Turbos Tornadoes

Last Online - Monday 15th of April 2024
Display Name Turbo
Member Since Apr 14, 2011
Active Record 395-303
Overall Record 20226-17596


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2-1-2024 3:47 pm EST
Oh I thought I made you retire years ago after all my dominant wins.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
1-22-2024 1:35 pm EST
Hey be sure to nickname your tourney guys as Gang War THC
12-4-2023 6:06 am EST
good fight dawg
11-24-2023 11:36 pm EST
same to you borther always love ours scraps !!
11-5-2023 8:00 am EST
You mean your rules you big pussy. You can’t point to where I don’t play by the rules but that’s cool you’ll eat the skips in due time
10-16-2023 9:27 am EST
turbo thought we was buddies why have you chose to bully me this reset ????
6-24-2023 7:08 am EST
17k wins Jan 2933
Pork Hunt
10-14-2022 11:18 pm EST
Heart FC
10-2-2022 10:06 am EST
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
9-27-2022 11:55 pm EST
My boy Brian came out for vengeance, safe to say he got it good fight
Heart FC
9-14-2022 8:23 am EST
of course when i say chief i mean fake chief, real chief wouldn't do this.
Heart FC
9-10-2022 11:57 pm EST
Nah man. Chief knows how to fix it hes messing with me.
Heart FC
8-27-2022 8:56 am EST
Hey buddy. Can you tell whoever is running things to fix my camp please. I can't see fighter stats when signed into my camp.
8-15-2022 6:39 am EST
Dominant reset for you this morning. Camp kicking some ass.
8-9-2022 8:17 pm EST
whats up
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-15-2022 7:18 pm EST
RIP Fedor Slayer. #suckmyballz
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-7-2022 4:56 pm EST
I figure if you are gonna get pummeled you might as well look great.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-5-2022 3:27 pm EST
Thanks for always being up for a scrap. I just send the challenge if I see you near me. Top level coach.
Sub N Tug FC
5-4-2022 5:47 pm EST
Just randomly looked and Milo Albright's got some crazy ability to not get finished. I have a fighter with 91% finish rate and couldn't finish Milo. I think only my sr has tkod Milo if I'm correct.
1-18-2022 11:38 am EST
thx man
Heart FC
12-15-2021 8:26 pm EST
Game is too laggy to load unnecessary pages. Banter on forums.
10-24-2021 6:02 am EST
Hey I didn't say anything to your fighter; tell it to Wandile.
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
10-20-2021 6:30 pm EST
I don’t like it ,,,, I LOVE cheese….
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
8-25-2021 5:56 pm EST
Nothings up, we’ve just been banging a lot lately and I’m a power locks camp …. Lol so it’s unfortunate your a stft camp ;) pretty sure I’ve padded that win column for u nicely lately lol
8-7-2021 5:15 pm EST
Can you do oil filters also next time, thanks :)
Target Artery
7-22-2021 7:05 am EST
That's stupidly hilarious 😂😂😂
6-30-2021 3:55 am EST
Turbo it wasnt about missing a fight...it was that you took a regular fight as opposed to the title shots...I certainly understand that work makes it hard to play...there was never any offense meant...bro
Brenden McMillan
3-18-2021 1:07 pm EST
From oban mate, West highlands
Heart FC
2-14-2021 9:30 am EST
You did. Also your individual fighter page is not your camp wall.
Heart FC
2-6-2021 9:28 am EST
my mma guys are batman and robin and your s4tf guys are the evil henchmen
Master Oda
Tokugawa Dojo
2-4-2021 12:29 pm EST
Sometimes a brain scramble will do wonders for a guys career haha
Heart FC
2-4-2021 10:58 am EST
it really is. if you only fight my bummy mma guys you will do real well.
1-22-2021 7:20 am EST
6k wins 22/01/2021
12-4-2015 6:44 pm EST
Yes, we did go at it a lot during this reset. This reset certainly went my way. I am sure that another reset it can be turned around and go your way. Bows to, Turbos Tornadoes.
Welsh Warriors
6-9-2015 10:12 am EST
Won't be long bro and il be back up there.....hopefully lol
4-12-2015 5:01 am EST
Your camp seems to be going on a "whirl wind". ;) Keep on bringing it!
