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6-2-2023 9:08 am EST
Kyle "Estrogen Injection" Traut 167lbs #70 (31-24) became EFC champ one time in her career. She was only built to fight sway and slay and way of hand and foot, unfortunately neither of those styles can beat power locks, and everyone in the EFC at the time was a power lock fighter. Not fair!
8-6-2022 2:48 am EST
Kgabu Ngazitha 225lbs #7 (30-21) retired 6 time EFC LHW champ. A KO king with good defensive hiddens, it feels like a paltry haul. He wasn't the most active, and never really cemented a run at the top.
7-30-2022 2:12 pm EST
Charle Bhengu 201lbs #6 (31-16) became the second Leopard to grab the EFC MW title. For the first we have to go all the way back to Dante Scott in 2179 which was around 2010. Many thanks to Slymans for gifting the Leopard's the ability to recruit at specific weights. Bhengu himself was a good fighter who was often ducked. He never really got a good hold of the title.
7-7-2022 9:51 am EST
May 2874 Charle Bhengu wins the EFC MW - the first time the Leopard's have won this title since Dante Scott knocked out Vernon Hall in May 2179.
6-30-2022 10:58 am EST
Millie Miles 148lbs #1 (37-16) became The Leopard's 10th #1 fighter. She was a solid contender picking up 10 Strawweight titles. She wasn't that active, and her winning streak came out of nowhere after a mediocre start to her career. Unfortunately Olir was very busy during her peak resets making it hard for us to know exactly how good she was.
6-30-2022 10:54 am EST
Thys "Pride of Africa" Dubandlela 231lbs #12 (40-15) snatched 3 LHW titles in his career. Never really solidified his place at the top.
5-25-2022 2:36 pm EST
Banele Shinga 230lbs #4 (48-17) retired 13 time LHW champ, a division the Leopards have been under-represented within for many years. He suffered from a weak chin and the shots within the division were not always correctly allocated, both held him back.
5-24-2022 10:03 am EST
Cumina Bartlett 159lbs #1 (69-33) retired 28 times EFC WFLY champ and former #1, going on a crazy run towards the end of her long career. She is to this date top EFC belt holder of the Leopards. Sadly she didn't make the HoF despite a number of opportunities; her sub defence simply did not hold up despite style advantages. She wasn't the most blessed fighter but she knew how to dominate those put in front of her.
5-18-2022 11:57 am EST
Eilidh Du Plessis 142lbs #3 (58-32) was 18 time WSW champ. After picking up her first EFC strap in her 4th year, big things were expected. Even though 18 is a great haul for the Leopards, she retires with a sense of "What could have been?"
5-12-2022 3:12 pm EST
Jan 2865 The Leopards hold all 3 female belts. Ye Rin Hwang WBW. Cumina Bartlett WFLY. Eilidh Du Plessis WSW (and 1# female fighter)
4-29-2022 11:26 am EST
Sergio Rivera 229lbs #6 (30-15) captured 3 LHW titles in his career. He started off as a prospect but poor hiddens meant he was repurposed as a trainer. After many years it was decided he should pick up the gloves again, proving to be a wise decision.
4-10-2022 5:46 am EST
Beuran Galu 278lbs #13 (39-27) was 5 times EFC HW champ. He rose quickly to the top level but seemed to plateau in the middle part of his career, hanging in the EFC but suffering many losses. However in his 11th year he went on a tear and the division even began to duck him; he should have retired with the belt but Tin Kovacic of Turbo Toffees ducked him (Dec 2858).
4-6-2022 4:57 pm EST
Cool to see you using sway and slay and having success. That wasnt around when I played before. Keep it up!
3-12-2022 1:53 am EST
Kores "Blue Gloves" Shinga 188lbs #1 (56-21) was the latest #1 ranked Leopard and an ever-presence on the banner. He took home 23 EFC LW belts making him the most decorated Leopard to date. If he had been a bit more active hall of fame status was a certainty. Activity on this occasion was not all the fault of the Sassy Leopard's boss Olir; rather, despite a healthy division very few people were brave enough to accept shots, meaning "Blue Gloves" sat out far too many resets.
2-20-2022 8:46 am EST
Evie Smith 145lbs #4 (34-16) retired 8 time flyweight champ. She spent some time on the banner. She was the only fighter able to beat HoFer Sofia Wright consistently, she also embarrassed Touchbutt Style Kung Foo's "Shenzhen" Shun Jen (70-27) by knocking her clean out in four out of four fights.
1-8-2022 4:13 am EST
Nine hours into reset is not quick. I am not always up at 3 AM my time.
12-26-2021 1:33 am EST
My SR is a fake....
