Rob The Reaper Spidell

Last Online - Thursday 13th of October 2022
The Nice Guys
Display Name OEJ
Member Since Mar 18, 2010
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Overall Record 12382-7771


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Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
10-11-2020 1:49 pm EST
Welcome back bro!
9-30-2020 6:08 am EST
welcome back OEJ! :D
Winnipeg Fight Guild
5-16-2019 10:26 pm EST
Hey, believe it or not, I am actually not from Winnipeg! My college roommate is from Winnipeg, however, and he gave me the name suggestion so here I am!
Bone Machine
1-6-2017 8:46 am EST
Hmm? didn't realize holt had a shot. Must have missed it, normally if I get a belt shot at any level I'm taking that sucker.
12-2-2016 2:45 pm EST
Ok, OEJ. Sorry about my last few words. I was talking with Chief about title fights and him and other guys heads me up about some rules that I doesnt know. I'm not an english speaker and it keep me away of the foruns, so, evens been member since 2008, I never read nothing about title fights ruling. Sorry about that. Hope that we can let this episode behind and keep in a good way. Ill read the topic about title fights and be more attentive next time. Lets keep it up.
6-6-2016 4:48 am EST
Don't forget Kumite recruiting starts today! Please recruit a HWT either this reset of next and post in the forums.
8-3-2015 11:24 pm EST
Cool. No rush. Just let me know sometime if you get time. It can wait for things to die down on your end.
8-2-2015 8:59 am EST
Hey OEJ i need 3 logos made. No hurry so at some point if you get the motivation and the timing is right for me maybe you can style em up real quick.
7-30-2015 11:30 am EST
Yeah thanks for the shot. I seriously didn't expect that.
7-29-2015 9:48 pm EST
He was not ready to take on lucas... :/
5-31-2015 5:16 pm EST
Nice to see you back
11-27-2014 6:13 am EST
Oh aight, then ill try it without MA lol since i cant afford the EQS for it yet :P
11-26-2014 9:10 pm EST
Btw, whats more important for chop down? muay or martial arts?
11-8-2014 11:08 pm EST
it looks i'm not the only one to have words with redheat guy lol ...
11-4-2014 7:22 am EST
Why did you close your camp?
11-1-2014 8:01 pm EST
camp closed
10-31-2014 2:29 pm EST
You know what forget my last post, I missed the footwork part, thanks for the help
10-31-2014 2:28 pm EST
So you don't think footwork is good for hkk except for a switch or did you just forget to write it?
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
9-19-2014 3:51 am EST
Good man. Hope you have a speedy recovery and get back to a normal routine soon
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
9-18-2014 7:19 pm EST
Thanks for the ass kicking. ill accept the last legend fight when i log on in the am. Hope ya feel better bro.
8-24-2014 5:25 pm EST
Good fights OEJ!
7-10-2014 8:38 pm EST
WHERE IS WDoA ???????????????
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA West
6-9-2014 11:01 am EST
you don't fight me anymore?
5-16-2014 6:42 pm EST
OEJ likes pigs...
5-16-2014 6:42 pm EST
The creature laid behind me is definately female lol
5-15-2014 5:01 am EST
Thanks for all the fights lately! Great battles.
No Surrender
5-10-2014 7:31 pm EST
Yea, nice series going there!
Heart FC
5-7-2014 5:52 pm EST
that's exactly what i was thinking. except i didn't put it together.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-28-2014 3:01 pm EST
All good brother, he didn't make the cut...lol
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
4-28-2014 8:37 am EST
All good buddy!
3-31-2014 6:19 am EST
i don't know...my guy isn't as great as his stats are. hope to fight one of ur guys soon.
Who Knew
3-27-2014 6:45 pm EST
I fuck with you bro, know that. You been straight up with me
3-27-2014 4:27 pm EST
I went in there to shut Trite up 'cause he had been threatening a newb, then Trite started having a go at Jbear so i left. That's the only time i've been on.
3-27-2014 2:27 pm EST
I've said i'm not going on the forum any more.
3-21-2014 4:23 pm EST
Good fights Reaper, cheers!
Pork Hunt
3-18-2014 4:26 pm EST
I think I am? Not to sure really? It all seems a bit dis-jointed. I am just doing my fighters these days & if messages come through for me to do stuff then I do. I don't know what is going on anymore or who I am in an alliance with these days. I just want to fight!
Team Alpha Female
3-6-2014 8:02 am EST
Sorry, butterfingers. I hit reject. Sent you the challenge again so you can whup me haha
3-5-2014 6:09 pm EST
i have no idea what this alliance thing is people are talking about lol .
3-4-2014 10:19 am EST
Not sure how it was a split decision but oh well. Have you got any guy who never got ko'd? He and Paco could fight until one gets ko'd
2-27-2014 9:26 pm EST
ah k thanks i just give to whoever has been challenging . i appreciate the heads up
creepy clowns
creepy clowns
2-24-2014 3:12 pm EST
how does it work?
