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2-22-2021 6:03 am EST
What is up brother!
Senior Pain
spanish shooto
1-21-2021 1:04 pm EST
I think we are/were in the same division but you didnt fight my guys yet. ^^
Mister Judo
9-25-2020 7:15 pm EST
I got you on the forums. You joined rebirth. I remember all of my children ;)
Mister Judo
9-25-2020 12:17 pm EST
No I got hacked
9-22-2020 3:34 am EST
huh lol
Smooth Jesus
9-1-2020 12:14 pm EST
IP check the forums for a link to TNGs new Discord chat
3-6-2020 4:09 pm EST
Haha thanks buddy! :P
Smooth Jesus
Smooth Jesus
11-23-2018 8:12 am EST
Glad to see you back kicking my ass. Looks like you have a couple young killers best of luck with rebuilding the camp
4-21-2018 2:50 pm EST
You're up next reset for FW shot. Good luck man
5-8-2015 7:44 pm EST
Yeah, I have the shittiest recruits right now. I have no way of really building up my fighters at the moment. Starting from scratch after a layoff.
The Robj23
4-12-2015 10:36 pm EST
u2 man send me fights anytime i run team smash and hitmen as well
3-8-2015 9:30 am EST
Man, that was quick! I didn't end up getting the belt, but moved up due to popularity I believe. We need a rematch soon!
Tap or Sleep
2-13-2015 7:17 pm EST
A lot of the new styles people are still trying to figure out. AA main stat seems to be Martial Arts. It seems to be a cross of punch and kick style. Wall n Stall main stat is either Wrestling or Greco and usually goes to decision but can finish. Run and Gun is the striking style similar to Wall n Stall. It will get a lot of decisions as well. Way of Hand and Foot is pretty much Taekwondo. Top game tapout is american jitsu that involves wrestling it seems. Forums have some more stuff on them.
7-20-2014 7:34 am EST
yeah not bad pal just trying to get a few big fights ahaa
7-3-2014 1:03 pm EST
Yooo man good to see you're still around.
Murder Muay Thai
5-13-2014 6:52 pm EST
Yeah m.o.d your ip man on the forums right?
Murder Muay Thai
5-12-2014 12:27 am EST
Nice camp man.
Who Knew
5-1-2014 6:37 pm EST
Chillin man. Out here trying to win more belts.
Who Knew
4-6-2014 3:39 pm EST
What's up man?
3-27-2014 12:31 pm EST
Hey- ITC's doing a Coach's Career Challenge if your interested drop by the subforum and sign up. Thx.
2-28-2014 11:28 am EST
yes will do..
10-29-2013 5:59 am EST
Nice record 7-8 keep it up. No offence
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
10-11-2013 9:40 pm EST
Your in - access sorted!
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
10-11-2013 10:56 am EST
Yeah I knew you were with them, you fancy joining me at WDoA, we still have a good group of active coaches and run in house events etc. I meant MoD in the last post lol - b33rm0n5t3r
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
10-10-2013 10:09 pm EST
Thanks for the fight bro, I owuld have accepted your challenge but had to give the shot to opponent coming off 2 wins. Im leaving it vacant now so see if you can pick it up. What you doing alliance wise these days since WDoA?
6-14-2013 9:05 am EST
thxs bro Tom Turbo is turning into a beast 14 fight win streak, will cry when i lose that :)
6-1-2013 10:52 pm EST
Ight thanks for getting back so quick lol lets fight some time
6-1-2013 8:58 pm EST
hey we dont know each other but im having issues with the website here am i the only one? saying its forbidden and the pages look diff
5-29-2013 7:01 pm EST
Congratulations my friend... you win!!
Kamogawa Gym
5-21-2013 1:14 pm EST
haha, thanks, db is a fun camp. easy to build along with pib. just follow mine. grec/box/str/foot/spd/foc. i believe db uses grec/box/str/foot/foc, while pib uses box/foot/spd/foc. works awesome.
Kamogawa Gym
5-20-2013 11:25 pm EST
i actually am not on the forums haha.
5-6-2013 12:59 am EST
Camps looking good homes.
Mister Judo
4-26-2013 3:15 am EST
Nice try dude! Nice to see u making it in the big leagues! All that hard work is paying off :)
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
3-24-2013 9:30 pm EST
sign up here and PM me: http://mmarmy.forumotion.com/
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
3-24-2013 6:26 pm EST
i'm not on the forum. i'm perma-banned.
1-18-2013 4:58 pm EST
Congrats on the EFC title, bro! Well deserved.
Mister Judo
12-31-2012 5:04 am EST
last day to submit a fighter!!
Mister Judo
12-14-2012 10:18 am EST
it will be open weight so the heavier the better. recruiting dont start until tmr though
Mister Judo
12-14-2012 6:49 am EST
new tourny! sign up so i can whoop ya some more!
gate master
push off me
11-20-2012 5:42 am EST
Nice fight, i thank u for the title shot
10-30-2012 6:54 am EST
np man, i figured i had the best chance against you, guess my luck ran out. take er easy!