3-16-2015 5:54 pm EST
your camps killing it right now turbo!!. keep up the good work.
9-30-2014 1:08 am EST
Always challenge me if u need fights, ill always accept!
9-30-2014 12:57 am EST
Good fights bud, sucks living in england and struggling to get morning fights in!
2-22-2013 4:14 am EST
yeah pretty much had to make him a boxer
2-20-2013 6:54 am EST
Ok, as you wish.
9-18-2012 2:08 pm EST
No don't I don't train HKK in KFC, just got a few guys with some decent KB and focus and since I train Power HKK is decent vs SNB
5-12-2012 10:56 am EST
me too nothing like scrapping with the crew
5-10-2012 5:39 am EST
Anytime bro! :)
The Lobster
5-1-2012 7:32 am EST
meh. He had the best win but 3 of your 4 were better than his next one. His 4th win was a 4 digit rank. I had you pegged - but whatever. He got the shot. Good luck!
3-30-2012 3:33 am EST
sometimes works, sometimes not ;-) all the best!
3-26-2012 11:44 pm EST
Your Guy made weight and beat me lol, dont fight him again though bro now
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
3-21-2012 7:47 pm EST
Haha, thanks man.
3-13-2012 4:54 am EST
Ha ha, the Power locks switch got ya! but a good win over my other fighter bro, for sure
Fat Camp
2-17-2012 2:31 pm EST
Yea you could have, I think that is why he chose not to fight you. Gonna have a hard time vs Akihiro but don't worry, you will get another shot.
Welsh Warriors
2-17-2012 11:13 am EST
The retirement messed you up. Did u and chubby fight for the vacant title in the end or had chubby already won it?
Welsh Warriors
2-17-2012 9:35 am EST
Unlucky bro, least u lost to another wdoa.
Fat Camp
2-16-2012 2:52 pm EST
you wrote on Akihiro Kodama's wall that you smashed him but I think you might be confused because he didn't fight any of your guys recently.
Fat Camp
2-16-2012 6:21 am EST
lol, wut?
2-12-2012 5:10 am EST
i highly doubt that, ima take it one fight at a time with lewis but lets not get too ahead of ourselves lol
2-12-2012 4:26 am EST
looks like lewis is 2 for 2 lol
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
1-25-2012 4:12 pm EST
hahaha didn't see that coming...
Welsh Warriors
1-22-2012 4:40 am EST
It was Newman who posted that bro lol - i wondered what you was on about then lol - Todd White comment. Is that what you was on about?
UK Dragons
1-20-2012 6:14 am EST
looks likw you retired todd white lol
No Surrender
1-20-2012 6:01 am EST
Your fighters were ranked in the 800-900 range and my guys were in the top 25p4p. It's nothing personal but I don't fight down that low. I try and stick with 10 fighters up and 10 fighters down.
1-10-2012 8:41 am EST
i can respect that, keep in mind i'm always down for a brawl. good luck with your shot! KentB
Gonoreja BJJ
1-4-2012 1:48 pm EST
whatever stupid kid
UK Dragons
1-3-2012 2:54 am EST
Thieving wankers aint they!
UK Dragons
1-2-2012 4:51 am EST
yo hows things did you sort your place out afterwards
12-14-2011 4:50 pm EST
yea i got close to getting there. ill get there soon
12-7-2011 7:36 am EST
lol yeah no kidding, it'll be funny when MMARMY does the christmas hats this year (they do every year)
11-15-2011 10:33 pm EST
Youre one of my favorite coaches to fight. We can go anytime my friend :)
11-14-2011 7:01 pm EST
hey man hows the camp doing
10-25-2011 10:52 am EST
LOL i get it
10-21-2011 5:20 pm EST
yah i hate when the fighters go on a losing streak
10-20-2011 9:33 am EST
Thanks. Yeah ive been seein your camp around, i figured you were going to wreck me. Thanks for the fight man.
10-20-2011 6:00 am EST
Yeh, Plenty Of Brits There Aswell, Ive Been Mates With Most Of Them Since They Started, Jid, B33r, Newman etc, Cool Guys!