12-14-2021 10:54 am EST
Butho Ngazitha 176lbs #9 (20-11) retired at the 7 year minimum. Disappointing. But as he was an SR it was the easymode life. He picked up 3 FW EFC titles in his short career.
12-12-2021 4:04 am EST
Sthenjwa Nzama 277lbs #1 (56-25) retired as 17 time EFC HW champ. He becomes the 7th 1# PFP from the Leopards. Sthenjwa did his business quietly and efficiently, not making too much noise. A modest start to his career, he ramped things up towards the end.
12-12-2021 3:05 am EST
Wandile Nsizwakele 156lbs #1 (47-19) became the 6th #1 P4P fighter from the Leopards. He had decision hiddens all round, and used that to take 8 Bantamweight titles. He had a short and amusing rivalry with an Irishman named Ben Lemon. In Ben Lemon's last ever fight, Wand took the UD cementing himself as the immortal champion of Ben Lemon's record. You suck, Ben Lemon, you really do.
11-15-2021 2:21 am EST
http://mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=8091103&showresult=1 There's only One Ben Lemon
11-5-2021 10:45 am EST
If you looking for a comeback... you will have to scrape it off your mums teeth... :)
11-3-2021 9:19 am EST
Ben Lemon is fighting for EFC glory.......Badmans :)
11-3-2021 12:11 am EST
pmsl :) poor David is crying in the corner
Who Knew
11-1-2021 7:26 pm EST
Hey Olir, sign up for my event on the forums bro!
10-24-2021 8:12 am EST
Quinn Du Plessis 166lbs #1 (55-15) was a 20 time EFC champ, equally the greatest record held by the Leopard's Vuyo "Dr Life" Dimba. She could have easily been an HoF inductee but was often ducked, and was not able to fight every reset (except during her title reign) due to Olir's busy schedules. She was a permanent fixture on the banner even when she didn't hold the title; somehow she did all this with far from perfect hiddens. A true unrivalled great of her era.
10-24-2021 4:44 am EST
Fighters have feelings!
10-7-2021 9:02 am EST
:) don't make me slap you with a wet fish
9-13-2021 2:28 pm EST
Bora Kezilahabi 277lbs #14 (30-14) was a great fighter. Never finished, he took the EFC belt and NOBODY challenged him to the point he was stripped for inactivity! Sadly he was not that active himself. A hidden gem for legend fights.
8-6-2021 10:36 am EST
Kgabu "The Springbok" Nsizwakele 155lbs #5 (44-26) was a slow starter in a difficult field. KOed and Subbed early on he didn't look great to the uneducated observer. But the old camp master saw through those early setbacks and "The Springbok" duly went on to become 8 time champ. He was never subbed again and proved to have solid defensive hiddens all round. He would have won a lot more belts if the camp was more active.
Thrash Team
8-2-2021 8:38 pm EST
Lol love how you left that comment On my fighters page jeje if I get the chance I he’s gunna rematch your guy in the next league up
8-2-2021 1:41 pm EST
Nkosi "Africa First" Mashinini 279lbs #2 (60-19) was a really successful fighter over his 12 year reign. He was 13 time champ and retired with the belt. Sadly he was fighting during a time that the Leopards were not very active otherwise he would have been hall of fame guaranteed.
7-14-2021 10:49 am EST
Luphumlo Dubandlela 181lbs #1 (65-25) was the best in the world and he retired with the belt; he reigned at either #1 or thereabouts for 14 years although unfortunately the camp was relatively inactive during his time. Nevertheless he picked up 14 EFC title wins. His parting gift to MMArmy was cracking "Super Saiyan" Seong Kim's previously untouched chin, totally separating him from his senses with a roundhouse kick to the dome.
7-3-2021 9:00 am EST
Vuyo "Dr Life" Dimba 186lbs #1 (70-35) retired with the belt on a 10 fight streak at 12 years old; a constant on the banner, he was The Leopard's greatest champion with 20 LW EFC titles. He wasn't blessed with the best hiddens, however it didn't seem to matter, by the end no one could match him. He had a long standing rivalry with Erik "Dr Death" Stewart, a series he won 11-7, separating "Dr Death" from his senses 8 times.
5-15-2021 1:28 pm EST
Mya "The SA Variant" Bekker 139lbs #1 (49-23) sadly retired after 8 short years. She is the first female Leopard to make it to #1 P4P; and only the second Leopard to make it to #1 P4P, joining the Legendary Ony Antonov. She was an SR, so it was easy to tell she would become a great. Indeed, she picked up 6 EFC titles despite not having the best chin or sub defence. She was brutal with her opponents, becoming a rare Sway n Slay WoHaF 1# champ.
