Exploding Heart Technique

Last Online - Friday 1st of December 2023
Display Name BlimBlapZing
Member Since Mar 20, 2014
Active Record 271-221
Overall Record 29680-24279


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Vince Lynch
10-20-2023 6:40 am EST
http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1780333 - Lavar Ball
10-5-2022 8:08 pm EST
#1 camp - June 2889
7-29-2022 4:43 pm EST
Hey man! Just saw your comment! Not new to the game, just a new camp! You seem to run a great camp!
6-7-2022 5:35 pm EST
Thanks man!I was pretty pumped to finally get up there... it took me 14 years but I did it! Hoping he can stick around a bit longer and get 30 titles.
Crazy KO Camp
6-7-2022 10:56 am EST
Thanks for the welcome back Blim. Seems like a good crop of coaches rn
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
5-14-2022 4:29 am EST
Cheers Blim....going through the inevitable first phase with recruits and no trainers!!!
4-27-2022 5:41 am EST
Thanks man! Didnt think I would get #1 camp first generation lol. Couple guys retired this morning too. Nice fighting your camps again!
Zangy Wonkers
12-12-2021 10:59 am EST
Thanks so much! Enjoy, my friend.
Tanner Langham
Destiny at its Best
10-10-2021 8:46 pm EST
Nevermind i think i figured it out.. Thanks for the heads up brotha
Tanner Langham
Destiny at its Best
10-10-2021 8:37 pm EST
How do i go about fighting for the legends belt in the forums.. i have an account but dont really post often
Tanner Langham
Destiny at its Best
9-17-2021 5:47 pm EST
Thank you good sir
9-10-2021 3:55 pm EST
Thanks for accepting. Been on and off a few times. Feels good to be back!
6-27-2021 2:26 pm EST
Thank you sir, i am not on the forum, just winging it with friends. I have no idea why rustam kanshin is so good, just got lucky game blessed me with a star
UKs Most Wanted
12-22-2020 11:36 pm EST
Who is the admin these days? I'd like to be unbanned from the forums.
Fat Camp
12-17-2020 8:29 pm EST
Sftf is strong vs Ippon.
5-1-2020 9:02 am EST
Hey thanks man! Hoping she may get me my first belt since returning. Thanks for taking the fight too man, you always take hard matchups . I dig that.
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
3-7-2020 7:39 pm EST
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
3-6-2020 12:11 pm EST
9-15-2019 10:36 pm EST
thanks buddy
3-23-2019 5:53 am EST
3-23-2019 5:50 am EST
lol You´re guy is a real beast!!!
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-9-2018 4:25 pm EST
Ill send him nudes of my gf if he unbans me (srs) (notanincel) (fraudinchadallalong)
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-9-2018 1:49 pm EST
Eyyy lemme tap teabag's ass anyway. Bet id fuck him up. S9 champ right here
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-9-2018 1:53 am EST
no more heels allowed? the fuck. even if I mean everything I say I'm still allowed to dish it
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-9-2018 1:49 am EST
I've been trashing tng since last year, not sure why its not ok anymore. Just e-mail me at chris_hansen.datelinenbc@hotmail.com
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-8-2018 2:47 pm EST
Get chief to unban me pls, can't believe shit talking cap can get u banned
Kiki Demure
Camp Caribou
6-18-2018 5:37 pm EST
Hey I'm interested in getting back into this game and used to be in an alliance (mod with mr judo) I was wondering if you know any looking for someone I'll start a forum account because I can't remember it lol
Dublins Finest
3-27-2018 2:09 pm EST
That'd be great man, I've got alot of catching up to do
Dublins Finest
3-26-2018 10:30 pm EST
What's up dude?
Crom Team
3-20-2018 11:14 am EST
Thank you for the information and attention.
3-16-2018 12:11 am EST
Hi you left a message saying ask I need help so I through I would take you up on your kind offer, am I missing something with auto renew on the contracts as I always have it set at max and my guys keep going out of contract. Thanks in advance
2-20-2018 12:34 pm EST
No it said that my account isn't founded but I made one and every time I try to redo it says that my email has been used
2-19-2018 9:18 pm EST
hey I just realized how to use the site really and created me a forum account, but it won't let me login onto the forum page can you help me?
2-2-2018 10:19 am EST
What was the SFL forum website again? I don't have the address anymore.
Andrew Ryan
Striker INC
1-10-2018 2:19 pm EST
At least Bill stood a chance. Wish he could have made it to the top as he had a boulder for a chin.
10-6-2017 2:51 am EST
all fun , didn’t mean nothing by it down below ... and absolutely I am ! I’m on forums same username ^ as display... do I wait for an invite , or join myself ?
