Last Online - Saturday 16th of May 2020
Display Name Judas
Member Since Nov 27, 2016
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 4191-4320


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5-27-2020 6:42 am EST
Hey man you ok? You are up in the forum event.
5-6-2020 7:23 pm EST
Well i could... every fighter has a price right!? lol, you ve won many fights in the past too man, guess we r even
5-1-2020 1:29 am EST
Awesome....or fucking lame hahaha
4-19-2020 7:48 pm EST
Aug 2739 Turnstiles ranked 48th best camp
4-4-2020 11:33 am EST
Thanks man. Glad you're hanging out on here again! Keep it active ;)
4-3-2020 12:40 am EST
nice to see camps like this returning judas :)
Kings of Destruction
Beat Downs Unlimited
1-11-2019 4:21 pm EST
What's up with the coaching thing you mentioned? I'm down
7-5-2018 2:40 pm EST
If they are green they get the shot period. Got an issue with that talk to Chief.
10-28-2017 10:17 pm EST
Damn Yeah! Fucking judges lol
10-19-2017 3:34 am EST
thks for the legend fight and welcome back Judas !
9-21-2017 6:20 pm EST
Come back!!!!!!!!!
The Captain
Bay Bombers
9-19-2017 9:08 pm EST
What BiZ said!!!
9-19-2017 6:02 pm EST
Cool deal bud! Got excited there a while back when I saw some Legend fights being had with Turnstiles. Hope all is well and talk with you later!
9-19-2017 5:42 pm EST
Err shit I meant Billy Joel lol.
9-19-2017 5:40 pm EST
For the love of Neil Diamond come back to the forums!
Sub N Tug FC
7-6-2017 10:12 pm EST
compete with us? lmao what are you smoking? you've already passed my ass. I'm a shitty coach, but I just love this game to much. I have only 16 EFC titles between my 3 main camps. you've passed me long ago lol. probably hurts me majorly that I can only play this game on my phone. but nonetheless your better than me now.
1988 Top Team
7-5-2017 11:50 pm EST
man Judas, that's awesome how fast you have turned into a awesome coach. from asking me about camp ranking untill now you have won a bad ass amount of EFC titles. keep up the good work dude.
6-28-2017 8:26 am EST
Sorry about that Judas, I didnt realize. Good luck!
6-28-2017 3:56 am EST
Hey man would you have any interest in joining DBA alliance on the forums? Alliance's get to participate in cool events against other teams etc
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
6-20-2017 9:54 pm EST
Got any fighters to fight against my camp? Jalapeno Top [Team]
6-20-2017 7:39 pm EST
30 titles, 6 resets with two champs, 1 reset with three champs 0 SR,s
6-15-2017 4:22 pm EST
May2566 2 champs Barney combs Ww Lou Simmons LHW
6-12-2017 7:36 pm EST
Dec 2565 3 efc champs LHW Lou Simmons Mw Juanito "burrrriiiittooo" Barino Ww Barney combs
5-15-2017 5:55 am EST
It's all good. You're up this morning, good luck!
5-14-2017 7:01 pm EST
He had 391, 32 and 246. Not sure who you're looking at?
5-14-2017 6:59 pm EST
Youravw rank between the 3 wins was around 240, his 3 win average was right at 220. Very close but he had the better.
4-25-2017 10:49 pm EST
I'll try not too...but don't send me a fight bud...I understand bro if you need to vent shit just pm me.
4-25-2017 10:16 pm EST
Hey man come back on the forums i miss ya man!!!
3-6-2017 3:25 am EST
my screen name is Powerrrrrrrrrrr44. Finally got access last night. Thanks
3-5-2017 12:22 am EST
Think something's gone wrong, been over 12 hours and same message saying I haven't been approved is showing
3-4-2017 2:28 am EST
Hey man, took your advice and registered for the forums, however I'm assuming I need to be approved before I can post?
Crazy KO Camp
2-20-2017 2:48 pm EST
Haha that's nutty man. I didn't even notice how bad you beat him up since I don't read the pbp very often.
1-21-2017 12:09 am EST
Nice camp! Ignore zensation below, he's been banned for spamming camps with bullshit
1-14-2017 8:31 am EST
Rip Jimmy "sadness or euphoria" 41-31 highest rank 73
1-3-2017 7:14 am EST
shut ya face stupid rookie
12-31-2016 9:27 pm EST
My team is tanking hardcore
12-28-2016 10:17 pm EST
No prob man anytime. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Im russianthai on the forums. Where r u from?
12-27-2016 3:56 am EST
To a contract then i pop up at around 95. Then if i have a bunch of fighters in the efc i jump even more. BuT thats just my guess. Id save for more fighters and better equipment if i were you. Also check out the shoutbox on the forums..always some good dudes in the sb that will gladly share info with you. Also asking questions helps you know? Most everyone that plays this will help newer players because we wanna see the game grow. Have a good day and feel free to ask whenever you have a question
12-27-2016 3:52 am EST
Im not 100% sure but i belive it has something to do with you only having 12 fighters. I have 23 but only about half are active atm and thats why im not ranked at the moment. I noticed whem i have alot of my fighters signed and fighting ill pop up on that list. So i think it has to do more with activity/number of fighters fighting and a little bit of what org/how much success they are having. My record is like 70something and 20 but im not ranked...but if i sign my whole camp
12-24-2016 4:38 pm EST
Np bro, yea my guy is good but his chin is terrible lol
12-18-2016 2:39 pm EST
Theres alot of helpful info on the forums. You can always hit me up if you have any questions
12-18-2016 2:40 am EST
Ive seen that camp around. Are you on the forums?
12-17-2016 11:07 pm EST
New but I do have another camp as well LHP
12-17-2016 11:05 pm EST
Thanks man you too. You new? Or just a new camp?