Bound By Honor

Last Online - Thursday 2nd of February 2023
Display Name Bound By Honor
Member Since May 27, 2010
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Overall Record 4079-4142


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1-3-2023 6:51 pm EST
lol ahut up... my guy was just tired abd decided to take a nap quickly.
9-21-2022 4:01 pm EST
Hey bud, I just came back recently. Good to see you!
7-30-2021 9:39 pm EST
Fat Camp
9-8-2020 8:51 pm EST
Hit me up if you need any style help. Welcome back
12-19-2017 11:48 am EST
Haha you'll have your day, give it a few days and you'll be smashing me!
BJ Dwinell
Team Birdman
5-25-2016 6:26 am EST
The shirt you have for your guys like what Redmond has
BJ Dwinell
Team Birdman
5-24-2016 6:48 pm EST
How'd ya get the shirts
5-16-2016 8:47 pm EST
well done on your first efc strap !!!
4-1-2016 10:12 am EST
Lol. It's pure fluke I swear! you'll figure it out and stomp my ass bro
3-29-2016 1:06 pm EST
Dope ratio bro
GNP 247
3-27-2016 12:55 pm EST
2-26-2016 9:59 am EST
Ya i know, now that im back im like shit i miss being with you jabronis lol
2-25-2016 9:36 pm EST
Shit i know the feeling,been playin somewhat consistent since 2011 and ive only won 5 efc titles and 2 with my sub n tug FC camp. Its fuckin hard, its crazy when i see people break off 20 efc title defenses. The styles i use suck i guess lol. U still in thc?
2-25-2016 5:19 am EST
Whats up man how you been?
Irelands Finest
Irish Sleep Squad
2-8-2016 6:07 pm EST
2-7-2016 11:21 pm EST
Sweet ratio eho
1-28-2016 10:35 pm EST
12-26-2015 8:42 pm EST
get active man thc needs you!
Itagaki Gym
10-31-2015 1:09 am EST
where is your gif from?
10-27-2015 10:38 am EST
I love thai boxing, nothing like seeing someone get their leg's chopped to bits lol. Good fights bro!
GNP 247
10-14-2015 1:11 pm EST
Crazy KO Camp
10-12-2015 9:10 pm EST
Gotcha man. I never check that type of stuff so thanks for the heads up.
10-2-2015 5:17 pm EST
Good round of stand up wars bro. Got me this time. Chok Dee!
Crazy KO Camp
10-2-2015 8:49 am EST
Absolutely man! Love your camp.
9-24-2015 5:58 pm EST
Thanks for the fights!
9-24-2015 10:58 am EST
Sorry man, Just now saw your comment.
9-24-2015 7:25 am EST
Good fights man! Starting to get some respectable stats together now. Good luck!
Coach Conlon
Path Of Warrior
9-21-2015 11:46 am EST
Hahaha, no problem man ! :)
9-19-2015 4:34 pm EST
no bbh you the man, you and this avitar ;)
9-19-2015 4:25 pm EST
New avatar is tits. Literally.
9-13-2015 12:51 am EST
I'll sandbag to fuck for alliance points. Afte that he's retired anyway.
9-8-2015 9:48 am EST
na just gave them some pukka bud :)
9-6-2015 12:35 pm EST
hell yeah, it's a keeper
9-2-2015 6:15 pm EST
I don't believe so, no. I've never used it for HKK. The guy that ko'd you had no speed at all.
9-2-2015 5:42 pm EST
It is stacked, he is built well. If you had the spars in speed spent in con he would be better.
Itagaki Gym
8-30-2015 10:30 am EST
yea, that guy's low weight makes him lose SDs all the time. thanks for the fights today!
8-5-2015 4:30 pm EST
Completely agree, lol
8-5-2015 4:13 am EST
Anytime dude. Smashed me good.
Miyata Gym
8-3-2015 7:57 pm EST
for sure, BBH. always a fucking war with you.
7-31-2015 12:37 am EST
You successfully defended two titles against me today. This is one badass camp.
Bound by Honor
Romanias Finest
7-28-2015 2:37 pm EST
one of the best GIFS - Outchea
6-12-2015 2:02 am EST
Camps looking good man.
6-1-2015 12:45 pm EST
thanks.you re a very good camp too.
5-29-2015 5:07 am EST
Always great fights bud!
5-7-2015 3:37 pm EST
anytime bro, always up for a good scrap.
4-23-2015 5:11 pm EST
come get it puss puss.
7-23-2013 6:49 pm EST
Just one of those days man, next time it will be the other way around. Good luck.
navy anchors
4-27-2011 3:26 pm EST
bro whats up
4-25-2011 3:36 pm EST
navy anchors
4-24-2011 10:20 am EST
4-5-2011 6:45 am EST
idk, all of my guys have good muy thai though
GNP 247
4-2-2011 5:51 pm EST
Check out my guy Shane Jackie Robinson. Look @ his organization!!! :)
3-27-2011 5:18 am EST
A fun camp to fight certainly! Yet I tend to lose to it...BUT MAYBE NEXT TIME!
GNP 247
2-14-2011 5:12 pm EST