2-23-2014 10:56 pm EST
i wrote that while i was banned, i didn't think he'd unban me.
2-22-2014 5:28 pm EST
Shutting my camp down as chief has banned or fucked up my forum account
Heart FC
2-21-2014 10:24 am EST
Hector was angry because he didn't do well in the catchweight tournaments.
2-20-2014 8:58 am EST
No interest right now sorry
Welsh Warriors
2-16-2014 9:38 pm EST
My camp was PTP before lol. Newport Wrecking Crew is more your style
creepy clowns
creepy clowns
2-16-2014 7:12 am EST
Thanks man you have a great team!
2-6-2014 2:03 am EST
Gil Price needs to be entered into the Super 16 Finals in the tournament tab please, thank you
1-29-2014 7:28 pm EST
Phreak will never get title shots from me.
1-16-2014 4:39 pm EST
The post below means 5 of your best RETIRED fighters
1-16-2014 4:30 pm EST
I invite you to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Universal Emperor of MMArmy*** enter 5 of your best fighters and when everyone is ready, i'll select the fighters who remain. Have fun!
1-16-2014 4:30 pm EST
I invite you to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Universal Emperor of MMArmy*** enter 5 of your best fighters and when everyone is ready, i'll select the fighters who remain. Have fun!
Welsh Warriors
1-13-2014 10:20 pm EST
Beermonster in the house..hows you mate?
1-12-2014 5:44 am EST
Jack post your score for the breakfast league event. Today is week 2 so hurry up dude.
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
1-1-2014 4:57 am EST
Awryt mate thought I would make a come back started to miss the game a bit lol
8-21-2013 7:14 am EST
I just went back to look to see if your comments came from previous fights (thinking maybe I had accidentally gave bad defenses before). When I had the Preliator belt, Luther Morgan (your guy) was the one I accepted, even though it was a bad matchup and I was outclassed. Don't know where you're coming from, bro.
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
7-23-2013 3:33 pm EST
man i just got o luck against you lmao
7-4-2013 11:28 pm EST
Congratulations on four thousand wins!
4-19-2013 2:12 pm EST
but i can't :)
4-18-2013 11:14 pm EST
might have too just to get a win over you :)
Heart FC
4-10-2013 10:34 am EST
Excellent.....(Mr.Burns style)
3-19-2013 8:23 pm EST
SOCAT's Heavyweight division is alive, anyone with Heavyweight fighters heading into 4th tier ORGS please put them in SOCAT to keep it alive! It just adds more to the game, thank you.
3-11-2013 4:15 pm EST
As the winner of ***Standup Sizzler*** i invite ***Vico Jimenez*** to participate in ***Standup Sizzler World Championship***
2-14-2013 9:11 am EST
The tournament is READY!!! Change your fighter styles to what is needed.
2-13-2013 7:57 am EST
I would like you to enter the following fighter into my tournament called ***Standup Sizzler*** - ***Dallas Jenkins***
2-13-2013 3:07 am EST
I would like you to enter the following fighters into my tournament called ***Standup Sizzler*** - ***Dallas Jenkins*** and either ***Dalton "Roadhouse" Price*** or from your other camp - Reapers World - ***Butch Lee***
1-10-2013 7:38 am EST
Go on Bro with your savage No.1 :)
Mister Judo
1-10-2013 1:23 am EST
Lol I understand and accept my punishment :( :P
Andrey Kamensky
1-3-2013 10:43 am EST
Thanks for the advice! I'll do that :)
11-16-2012 11:52 am EST
For which?
Mad Men Anon
11-4-2012 3:53 pm EST
Thanks man. I used to be on here a long time ago, but I forgot all the info for that account. So I'm getting back into the swing of it.
Welsh Warriors
10-25-2012 11:09 am EST
Get with the times, Welsh Warriors been like that for a while but mainly brawling with it. Other camps are not turning to the darkside lol
Big Losers
2-16-2012 8:36 am EST
i used to run my camps as strikers, and would drool at the chance to fight GnP guys, so it is just payback. thanks for the fights and gl
Big Losers
2-16-2012 6:35 am EST
stop kicking my guys
1-9-2012 5:05 am EST
UK Dragons
1-1-2012 2:08 am EST
Even when they only got jitsu and flex i go HKK/HKK and still lose lol! Never mind bro, camp is about 160-80 so not to bad for 1st gen.
UK Dragons
12-31-2011 3:21 pm EST
Happy new year mate. Are you finding hkk is doing totally shit against pg/fs? Is pissing me right off in my new camp! B33R
11-26-2011 7:34 pm EST
Incubation is for babies, I would rather call it a bulking cycle.
Ho Brah
9-23-2011 12:09 pm EST
lol. no one was getting the shot that was my point of posting, you played that one like a tool so dont try any lame excuses son. - HB
Muay Thai Champions
8-31-2011 6:29 pm EST
nice camo bro