10-5-2017 7:35 am EST
Switching b1tch
8-23-2017 5:37 pm EST
Well I guess I'm perma banned. Thanks for having me in SFL, it was fun. Not sure if it's allowed but for this alliance event if you need my HW to fight someone just message me on here.
6-5-2017 10:12 pm EST
Thanks for nice words about Souza !
6-4-2017 6:12 pm EST
can you ask chief why I am banned now?
4-19-2017 3:31 pm EST
i am new just a friendly message, hopefully i will build a good camp thanks for the good luck!
4-19-2017 3:30 pm EST
i am new just a friendly message, hopefully i will build a good camp thanks for the good luck!
Rock Hard MMA
12-22-2016 4:24 pm EST
thanks man yeah he has a few more years in him im sure the rubber match will happen hopefully for the strap!
12-7-2016 6:16 pm EST
Thanks its been awhile since I last played, theres been allot of changes since then. Ive got a forum account but havent made any posts since I got back
12-7-2016 5:06 pm EST
I have a forum account but not a part of any alliance or anything. Was before when I played but the alliance folded.
12-2-2016 7:49 pm EST
http://mmarmy.boards.net/ - Sign Up Bro
Mister Judo
10-19-2016 7:50 pm EST
well done on syfl having all straps. that is an impressive feat!
Mister Judo
10-17-2016 7:04 am EST
i got some breaking news for u blim
9-23-2016 4:29 pm EST
Cheers...he does ok but a bit chinny
Teacher Retort
9-14-2016 8:15 am EST
Thanks Blim, I'm already on the forums though (CobheadJake). ;)
9-8-2015 4:11 am EST
Please stop killing my fighters they have families
8-13-2015 4:26 pm EST
Thanks Blim! It helped having two guys in contention. More frequent shots haha
8-8-2015 3:46 pm EST
Thanks I was just glad to see there's still a community supporting the game still..
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
6-17-2015 5:03 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
4-24-2015 12:36 am EST
thx! I'd definetely lose it this reset, I guess by retirement, haha
4-11-2015 6:13 pm EST
camps looking good bbz!
Coach Golden
Golden Gloves Gym
1-16-2015 6:25 am EST
Thanks, you too. Yes I am new to the game
Tap or Sleep
12-11-2014 5:30 pm EST
lol I got banned for adding onto you saying Chief voted for Dicknose in all the awards.
10-28-2014 4:26 pm EST
Thanks for the fights Blim!
10-23-2014 4:32 am EST
Owning my camp this reset with your HKK!
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
10-5-2014 4:17 pm EST
Heyyy man!!! Yeah hit me up! I'm on them forums now bro!
Boa Luta
10-2-2014 10:56 am EST
thanks for the advices ^^
Boa Luta
10-1-2014 3:16 pm EST
im new on this game, no, my camp inst in the forum
Sticky Green MMA
9-25-2014 8:53 am EST
good fights blim. you did well for being at such a stat disadvantage. On your way to becoming a great coach.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
8-25-2014 6:54 pm EST
I appreciate you understanding dude. I even looked at both wins you guys had. I think if both came out clearly ahead I would have leaned your way. I hate having to make those decisions, LOL.
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-23-2014 8:22 am EST
For now I leave flying subs and pull guard as secondary, just do not know if it would be the best option lets both subs so I came to ask
Mister Judo
8-23-2014 3:53 am EST
I was just teasing u because out two fights almost went word for word identical in the pbp. I thought that was neat
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-22-2014 1:46 pm EST
which the first and the second style you put this fighter? http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1104863
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-22-2014 1:30 pm EST
and thanks for the help, I'm trying to improve myself in the game already that my gym is not very good
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-22-2014 12:12 pm EST
friend, how many years until a fighter can reach retire? and starting at what age did you start putting your fighters to fight?
Glory Squad 100
8-21-2014 3:17 pm EST
It's fine! Thank you for the help, but what about the tournament thing? I don't understand how to do that.
Glory Squad 100
8-21-2014 11:33 am EST
Ight, Preciate it man!
Glory Squad 100
8-21-2014 10:37 am EST
It's been saying my account isn't approved all morning. What does that even mean? Lol
Glory Squad 100
8-21-2014 7:46 am EST
Yes, I am new. Lol, Thank you for the offer. I use the forums quite frequently anyways so it wont be a problem. Thank you!
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 11:50 am EST
I'm new here, first want some titles from small orgs and try maximum not let my negative cartel fighters, I am Brazilian, it is difficult to go on the forums if you have any to send me, I end up using the google translator does not speak English fluent, and believe I lost that fight because I put the wrong strategy
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 7:03 am EST
yes I'm new, do not understand much of the game yet, I agree to participate, but I want a rematch rsrs
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 6:23 am EST
I want an immediate rematch
Dixie MMA
8-11-2014 6:20 am EST
good fight! God i hate tito ortiz
Dixie MMA
8-11-2014 6:20 am EST