5-14-2021 4:01 am EST
Cameron Marais 166lbs #21 (67-45) was a promising recruit, shooting to 10-0 before being stopped by Amelia "Doesn't" Botha. She duly knocked Botha out a couple of resets later and things looked on track. She then became overshadowed by the better Botha sister (The Leopard's own Thea "Does" Botha) but after T Botha's shocking 7 year retirement, the focus fell to Cameron again. She lacked a chin, and the camp switched to TKD from box during her career. However, she still picked up 5 EFC ti
Mister Judo
4-25-2021 4:22 pm EST
She’s not even retired. Just forcibly so since she can’t stay conscious even in starting tier lol. She once looked pretty promising
4-10-2021 5:38 am EST
Thea "Does" Botha 166lbs #8 (49-24) retired at a shocking 7 years pro, MMarmy truly has been robbed of a dominant champion. She was a 6 time EFC WBW champ, and no one in her division was lookeing remotely as good as she was. She entered the EFC at 2 years old and had her first title by 4; only ever finished once, a loss she revenged by KO. She had a sister from the Judoka camp Amelia "Does" Botha, who she knocked out on no less than 5 out of the 5 occasions they met.
Mister Judo
4-10-2021 3:21 am EST
https://youtu.be/ccEPgW0QiFA?t=75 Amelia's heart felt message to her retired sister
4-5-2021 5:17 am EST
"Ave" Maria Lee 156lbs #4 (86-48) retired after 13 strong years. One of the first Leopard's 4th gen recruits she started out at 135 with no trainers helping her. She made it quickly to the EFC where she was denied by the judges in a BS decision. She dropped to 125 and went on to win the title 18 times spending a reset on the banner. She KOed many, but was denied titles by BS judging decisions 15 times! Including a shocking 8 title decisions to the privileged Nth gen Roos "Death" Sneijer.
3-31-2021 9:21 am EST
Charl "Shaka" Mguni 270lbs #24 (65-46) was one of the first fighters recruited in the Leopard's 4th reboot. He rose to the EFC with no fancy 4*+ trainers to help him. However, he found it difficult and was knocked back down. However the coach kept his faith, and Charl made a 2nd run in the EFC, this time capturing 1 time EFC gold, starching the rarest of beasts - an MMartist champ. He also decisioned a rotten Tier 1 SR to boot in a regular fight.
Heart FC
3-25-2021 7:51 am EST
Thanks. Yea you will get yourself banned before you can convince the old boys club of anything. Apparently its a permanent ban but with no reasoning.
3-24-2021 2:44 pm EST
Runjozzi "Madiba" Ndosi 200lbs #204(42-39)(11 yrs) retired as EFC WW champ, taking back the belt Faddei Orlov first claimed for the Leopards by knocking his opponent out COLD. That all sounds pretty good - but Runjozzi did this in the last reset of his career. He had never fought for the EFC title before. He probably could have if he was fighting at the right weight - he fought most of his career at MW where he never really had much success. But when he dropped down, the belt soon followed.
Heart FC
3-23-2021 9:46 am EST
I'm trying to ask Chief why I am banned. Foul is ignoring me so not much else I can do.
Heart FC
3-20-2021 9:12 am EST
I know what "they" are talking about but that was months ago. Also all a conspiracy. Seems like an excuse.
Heart FC
3-20-2021 7:31 am EST
How could I make people quit?
Gi All Stars
3-19-2021 2:14 pm EST
lol dont worry the baldies are coming out to play you will be seeing them soon fella
Gi All Stars
3-19-2021 12:24 am EST
hahhahahaa why ?? and i actually have a bald fella in my camp atm
Heart FC
3-16-2021 2:49 pm EST
Thanks man. I hope they will let me back eventually.
Heart FC
3-13-2021 7:36 am EST
Do you know why I was banned?
Heart FC
3-10-2021 4:05 pm EST
Yea I'm ok man. Me and Judo have a nice back and forth going but he gets a little weird sometimes.
2-17-2021 4:15 pm EST
LOLs heading to the LFC now
2-14-2021 12:54 pm EST
LEGEND FIGHTING UPDATE: It was widely acknowledged at the end of his 2nd EFC HW title run Silibele Dlamini 258lbs #3 (70-42) was robbed by the judges, who gave a controversial nod to Heart FC fighter Cody Kenney. The Leopards set up this legend fight to put that result right. In the third round, Silibele sunk in a guillotine choke; Kenny duly cried uncle, thus proving the run should have continued.
1-27-2021 1:00 pm EST
Thanks, that would be awesome!
