrespectful. thanks for the fight anyways.
4-28-2012 8:18 pm EST
um i wasent at all sure who was gna win but i was leaning towards Jared just do to the CD vs 8pts match up. When i read the PBP for the fight and i thought Helge should have got the SD not Jared. thanx again for the tourney. - HB
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
4-26-2012 10:40 am EST
sounds good! i still have another fighter alive w different camp as well.
4-26-2012 1:33 am EST
Nice one for the heads up bro will give it a go
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
4-25-2012 3:40 pm EST
My opponent chose to GnP me. OFW.
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
4-24-2012 1:16 pm EST
will do, not a problem! thx for tourney, great theme!
Team Laughing Gas
4-24-2012 12:06 pm EST
Alright, I switched his style and he's ready to go.
4-24-2012 9:42 am EST
Cheers bro, nice to know
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
4-22-2012 10:19 am EST
i believe i meet your tourney criteria, plz accept me! -Nachito Hernandez
Rio Thaijitsu
4-10-2012 1:06 pm EST
okie dokie smokey Lol
4-10-2012 12:19 am EST
O que um frum
3-30-2012 2:30 am EST
Haha, Lil T sure has my boy's number.
3-14-2012 9:05 am EST
Sorry man, I didn't notice it until after you mentioned he had been suddenly doing poorly.
3-7-2012 8:53 pm EST
thanks bro :)
3-7-2012 4:18 am EST
thankyou for the advice my friend! would you suggest flying subs?
Tilde Moskva
3-2-2012 4:44 pm EST
2-20-2012 6:56 am EST
I did not expect much about that fighter until his winning streak starts to grow. Too bad he already retired. :)
2-17-2012 10:09 am EST
All I can say is gutted, properly gutted, really thought I could beat the last champ
2-16-2012 10:31 am EST
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
2-8-2012 2:27 am EST
Yes and no, alcohol and small hustle :P
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
2-7-2012 10:53 am EST
Broke my fucking hand gotta go MRI tomorrow dunno if I need surgery...
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
2-7-2012 10:52 am EST
I have no idea dude what you're talking about lol :D
Eleven Lounge
1-26-2012 10:41 pm EST
man! its weird looking back on out tourney. its like looking back on tuf
1-26-2012 5:34 pm EST
I'm fairly new MoD has helped me out a lot, and thank you :)
1-26-2012 4:39 pm EST
Lol. Ty for fight. Yes my best for a while. Mt take down expert
1-24-2012 6:56 am EST
Just waiting bro to see if Mr twinkle toes except my title challenge
1-22-2012 7:54 am EST
I'm sure u would have got it but I'm glad we could help. Your a good coach and I'm glad ur camp and wdoa is getting stronger and stronger.
1-20-2012 1:26 pm EST
Lol Koki just picked up the vacant - GEC MW is WDoA's to keep lol
1-4-2012 10:19 am EST
Good Fights Buddy!
Eleven Lounge
12-13-2011 3:41 pm EST
yea good tourny man
The Timster
Irish Punishers
11-19-2011 9:27 pm EST
jap flag? nice. how'd that whole WWII thing work out for you? Not so good! because Japs suck! YOU suck, but best of all your mom sucks, and swallows
The Timster
Irish Punishers
11-19-2011 9:16 pm EST
go fuck your slut mother
11-15-2011 7:44 pm EST
Big Ace
11-6-2011 8:51 am EST
Oh... I see how it is. You're like the Chael Sonnon of Mmarmy. GOOD JOB!!
Sticky Green MMA
11-5-2011 9:45 pm EST
Shit sorry dude, I took another fight before I saw your comment.
Big Ace
11-5-2011 1:23 pm EST
errr... You weren't most deserving. End of story.
Flying Armbars
11-1-2011 5:52 am EST
o ya durp. thought it was familiar. keep up the good work dude
Flying Armbars
10-31-2011 6:32 pm EST
nice camp. r u on the forums?
sportfight academy
10-16-2011 12:19 pm EST
Dude I was pissed when he got retired he was the most skilled guy I had. and he was starting to win consistantly. Its bullshit but no worries man any time you see sportfight academy and it looks competitive hit me up as much as I try I can't turn down a fight maybe that's why my dudes have never made it to 4th tier organization haha
10-13-2011 7:47 am EST
I dont duck people, your the top ranked guy, gave you your shot...nice try though
Welsh Warriors
10-12-2011 12:33 am EST
Sent challenge ready for reset dude
Welsh Warriors
10-11-2011 1:09 am EST
Bring it on chubby, this should be a good fight if you accept before the other contender.
Kim Gym
Kims Gym
9-30-2011 6:35 pm EST
Sure, i just send out challenges to whoever is logged on. did not mean to stalk you.
Fat Camp
9-29-2011 9:00 am EST
Two really good streaks ended in the past few days... It hurts, but we can come back stronger.
Soldiers Creed
9-20-2011 3:38 pm EST
Yikes. Good fight.
9-9-2011 6:27 pm EST
thx man (Brock Brown)
8-31-2011 4:42 pm EST
8-5-2011 4:28 pm EST
come to the forums mate dont matter what alliance
420 Fight Club
7-20-2011 9:17 pm EST
Right on man. Keep on chugging. The most important thing to do right now is make $$ so you can buy better equipment and more fighter slots. Good luck dude.
420 Fight Club
7-20-2011 12:47 pm EST
Hey dude are you on the forums? We are trying to bring more coachs to the forums in hopes of retaining the newer guys. Hit me on on my wall to let me know if you are interested or via PM there. I am grapple420.
Fat Camp
6-9-2011 10:22 pm EST
my guys have been kicking ass lately, busting people up, but losing the decision. gotta finish!!
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
6-7-2011 10:18 am EST
Hokutoryu JuJutsu hosting Full Contact JuJutsu Open Weight Amateurs rank 2000 min! http://i.imgur.com/ztGkV.jpg
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
6-5-2011 12:21 pm EST
He destroyed you in 2nd thats why
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
6-5-2011 7:02 am EST
Nah he got 2nd and 3rd