Newport Wreckin Crew

Last Online - Friday 13th of October 2023
Display Name B33RM0N5T3R
Member Since Feb 8, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 5749-4753


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12-22-2020 11:07 pm EST
Beer "Suck my Balls, Trainer " :)
6-25-2015 9:53 am EST
Good to have you back, my favourite sheepshagger! ;)
3-21-2014 10:43 am EST
I hadn't realised he was off a loss lol me bad
Murder Muay Thai
3-19-2014 10:27 pm EST
No I've not signed up. I figure any question I may have has already been asked.
Booker Is King
Kings of LS
3-6-2014 1:36 am EST
Cmon dude accept the fight already
3-5-2014 10:17 am EST
what happened to WDOA?
2-10-2014 10:22 am EST
good man, look forward to fighting your guys!
2-9-2014 10:17 am EST
good to see you back :)
2-5-2014 5:23 am EST
I thought you quit? If you are active can you please put your best fighter in my Best of the best tourney.
11-21-2013 11:49 am EST
Wait so i have to fight him again?
Team Riff Raff
11-2-2013 4:14 am EST
Thanks for accepting none of my fights dodger. 👍
Phillip Baroni
Bad Dudes R Us
10-15-2013 2:48 pm EST
Yo whassup bruh? Long time no see! Ima need you to turn in some bad dudes for me. I need yo bad dudes.
10-3-2013 11:37 am EST
? How so?
9-11-2013 9:18 am EST
Hey you said something about WDoA. What is this alliance and when did you invite me to the forums.
8-28-2013 4:16 am EST
Sorry, I don't give title shots to Wdoa members. As long as there are cheaters in that MMArmy group, none of those members will get title shots.
8-2-2013 12:19 pm EST
Nice one bro..stomped me good.
Thai master
Thai Elites
7-20-2013 5:35 am EST
Okay were did you post it, i come through every 2 days i didnt see anynew posts
7-9-2013 12:26 pm EST
no worries, i'll have to check in and see when the next event is...
6-19-2013 12:47 pm EST
I gotta question maybe you could answer? Why are so many leagues abandoned? And how do you think you could get people to sign with some of them? Weird question I know but its a good one right!
6-14-2013 8:53 am EST
You the badman!!! Early reports on the BBC is that a welsh man was caught shagging sheep, dear oh dear beer. :)
6-11-2013 11:28 am EST
sent the message mate :)
6-8-2013 2:25 pm EST
Cool mate kind of forgot my old log in if I make a new one hook me up again ??
6-7-2013 9:46 pm EST
5-28-2013 2:32 pm EST
haha sorry man, I went on a road trip with some friends and couldn't get wifi anywhere. I was worried I'd come back and everyone would retire haha
l n3wm4n l
Cymry Warriors
5-21-2013 5:17 am EST
check your fighter Garret Nelson
The White Tigers
11-24-2012 5:15 am EST
No I'm not in an alliance because that would mean that I have to go on the forums and I don't really have time for it. :P
11-19-2012 4:09 am EST
yea it is this new camp of mine will only be Hkk
11-18-2012 2:36 pm EST
Yea bro I love PtP and atm I'm building a Kickboxing camp for the past month have not had one fight but will be awsome stats are already around 3.25
11-6-2012 5:29 am EST
Cheers bro, good to be back. lets start the rebuilding process
10-26-2012 7:19 am EST
thanks man, i have a few solid fighters and i am starting to be a bit more patient with my fighters and not taking the first person who challanges me...
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
10-25-2012 2:31 pm EST
I picked him because your last 2 wins were over guys ranked near the bottom of the EFC division, his last 2 wins were over guys ranked near the top of the EFC division, that was my reasoning.
10-21-2012 5:04 pm EST
hey buddy i have been very busy recently but i am a little less busy and will contribute more to WDoA
10-15-2012 11:53 pm EST
yea bro will do it now :)
Shinto ryu
10-4-2012 9:31 am EST
lol alright then..
9-23-2012 4:57 pm EST
ill r bro i havent had the time to get on and play recently
9-19-2012 12:21 pm EST
Ok mate, usually send them around 8am as thats the only time i get online in the morning
9-18-2012 10:50 pm EST
Sent you some fights bud, we seem to be the only guys online lol, good luck!
9-17-2012 11:40 am EST
smug git!!!!
gate master
push off me
9-15-2012 11:36 am EST
One More Time
9-12-2012 1:19 pm EST
Trust you to beat me in the final :) New project killing all your fighters, and read art of war
8-28-2012 9:16 am EST
Yeah bro!! I'd like to join the WDoA alliance!