1-26-2021 6:07 pm EST
easy when I have no clue what I am doing. atm I am throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks
1-18-2021 1:08 pm EST
two fighters in the top prospects list atm olir, nice!
1-18-2021 12:56 am EST
your write-ups are amazing to read, please post some on the forums too! cheers
1-27-2019 1:12 am EST
Maya Ferreira 173lbs #17 (29-12) entered the EFC almost straight away and stayed a top competitor throughout. She earned her first EFC belt during her 11th year, TWICE beating a rotten top tier SR who had 25 EFC title wins. She went on to defend it 4 times including beating another SR in the run before sadly retiring young, as champion. The SRs no doubt will pick the title up again now she's gone. They can count themselves lucky.
1-19-2019 9:11 am EST
Kores "Kwazulu Natal" Naidoo 274lbs #8 (61-29) was the baddest man on the planet for 3 resets. He had a solid chin, never KO'd - and great sub defense, only a couple of sub losses early in his career. However he wasn't much of a finisher himself. It's a shame he didn't manage a longer run at the top.
12-8-2018 9:40 am EST
Lourdes Figueroa 149lbs #143 (33-27) was the first ever Women's flyweight champ at the leopards with one solitary win. She was tough but never really cemented her place at the top.
12-3-2018 1:57 pm EST
Caitlin Louw 142lbs #7 (56-40) like so many female fighters, had to fight the first half of her career in a division plagued with SRs. Notably she became one of the few genuine fighters to beat one of these SRs in an EFC title fight. Once the SRs to clear Caitlin began picked up the belt once again and tore to a total of 15 title defenses. The Sassy Leopard's best so far. Disgracefully, many people refused to fight her, and her ranking never made it past #7p4p, although she was #1 female.
11-27-2018 3:44 pm EST
Silibele Dlamini 258lbs #3 (70-42) retired the Leopard's most decorated champion. He had two long streaks as EFC HW champ, sadly he couldn't put together a third run in the back end of his career, given what we knew he was capable of that is a great shame. It's criminal he was only ever rated #3 in the world.
11-7-2018 11:02 am EST
Denford "African Strangler" Nkundlande 152lbs #11 (70-52) had a long an distinguished career. He won the belt 7 times and retired on a 5 fight title streak. He entered the EFC at a very young age at a heavier weight than he could make. He wasn't the most gifted of fighters in terms of hiddens, but through careful sparring and a clever style switches he retires one of the Leopard's best fighters to date.
11-6-2018 10:45 am EST
Caitlin Nel 146lbs #132 (32-26) picked up the women's Bantamweight title once in a division plagued by an SR champ (who beat her in 4 title fights and more non-title fights...). She dropped down to FLY but had no luck there.
10-7-2018 4:32 am EST
Caitlin Traut 145lbs #27 (42-30) Fighting hard in a division rotting under an SR, from the first to the very last; she was able to become the first ever South African to bag the women's Straweight division, twice, including a win over said SR. That's a moral victory over all SRs in MMArmy.
10-7-2018 4:29 am EST
Sarah "Slam Pig" Smith 166lbs #60 (48-29) was the first Leopard and first South African to capture the women's featherweight division.
9-22-2018 9:42 am EST
Clonge Nnamani 219lbs #29 (40-33). Won the LHW strap once during his long career. He was a tough guy who worked his way to several shots during a long EFC stint, however there were one or two of his peers who simply had his number.
6-6-2018 6:18 am EST
Are you in an alliance? If not would you be interested in joining DBA?
6-1-2018 10:29 am EST
Patrique Kiaku 127lbs #107 (32-26) was not an impressive fighter by any means, she didn't rise particularly high in the rankings. However she did manage to capture the women's atom weight title, becoming the first ever known female champ from the Congo.
4-22-2018 10:46 am EST
Mabel "Rockin" Rojas 128lbs #4 (64-30) was the first female fighter recruited by The Leopards. The Uruguayan was also one of the first female SRs in the world. Despite this she wasn't blessed with defensive hiddens, however that didn't stop her snapping up 5 EFC titles, and becoming 1st #1 female ranked fighter/champ for the Leopards. Her original nickname was meant to be "She's The Bomb" in reference to the Goldfinger song. But it was changed as nicknames don't allow a ' character.
3-17-2018 8:42 am EST
Isaki Shenge 177lbs #30 (43-27) didn't rise up the p4p rankings too far in his long career. He also never managed to finish a single fighter. However that didn't stop him winning 5 EFC title fights and staying relevant in his division for years. He goes down as one of the most successful Leopards to date in terms of top tier title wins.
