Oskol Shooters

Last Online - Saturday 31st of December 2016
Display Name Sambo Bear
Member Since Dec 20, 2015
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 889-936


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3-4-2016 4:05 am EST
Well shit! I had no idea it was you haha i was going to post in our section about your camp saying we should keep an eye on you for recruitment but never mind :)
2-28-2016 10:28 pm EST
Nice camp man, you new or just a new camp?
1-30-2016 8:30 pm EST
1-7-2016 5:03 am EST
If I can be of any help just send me a PM.
Bone Machine
1-1-2016 1:40 am EST
Ah ok, I remember you from the sb. Glad to see you're still with it. Camp coming along well, any questions can hit me up.
Bone Machine
12-31-2015 6:42 am EST
Thanks for the challenge. You new to the game?