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4-13-2019 6:51 pm EST
Check the fight records. Title shot goes to whoever has the best competition rank in their streak. It was not your girl. I'm pretty methodical about double checking EFC shots and made no mistake on this one. 3 fight win streak each. Your opponent rank during the streak was garbage compared to the girl who got the shot. Sorry
4-13-2019 5:11 pm EST
Sorry Joe Brogan but you have to make the best streak for that EFC shot
7-12-2011 7:17 am EST
Pork Hunt
7-7-2010 5:21 pm EST
Good fight. Sorry about the nose.
beastly camp
7-1-2010 6:56 pm EST
please fight me
7-1-2010 4:17 am EST
I like the new Avatar, I mean I really liked Gina winking at me everytime I logged on my camp but the new one's pretty cool too.
408 Monster INC
6-28-2010 6:37 pm EST
I suck so bad. I lost every fight this reset. 0-15
3-31-2010 11:58 am EST
Gina looks so hot in ur avatar.
12-23-2009 5:11 pm EST
i will , it IS james cameron after all, those hollwood pricks havent let him make a scifi movie for almost 2 decades
12-23-2009 4:44 pm EST
really, was it a good movie? Like jurassic park good?
11-18-2009 5:07 am EST
No problem.. it's all good..
11-17-2009 5:29 am EST
I understand that you wanted me to defend the strap. However, considering you didn't even have a loss in the org., much less a win, I am not sure you were even an option. Peace..
10-27-2009 3:48 am EST
Looking forward to having you back, for sure. Good luck and peace with all. W.
8-31-2009 7:58 am EST
Interesting avatar do you train under Dave?
jersey devils
8-26-2009 3:27 pm EST
1st of all its loser not looser. If ur going to insult someone use spell check. 2nd nobody gives title shots to some1 coming off a loss. However since I haven't got any challenges today if I don't get any tonight we can fight.
Pit For Life
8-1-2009 8:50 am EST
oh and I popped out so I couldn't challenge ... sorry was looking forward to a grudge match!
Flow Dojo
7-25-2009 9:30 pm EST
Haha anytime man
Flow Dojo
7-24-2009 5:34 pm EST
You'll get your fight in Strike tommorow
Who Knew
7-13-2009 1:02 am EST
you gonna put him in Glory and or EFC eventually?
The Robj23
5-30-2009 12:58 pm EST
scared of what ?
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-15-2009 5:24 pm EST
win for DBA!!!
Forast Griffen
toi tankz
2-14-2009 6:27 pm EST
whats up... nice to see a fellow DBA camp
2-9-2009 3:52 am EST
Dude we all do at times but you just have to make sure you train well and choose the right styles..check the forums for help too! GL