10-28-2012 7:31 am EST
Going great, just going through a transition for about a month there I couldn't decide what my camp focus should be but got it now :-D
Flying Armbars
10-14-2012 7:11 am EST
i meant signed to the org so i could send u a challenge lol. ur all good now just check the thread for fights
Flying Armbars
10-14-2012 7:11 am EST
i meant signed to the org so i could send u a challenge lol. ur all good now just check the thread for fights
Flying Armbars
10-12-2012 6:38 am EST
hey dude sign ur guy up to wilsetti. jon nash! he has to fight my guy kyle ward for the mod league tourny
10-8-2012 11:19 pm EST
M.o.d im russianthai
9-20-2012 6:51 pm EST
thanks for the fights man.
Mister Judo
9-14-2012 5:44 pm EST
mod league season 3. its free just sign up
Mister Judo
9-12-2012 10:59 am EST
new tourny on the forum. sign up!
Mister Judo
8-30-2012 5:57 am EST
lol u cant beat the master :P stop by the forum and post in rollcall! bunch of new recruits as well. exciting changes
Welsh Warriors
8-3-2012 11:17 pm EST
Im doing well thanks bro, camps are nice, always seen to have an EFC champ or one thereabouts so is going good.
8-2-2012 1:54 pm EST
Boxing 101
6-23-2012 5:40 pm EST
Thanks man.. Dude below me is totally wrong in regards to how title shots work lol.
Victor Red
Wolf Brethren
6-9-2012 8:56 am EST
look i dont have anything personal against you but this how it works. usually its the second guy after you #2 in the org but he was not responding for my challenges so i challenge second one which was #3. i mean you was on 7 or 8 place how can i give a title shot before those guys right?if they all was not responding then np id gladly fight your guys. Thats what i mean by top 5. Dont you think it woud be unfair to fight you intead of this guys?IMHO ofcourse but i think i was doing a right thing.
Victor Red
Wolf Brethren
6-8-2012 7:21 am EST
So what?Its not give a right to ask for title shot unless you in top 5)
Free Flow
Like Water
4-30-2012 12:47 pm EST
Anytime bro
4-25-2012 1:10 am EST
Nice bro good luck with him getting that belt you can do it lol, and not so good took a break and my guys retired so gotta start from scratch again lol
3-20-2012 6:03 am EST
Sup bro its good, I've recently added sambo,wrestling and judo to my fighters to go with the BJJ I was using, how's yours coming along brother?
Mister Judo
3-10-2012 9:31 am EST
theres a march 1 up now. we just got lazy for a month b4 that though lol
Mister Judo
3-7-2012 1:42 pm EST
Ipman i recruited u you knob :P its me the judo champ or now "mr judo" stop by the forums and post in the recall
2-22-2012 9:28 pm EST
Yea, you can pull off a SIO.
Bud Smoke
Trololol FC
2-16-2012 9:27 am EST
Very nice airport.
2-8-2012 1:09 pm EST
Haha we've been trading wins and losses with each other for some time bro, we have some good fights brother!
1-30-2012 5:32 pm EST
Thanks dude
1-19-2012 7:10 am EST
Dude you ever want another shot just send it, your the only guy on here who sticks to there word, I like that
1-18-2012 10:09 am EST
Yeah bro sure, send me the challenge pal
1-18-2012 5:58 am EST
Its cool bro, good luck for the future!
1-17-2012 4:59 pm EST
Hey thanks for the shot bro, anytime pal
1-4-2012 8:59 am EST
its alright i have my good days and bad days lol hows your camp doing?
12-23-2011 10:40 am EST
thanks for the shot buddy
11-16-2011 5:48 am EST
Its going well, think i have worked things out just need a couple of EFC champs now
Cody Pitbull Large
11-12-2011 7:45 am EST
hey i have a question if your good at greco-roman what style should u be?
10-21-2011 3:29 am EST
Good luck dude
9-6-2011 6:44 pm EST
if you go on to the forums you can PM me. my forum name is harrier
9-4-2011 1:51 pm EST
Try adding some focus to your ippon.
9-1-2011 4:09 pm EST
Mod ? whats that?
9-1-2011 8:10 am EST
Thanks, I have been fighting as ippon for about 8 months now and had plenty of success with it.
8-24-2011 12:06 pm EST
6-5-2011 7:32 am EST
5 Mil= Wrestling, brawling, strength, and Fortitude. 500K= JJ, Sambo, boxing, con, speed, FW, flex, balance, reflex, and power.
5-5-2011 5:19 pm EST
Zeke Foster bounced out after the win, contract over
11th Planet JiuJitsu
3-12-2011 8:57 pm EST
Good fight man! I dont think you shoulda won THAT much though. haha.
3-8-2011 12:28 pm EST
Sorry, I didn't notice your message. The first thing that helps is equipment. If you click on the "equipment" tab to the left you'll see them. Buying improved equipment makes it easier/faster to build up stats. 2 fighters with the same amount of say, JJ, can, and will improve with several attempts. Don't let the "did not improve" message discourage you. Just train the guys back and forth and they'll eventually improve. With the better equipment you'll get fewer of the "DNI" messages.