2-5-2018 10:50 am EST
Khosi "Africanized Bee" Ntshangase 151lbs #5 (53-22) had an interesting career. He amassed a huge winning record with a lot of title defenses. This was mainly due to the tier system switching when he was in ABC. However, he was a prolific winner no matter the division, including the EFC where he had a long title reign.
2-2-2018 10:18 am EST
Wihann "W Summon" Bekker 271lbs #16 (48-28) Had a long career with the Leopards that saw him NEVER lose a fight via stoppage. That said, he stopped few people himself. He was a perennial contender, but winning streaks alluded him, only managing one title shot, which he won. He made 16th in the world, and was a nightmare match up for anyone.
12-22-2017 7:19 am EST
Welcome to The Sassy Leopards. South Africa's First and Best MMArmy Organization.
12-18-2017 8:49 am EST
Simphiwe "Indonesia SUCKS" Biyela 157lbs #7 (56-39) was a ferocious fighter in the lower orgs, barely picking up a loss until PREL. He didn't take long to make it to the EFC where he picked up the EFC title and defended it once. After relinquishing the belt Biyela stayed at the top of the division for the rest of his career, but rarely fought. Even missing out on multiple earned title shots. Shortly before retiring in his 13th year, he picked up another EFC title and defended it once again.
11-24-2017 10:06 am EST
If Biyela fights and wins he is up next for a shot at EFC FW. My the MMArmy pixel gawds be with us. Let's go for a finish.
11-11-2017 9:00 am EST
Luthando Naidoo 180lbs #11(50-38)worked his way up to the EFC without setting the world on fire. But when he got there he proved extremely difficult to beat. Only subbed once, in an EFC title fight, the story of his career was his staggering 5 runs at the EFC title without winning the belt. But thankfully, two months before retirement he did capture the gold, this time in an auto challenge! He was one of South Africa's greatest ever.
10-1-2017 9:23 am EST
Cardel "Spirit of Kimbo" Sokwalisa 151lbs #10 (55-35) fought for a long time in second gear. He rose to the 2nd tier TWICE in his career before getting knocked back down to the bottom with poor performances. After his 3rd spell in the beer leagues, he went on a long streak. Including a long streak as ABC champ, the division that hunted him in his early career. Cardel's career went into its 15th year where he captured the first EFC gold for the Leopard's third reboot, and retired as 3 time c
10-1-2017 9:17 am EST
Chigbata "HIV Positive" Okiro 180lbs #42 (59-36) was a prolific Leopard, who went on long unbeaten runs in the lower org. He also had a penchant for strangling people despite fighting with exclusively striking styles. Okire dominated in the EFC owning a huge positive record, but seemingly unfairly, despite 4 EFC title fights "HIV Positive" was never given the nod in a decision. He retired after a short 11 year career.
9-17-2017 6:15 am EST
Quack Quack vvv
9-16-2017 12:29 pm EST
duck who? wtf you talking about fool I fight anybody
8-29-2017 2:36 pm EST
Wade "Always Unconscious" Naidoo 232lbs #17 (30-15) Flashback to Wade, he became the first EVER SA champion in MMARMY history. He had trouble staying conscious, but that didn't stop him taking the belt.
8-19-2017 7:11 am EST
Lungelo "Zulu Slayer" Naidoo 165lbs #20 (53-38) was The Sassy's Leopard's first special recruit. He savagely tore his way through the lower orgs, barely being beaten. The EFC proved harder, where almost all his losses come from. Not surprising given he was light for his weight. He was unlucky not to pick up his title in the EFC. He knocked many former title holders into unconscious spasming wrecks. However, in his 3 title opportunities he came up short.
Flying Armbars
2-14-2016 12:41 pm EST
Mr. Huck! I sent u a message on the forums!
Sambo Bear
Oskol Shooters
1-9-2016 3:59 pm EST
Thanks for the Marais-Poskus challenge, and good fight. Seems like those two will be matching up again in the future. Peace, brother.
3-10-2015 1:59 pm EST
Hey man. Sent you a PM on the forum, alliance event going on if you want in.