10-20-2011 4:36 am EST
I Meant MoD As In The Alliance Lol, But I Meant WDoA, My Bad HAHA!
10-20-2011 2:48 am EST
Nice! Im Down In Cambridge, Your In MoD Right?
10-19-2011 8:22 am EST
Are You A Fellow Brit?
10-9-2011 4:04 am EST
thanks man, i think my guy may be starting to hit his stride
Flying Armbars
10-6-2011 3:27 pm EST
step 1. join an alliance (i think ur in wdoa and thyre m.o.d graduates so ur in good hands) step 2 just fight and earn money atm ur just getting up with the big boys so ur camps gonna hit some hard times. step 3. u can cut up to 35 lbs so try to make ur fighters cut at least 20 lbs. best of luck :)
Welsh Warriors
10-3-2011 3:13 am EST
That win got me my first 5 million equipment. These two will go down in history for this saga lol.
Welsh Warriors
10-2-2011 4:41 am EST
Lol least u won something this weekend, not like the footy haha. Only 60k away from my first 5 million pound equipment so appreciate the money from that fight.
Gonoreja BJJ
10-1-2011 7:07 am EST
jebem ti mater u pičku da ti je jebem
Welsh Warriors
10-1-2011 6:44 am EST
Little luis suarez!! Not really a red card but il take that all day -------- tara then u toffee bastards !!!! lol thanks for the 3 pts bro,
Welsh Warriors
9-27-2011 11:53 am EST
No chance super suarez will wreck you!
Hells Lair
9-26-2011 7:11 pm EST
yea, good fights dude
9-16-2011 2:25 am EST
Sweet time to do some stomping :)
UK Dragons
9-15-2011 12:13 pm EST
Wassup turbo, yeah I am b33rm0n5t3r, I run a few camps. Reply to Jids message and should be in then mate. Nice to see another brit being added to our army.
UK Dragons
9-14-2011 9:33 am EST
Ok mate if you havent already you need to register on the forum, then send me a private message so I have your details then can get you registered with us - lets kick some ass! If you know any other camps who are interested pop there names in the message to me - cheers dude
9-14-2011 5:43 am EST
Nice one Bob take care dude!!
9-13-2011 3:59 pm EST
Its Not Actually The Alliance Im In, Were Not Recruiting ATM, But I Do Highly Suggest Joining The Guys Who Are Also Commenting On Your Wall, Great Guys, Alot From The UK, Couple Of Dirty Scousers, But We Can Just About Look Past That Problem ;)
UK Dragons
9-9-2011 10:26 am EST
No commitments. All we want is to recruit active coaches who have potential such as yourself and help them improve and enjoy the game. Aslong as you post a few times a week on our sub-forum then jobs a good un. I have just put up the next tourney so if you want in let me know and you will have time to get invloved m8. Lol comment below is off a good lad on here, shame he is a Manc Utd bastard haha
9-9-2011 8:47 am EST
From Cambridge, The Guys Below This Comment Are Cool Also, Shame Their From Wales Tho :D They Run A Good Alliance Aswell, Probably Worth Checking It Out!
UK Dragons
9-9-2011 6:51 am EST
Do you want to join my alliance? Plenty of brits in our group and will be good for your learning. I run all the in house competitions and stuff aswell so let me know and will take it from there.
UK Dragons
9-9-2011 6:50 am EST
No probs mate, I just challenge anyone who is online pretty much
9-8-2011 5:58 am EST
Whereabouts In The UK You From?
9-7-2011 5:23 am EST
Nice Camp! Where You From Mate?
8-11-2011 6:08 pm EST
I'm not that great, the fighter is pretty strong. My advice to you is that this is basically a game of Rock Paper Scissors. You always do SftF, but that style is strong against some styles and weak against others (its weak against Flying Submission for example). Learn what styles are good against what, and then learn to predict what you think your opponent is going to do. I hope this helps
7-20-2011 9:54 am EST
you on the forums? u shud join!! u'll get lots of tips from veteran players and it will help u alot! if u do decide to join, post ur camp name and say that I got you on the forums :) my forum name is Wankrupt! Hope to see you!!!