Team TMA

Last Online - Tuesday 8th of May 2018
Display Name Ashwin Rajnish
Member Since May 28, 2014
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1280-1760


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Sir Freud
10-9-2016 12:40 am EST
yeah why ?
4-24-2016 6:49 am EST
12-10-2015 7:47 am EST
fuck up
Maxim Grigoriev
Wargrad Fighters
6-3-2015 12:30 pm EST
Mentioned you used 8 pts in fight with me with no skill in that. You shoud stick with FS man. You'll win more often. Also if you not on a forums you shoud try it, helped me a lot at least. Also joining an alliance might be a good thing too. Good luck.
5-31-2015 4:55 pm EST
Turn your camp around. Join us at tokyo Rowdy Temple in the forum. All the big players are in alliances.we can help you
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
5-11-2015 1:41 pm EST
Now a HKK camp. Secondary style undecided.
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
5-8-2015 5:27 am EST
500 wins
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
4-7-2015 5:56 pm EST
300 wins! and 500k cash
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
3-29-2015 7:17 pm EST
With the retirement of long-time fighter and striking coach RJ Fournier, Lincoln Wilson is now the striking coach of Team TMA.
3-25-2015 4:22 pm EST
hey, don't be like this, Greg can win sometimes too ;-)
3-25-2015 4:11 pm EST
which one?
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
3-11-2015 4:14 pm EST
3-10-2015 12:48 am EST
nice camp, are you on the forums?
3-9-2015 5:10 pm EST
must be the looks. My guy looks like Wolverine, so they figured unless he grows claws, he doesn't deserve to win. ;)
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
2-24-2015 5:44 pm EST
100th VICTORY!!!
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
2-21-2015 4:53 pm EST
RJ "Kicker of Death" Fournier celebrates his entrance into a Tier 4 organization as well as being the first of Team TMA to enter a Tier 4.
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
2-11-2015 10:08 am EST
No problem
2-11-2015 6:35 am EST
thanks he's kinda a afterthought in my camp. just use him to train power