3-7-2015 2:23 pm EST
Grande "The Fascist" Assuncao was an extremely tough fighter. He proved extremely difficult to finish, although he wasn't too brilliant at finishing fighters himself. Nevertheless he picked up 5 EFC title wins, crippling former champions and challengers alike. He was nicknamed "The Fascist" by Olir, because the old Camp master mistakenly thought he was Spanish for his entire career. He was actually Brazilian.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
1-10-2015 2:41 pm EST
I guess your joke was funnier for you, at least I hope
11-27-2014 5:12 pm EST
Lol yeah I see that, but he is still solid. Just unfortunately fragile in the chin. But I see now your camp is the shit
10-4-2014 3:24 pm EST
I took a hiatus, sorry. it wasn't something one would plan
9-27-2014 7:43 am EST
Trey "The Abortionist" McConomy 68-31 started off his MMarmy career simply unable to lose. He picked up every single belt in every single division, including becoming the first leopard to win the LW EFC. The EFC proved to be fairly tough on Trey, but he did manage to make several runs at the belt, winning it one further time. He was the first EFC belt winner from the South African era of the Sassy Leopards, although he was a proud Englishman.
8-18-2014 2:31 pm EST
56-27 Emel "The Atheist" Lopez looked great as a new recruit, at full weight and sub defense he was destined to be the baddest man on the planet. Indeed he retired a 3 time EFC champ. Sadly his career only lasted 9 years, stopping just at the point they couldn't keep him off the title. He reached a peak of #3 fighter in the world.
8-3-2014 9:04 am EST
November 2391 Bryce "the anti monarchist" Nelson takes the first ever title back to South Africa in the history of mmarmy. He won a decision over Team Tittytwist fighter Frank Morin.
8-3-2014 1:53 am EST
The first fight in their new South African home, TOM ROSS Knocks Mitsuo Hyata of the dekabase camp out cold in the second round.
8-2-2014 3:59 pm EST
September 2391: the Sassy Leopards moves to South Africa from the UK. Camp chief Olir states "a refreshment of the brand" as the driving force behind the change. Oh and the "unprecedented amount of Russians we were getting". A new era begins!
Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
7-30-2014 8:15 pm EST
He's a trainer because he doesn't make the weight...
7-27-2014 2:43 pm EST
Lucas is all about violence...domestic or imported, either way.
7-14-2014 2:10 pm EST
Sid "Cambridge" Colon was a prolific fighter for the Sassy Leopards. Sadly he lacked a chin and heart, but he had dynamite in his fists which promised exciting fights. He made his way into the EFC but largely the hiddens in the division were a bit too much for him.
6-19-2014 2:33 pm EST
Ony "Oh UEA" Antonov was the 3rd Sassy Leopard to capture EFC gold. He picked up Faddei Orlov's strap after beating his nemesis Steve "The Pain Reaper" Parker (flying armbars) by unanimous decision (of whom he fought 5 times, winning 3-2). Ony went on to become the first Sassy Leopard to defend the belt, going on to win a to win a total of 9 EFC title bouts and earning him the Sassy Leopard's only #1 p4p rank.
6-13-2014 5:54 am EST
Vincent "blowjob" Twitty was the first member of the Sassy Leopards reboot. He sat his first two resets with no one to spar with. Nevertheless he went on to have a hugely successful career beating the privileged nth generation fighters of the vets over and over. He even fought for the efc strap on two occasions.
Spartan Inc
6-7-2014 4:40 pm EST
Now fight me for the lotc belt , challenge is sent buddyboy
Cali Cal
Cal Dynasty
6-7-2014 10:17 am EST
My bad , didnt know you weren't online . Good fight, but I have another fighter in the top 10 that I know you cant beat. Even with that OP fighter
Cali Cal
Cal Dynasty
6-7-2014 8:01 am EST
Stop ducking me , fight me for the cages belt you ducker
Fat Camp
5-30-2014 1:49 pm EST
you know you can set the auto so it that never happens.
5-18-2014 11:31 am EST
BRUCE "Strawberry Blonde" PETERSON was the 4th recruit of the Sassy Leopard's reboot. With no trainers to teach him, he made it to 31st in the world p4p rankings, knocking out many fighters with years of built up privilege behind them. Sadly after 8 short years he called it quits, with a highlight reel KO, his only win in his short EFC stint, as his swansong. A poor chin and little submission defense, he was cursed with very bad hiddens. Never the less he amassed an impressive 45-25 record
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
10-15-2011 4:54 am EST
not got a lot of times these days 90% of my fights are challenges so tell me who a ducked n then challenge and al fight you lol
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
10-15-2011 4:53 am EST
ducked who? a dont challenge a accept so if youv challenged me av accepted, so who did i duck lol?
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
8-9-2011 4:49 am EST
how about you just decline and stop bein a wee BITCH, I challenge people I see online, dont like it then decline kid
8-8-2011 8:45 am EST
i didnt send you a crush i sent out fights to everyone not just you dont flatter yourself
scott cooley
4-23-2011 8:13 am EST
dude whats going on??? i miss you
Mister Judo
4-6-2011 2:30 pm EST
olir? r u alive?
