Last Online - Monday 1st of June 2020
Display Name LAIR
Member Since Nov 4, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1371-1259


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Godfather of RnR
Pain Bros
8-21-2012 5:15 am EST
yes, Pain Bros
Godfather of RnR
Pain Bros
8-21-2012 3:52 am EST
It's Pain Bros
6-28-2012 5:09 am EST
6-25-2012 10:49 pm EST
yeah, im on the forums....i go by the name - sweeptheleg
Team Corona
6-22-2012 10:22 am EST
Nice can crushing.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
6-21-2012 8:27 am EST
Weird in a awe inspiring sort of way. - In reference to, The Wizard.
Mister Judo
6-9-2012 4:35 am EST
just curious. every camp should be especially ones looking to make it as a top dog in efc. best of luck!
Mister Judo
6-8-2012 5:43 am EST
r u on the forums?
5-31-2012 8:02 am EST
send my camp a fight anytime. i hardly ever turn down a fight....
5-9-2012 1:01 am EST
Strength, Sambo, Wrestling, JJ, Power, Brawling.. In training atm.
5-3-2012 5:15 pm EST
send me a fight request anytime....good fighting your guys.
Coach Overeem
Reem Muay Thai
4-26-2012 3:11 pm EST
great series of fights ill be looking forward to the next one
Coach Overeem
Reem Muay Thai
4-25-2012 11:11 am EST
lol we did have a rivalry goin on there didnt we
3-7-2012 4:20 pm EST
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
2-26-2012 10:29 am EST
does ur guy have the belt?? dont look like it
2-4-2012 10:28 pm EST
You and KUTFO make friends, your in the same alliance! lol
Dr House
1-30-2012 4:31 am EST
No you can't cause your being a prick, get another win and youll get yours tomorrow now quit whining.
Dr House
1-30-2012 4:23 am EST
HAHAHA my dudes 24-2 against top comp in the orgs ive been in, plz your guy aint shit. Anyways quit talking shit and get another win against someone in the top 10 if your guy is soooooo good. chump.
Dr House
1-30-2012 4:20 am EST
Darren nash beat you and my guy who is #3 in the org, hes got next. -Aaron walker
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
1-16-2012 2:52 pm EST
bish ur team is weak mr wdoa lol bish ass . any time chump ass. snooze u lose bish lol
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
1-16-2012 8:20 am EST
ur guy is weak
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
1-15-2012 3:20 pm EST
lol ur guy is a bum. win some fights mate lol ahahaha
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
1-13-2012 4:08 am EST
You're not going to get a title shot coming off of two loses. As a member of WDoA you should know better. Ask your fellow alliance members about proper title shot etiquette.
1-5-2012 6:38 am EST
You to pal
1-4-2012 3:42 am EST
Cheers for the tourny place mate
1-3-2012 6:31 pm EST
I don't send challenges. You can send me one. I fight everyone,stat rape or not.
Welsh Warriors
12-31-2011 5:13 pm EST
you have to join the forums and send me a private message to b33rm0n5t3r, i will then have your details so i can add you and get your access. Although you are a new coach i think you will enjoy the experience and benefit greatly. Plus we got no aussies lol, simon whitlock is playing in the semis 2moz he gotta good chance of winning the whole thing.
12-31-2011 4:33 am EST
No problem mate, if you fancy sticking around on the game and want more fun on it, join my alliance. Good group of coaches will help you learn quicker on our wdoa forum plus I run on house tournaments which you can compete in. Let me know, my main camp is Welsh warriors.