Das Killerkommando

Last Online - Friday 21st of May 2021
Display Name Ovipov
Member Since May 24, 2012
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2000-1381


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Heart FC
5-2-2019 12:23 am EST
Has is been 4 years. Welcome back.
4-7-2015 10:43 pm EST
Are you back?
Heart FC
2-23-2015 5:32 pm EST
Yea, haven't been playing as much recently though.
Heart FC
1-24-2013 10:37 am EST
i was gonna accept ur challenge before the reset was done but then you fought and retired
1-18-2013 4:40 pm EST
yea man youve been getting the best of me as of late but gimmie that title shot so i can have my 1st efc champ lol
11-18-2012 3:21 am EST
Thanks dude! I figure its a little more fun and challenging that way. BTW, you got pretty good looking camp.
gate master
push off me
11-15-2012 1:59 pm EST
Nigga u want the fight or not
10-21-2012 6:22 am EST
Just trying to make the game entertaining. Nice camp, keep it going, Buddy.
10-21-2012 3:34 am EST
Congrat on your first EFC win. Are you ready for a shot at your second divisional EFC win? The Heavyweight Champion is challenging you in his next cage fight! Be there or be square! Don't be a pu.ci. Meet "Snake" in the cage!
10-19-2012 5:09 pm EST
I didn't expect to win that at all, as if, thanks for the fight - Carlo "The Cobra" Herreria
Muay Thai Champions
9-30-2012 9:24 am EST
thanks for the shot always enjoy fighter your guys
Who Knew
9-15-2012 7:05 pm EST
I've been noticing you have more guys all over EFC. Good luck on cracking a couple of belts.Btw what type of music do you listen to fam?
9-15-2012 6:22 pm EST
Thanks Brosef
9-15-2012 4:44 pm EST
Hey sorry dude, didn't see your messages on my fighter until now.. I decided to train him up some before glory. Didn't want to affect his popularity by fighting. Sorry bout that man.
9-13-2012 5:51 pm EST
for some reason i cant get into nate, his triangle while flippin the bird was the shit thoe. i stopped by a few times looking to join(and to see gilbert in person) but 120$ a month for just JJ. Ralph Gracie has a place in berkley,ca(15mins from Ceasars) that i ended up joining because for the same price muay thai was included and onsite showers. but i quit a year ago when i moved to humboldt for work. are they homies with roy nelson? thats awesome btw.
9-13-2012 5:05 pm EST
oh right on, im from the bay area near ceasar's academy. love the way he fights, ever since the robbie lawler fight in the ufc and then the gomi fight in pride ive been hooked. do you like nate too or just the nick lol.
9-13-2012 3:57 pm EST
are you from northern ca or just like diaz?
Muay Thai Champions
8-29-2012 4:10 pm EST
thanks for the great fights bro
Who Knew
8-6-2012 4:29 pm EST
Yea, only EFC wins count in EFC. I give shots based on streak,quality of wins, and the activity of their streak (recent streak including win prior reset)
8-3-2012 6:19 pm EST
holy shit bro i forgot, crap between work, working out and being a manwhore i forget that i also have a camp to run lol my b
8-2-2012 2:03 am EST
LOL i didn't realize that either
8-1-2012 5:10 pm EST
its on like donkey kong, its the thrilla in manilla, its..... i ran out of shit to say so yes we should fight next reset to settle the rubber match lol
Flying Armbars
7-29-2012 9:18 pm EST
hey dude nice camp. r u on the forums?
7-25-2012 12:06 pm EST
Hey bra, have you read anything about "alliances"
7-23-2012 11:26 pm EST
Damn, u seem to have started pretty solid