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
3-21-2011 3:44 pm EST
Yo, check out your alliance camp fighter lol.
3-3-2011 6:33 am EST
What style should I watch out for? I know ippon is great against hkk so what style should I use when I come across a judo fighter thx for the help
3-3-2011 5:50 am EST
Hi I see u have alot of experience on hkk can u pls take a look at my camp and see how it's coming along and if I am making any mistakes pls thx
scott cooley
2-22-2011 3:35 pm EST
hey man i need you to check out our forum. please. do me that favor.
2-17-2011 4:34 am EST
Come on olir giv me a shot at Hayes in b.o.b my fighter is Becker
2-16-2011 4:14 pm EST
No problem. Impressive win. First guy to KO me.
2-10-2011 8:21 am EST
DANTE 'The Public Schoolboy' SCOTT became the second ever Sassy Leopard to capture EFC gold. He also went 13-6 inside the EFC, an impressive record for the game's toughest org considering the relative newness of the Sassy Leopards. He reached #12 in the world, all this with a shot-chin and questionable submission defence. Dante Scott is a true winner.
2-5-2011 9:39 am EST
May 2179 DANTE 'The Public Schoolboy' SCOTT's shin bone flies through the air and smacks nine time EFC champion Vernon Hall on the jaw. As Vernon crumples to the mat twitching unconscious, DANTE SCOTT becomes the second ever Sassy Leopard to be crowned an EFC champion.
scott cooley
2-3-2011 5:11 pm EST
read the thread and send me some fighters to my tourney....
Flying Armbars
2-2-2011 8:12 am EST
i think hes adding u know u should be able to join the group very soon welcome to the team!
Flying Armbars
2-1-2011 6:25 pm EST
beast is finally back so and everyones voted yes so i think he'll add u soon il confirm an get back to ya
Flying Armbars
1-25-2011 2:00 pm EST
everyones voted to have u in rebirth but east mode has vanished and he has the mod powers :S
scott cooley
1-20-2011 7:43 pm EST
contact beast mode and i will bring you up in the recruiting thread. okay?
1-18-2011 8:48 am EST
HIROAKI INOKUMA was originally just a muay thai trainer for the Sassy Leopards, becoming the first to reach 4.25 stars. However his knack of knocking his opponents unconscious fast positioned him as the camp's no.1 guy at the time. Hiroaki went on a rampage of belts, destroyed several opponents in the EFC before becoming the 4th Leopard to fight for the title. Unfortunately he lost the fight and soon after retired. p4p 19
Flying Armbars
1-12-2011 3:08 pm EST
lol will do
scott cooley
1-11-2011 5:55 pm EST
dude you ought to come on over to rebirth. we could use your imagination and storytelling...hit me back!
Flying Armbars
1-10-2011 7:01 pm EST
how about rebirth? interested?
Flying Armbars
1-10-2011 7:01 pm EST
how about rebirth? interested?
1-10-2011 9:21 am EST
LEGEND FIGHTING UPDATE: In his EFC glory days Faddei Orlov won the WW title. He lost it in his first defence against against Groundhogs stand out Reggie Nelson via UD. Later in their careers Faddei would challenge Reggie Nelson again for the title only for the groundhogs to pass him over for easier competition. Indeed, Reggie went on to be the #1 p4p for a long time. To put things right the groundhogs arranged a legend fight with Faddei - Orlov took home a SD proving he would have toppled Reggie
1-10-2011 9:17 am EST
LEGEND FIGHTING UPDATE: The Sassy Leopards held a two-fight series between stand-out fighters Masayo "Black Japanese Guy" Okubo and Faddei Orlov. The series saw the senior Orlov vs his sparring pupil Okubo end with two split decisions each going one way. There is nothing in between these guys. Maybe one day we shall see a rubber match. Fellow #4 p4p fighter and Sassy Leopard Standout Milo Davis was next to challenge Faddei, but the far younger Davis was knocked unconscious in the third round.
Flying Armbars
1-9-2011 3:23 pm EST
hey r y in an alliance?
Muhammed Jihad
Ah Durka Durka
1-3-2011 6:06 pm EST
you camp rubbish
12-28-2010 8:44 am EST
PATRICK WILSON peaked at a modest #24 in the p4p rankings. He had a shot for the EFC title in which he lost via a narrow SD against he #1 p4p fighter. Later in his career he would go on to knock that fighter unconscious although sadly not for the title. He was never submitted, a significant sassy leopard has never achieved this before. He was only ever finished once.
12-9-2010 10:55 am EST
CHUCK REINHOLD was ranked #29 and only in addiction before he chose to retire. He had only lost 5 tilts and was destined for EFC success. It is a great shame he retired so early.
11-22-2010 7:50 am EST
MILO DAVIS went on a 22 fight win streak through the lower orgs, he won many different belts including a dominant reign as GLORY champ. He entered the EFC and managed to take the position as 4th P4P in the world. He worked hard during the spell earning a title shot which he unfortunately lost via UD to a style-crush champion.
Cyborg Crush
11-9-2010 7:37 am EST
you asked "8pts with no muay thai?" i have had some success in the past if the martial arts are high enough to run 8pts without MT, but in general it is a bad idea. this guy was mostly my test high kick guy
10-3-2010 1:40 pm EST
MASAYO "Black Japanese Guy" Okubo held belts in three different orgs, including A1. He was a KO king, reaching the top award of the hidden stat. He, like Faddei Orlov, was able to go up to 185 and KO people in that division too. He had a great record of 48-24. A true great from the Sassy Leopards. It is a shame he retired just before his run in the EFC kicked off.
9-21-2010 3:46 am EST
MASATO HISAMATSU reached number 15 in the world pound for pound list. He picked up the GLORY LHW title and finished with a strong positive record of 38 - 16. He was never knocked unconscious. Sadly he never reached the EFC.
9-19-2010 3:47 am EST
FADDEI ORLOV reached number 4 in the pound for pound rankings when he captured the EFC WW title. Faddei was the first Sassy Leopard to capture the greatest gold in the game. Not only this but he captured the GLORY title in two different weight classes! He was an excellent coach and fighter (he finished with over 60 wins and under 30 losses) and will be sorely missed.
8-30-2010 9:33 am EST
TRA "La La" BUTLER fininshed his career wearing the Addiction belt, and entered the top 200 pound for pound fighters in the world, despite never entering the top three tiers. If he had extended his career beyond the minimum 7 game years, he was no doubt destined for greatness. . He will be fondly remembered for knocking out his rival Chael "ring your" Bell, the first man ever to do so. He went on to win 2-1 overall in a trilogy of fights with the "Canadian Bruisers" fighter.
8-18-2010 3:12 pm EST
CARL COLEMAN retired with a record of 40-19, he had a steel chin, and to this date is the highest Sassy Leopard on the p4p best rankings. It is a shame he retired after only 9 years as a run in the higher orgs was waiting around the corner.
8-12-2010 7:24 am EST
YURIK BELOV went 41-20 but left the Sassy Leopards after only 9 years, so he never reached beyond A1. We won two minor titles and was known to be the first Leopard to have submission defence. He knocked out many-a jiu jitsu player in his time.
8-10-2010 5:29 am EST
BART RUSSELL had a steel chin and finished his career with a good positive record. he had a long streak as delerium champ as several Sassy Leopards have done before him. He made it to the EFC on the last fight of his career, which he lost via UD.
Hallzy Squad
Canadian Bruisers
8-3-2010 7:22 pm EST
Alliances are like a lil family on the forums and in game. They can help you a lot if you need it, Cool people you get to know, what i like is you can share what titles you have just won and its like winning it for the alliance. I can talk to the head guy and see what I can do, you got a great record and good fighers!!
Brenden McMillan
8-3-2010 1:25 am EST
What legend fight are we talking about mate?
Hallzy Squad
Canadian Bruisers
8-2-2010 5:39 am EST
Hey Dude I was just wondering if your on the Forums and apart of an alliance?
8-2-2010 3:54 am EST
KOJI SIAGYO was the first Sassy Leopard to reach 4 star Muay Thai. He boasted a strong positive record although he trailed off towards the end of his career.
7-31-2010 5:59 am EST
JAMES ROGERS was the first fighter from the Sassy Leopards to enter the EFC. He won LOTC and the WCA titles before picking up the GLORY belt, the best belt the Sassy Leopards have had to this date. He was a well rounded fighter, but he struggled to get out of the bottom half of the EFC.
7-30-2010 1:03 am EST
NOAH COLLINS started his career by going 15-2, but the higher orgs proved difficult on his chin and his heart. He had a strong run as the delirium champ and dabbled in pride and strikefest, finishing with a good positive record.
7-28-2010 2:04 pm EST
LIMA CUNHA Became the second ever fighter to grace the EFC from the Sassy Leopards, although he did not stay there long. At one point in his career he boasted a 12 fight win streak. He won the UFL WW championship and had a steel chin
7-19-2010 8:18 pm EST
Excellent camp name...
6-3-2010 5:35 pm EST
Venom Milkshake
The Viper Collective
4-23-2010 8:02 pm EST
Love the name of your camp!