8-24-2012 1:04 pm EST
Hey Beer, thanks for the welcome back. :) Yeah, I'd like to come back into the WDoA. :D
Godfather of RnR
Pain Bros
8-22-2012 11:36 pm EST
Thanks for the welcome, I am only running this camp.
8-22-2012 2:10 pm EST
Just saw it now, I ain`t new to the game, this is my second camp, but the first is not that good.
8-20-2012 8:01 pm EST
You betta recognize! ;)
8-18-2012 9:23 pm EST
What exactly is the point of alliances on this site?
8-17-2012 6:10 pm EST
Sorry, didn't mean to offend. I just got the wrong impression because you kept showing up online.
St Michael Jiu Jitsu
Archangel Fight team
8-1-2012 4:50 pm EST
It's cool, I was just trolling a little. You're guy would probably have knocked mine out anyway
7-30-2012 4:14 am EST
do not mess with Roland rat superstar, especially if you are Kevin the gerbil, and you know where he was from lol
Fat Camp
7-24-2012 7:18 am EST
Yea, a couple days ago I started training these guys again. Figure I can probably keep one camp going although still not sending out challange's yet.
Pork Hunt
7-16-2012 9:54 pm EST
I have sighned up on the forums. You can contact me on Pork Hunt. Is this what you need?
Pork Hunt
7-13-2012 8:23 pm EST
Hi there. You contacted me a while ago about joining. I am active and I do have questions on the game so I guess I could use your assistance and get more out of MMArmy. Where to from here. Talk to you soon, omnigath....
7-13-2012 5:19 am EST
sign me up bro! :)
7-13-2012 4:35 am EST
i never did much with the whole alliance thing so i'm not sure what i would add to yours. besides, i'm currently rebuilding my camp and my fighters are the worst right now :)
7-11-2012 11:17 am EST
just quit TTT....
7-11-2012 8:21 am EST
my arch nemesis... how are you doing old friend :) yeah, i've been away for a while. didn't find the time to play the game so i retired everyone and i quit the game for a few months. i'm back now :) don't know if i'm in an alliance anymore.
7-9-2012 11:30 am EST
Forum just told me "This user is over their Private Topic limit." :D My name in the forums is "Furyous", just like the camp.
7-9-2012 12:06 am EST
I would really like to join your alliance. I do plan to stick around and get my camp going again and with an alliance it would be so much easier...
6-29-2012 1:05 am EST
good efort mate beating dick moore but my oher guy gotya cheers mate for sure will deff do it again :)
6-23-2012 10:34 am EST
i will try and pop in as soon as i can, married life is good and busy thanks for asking. got a new dog a few weeks ago and bought a new suv the other day. lol getting domesticated as shit! lol
6-22-2012 4:00 pm EST
Fallen out with a lot of self rigtheous assholes! Namely Mr. Wunderful, Hatchet, people like that. People that like to put a twist or a spin on things. lol. Will be in the cage with you soon.
6-22-2012 4:08 am EST
Since I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks or says anymore. "Champions Choice", as long as in top ten...they are eligable. Nice to see you B-man. Hope all is well.
Substance Users
6-21-2012 4:21 pm EST
Cheers mate, challenging for the LOTC title next.
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
6-16-2012 2:51 pm EST
Thanks mate, good fight. And yeah for sure I'll got a lot stuff to arrange but will be now and then
6-8-2012 4:18 pm EST
The same who always been running it, Prince Hector. lol, hope we have more great battles in the future.
Dublins Finest
5-23-2012 2:31 am EST
Yeah im definitely coming outta retirement lol. I'm up to join if you amd the mates want me
Vince Lynch
5-18-2012 8:26 am EST
My alliance has been ranked #1 highest winning percentage since the game began. Gave up the spot for a month here and there, but pretty much been #1 for 3+ years.
Vince Lynch
5-18-2012 8:26 am EST
Yeah it's pretty damn slow, good game, just way too slow for my liking. Still - a lot more involved with MMATycoon, then this. Manager Name: Chris Karter Alliance: Convicted Inc Was in the top 10 consistantly for a long time, but haven't really been into it for a few months now so been losing fights I should be winning. Don't really care though, just a game.
Vince Lynch
5-17-2012 5:12 pm EST
Ever heard of MMATycoon?
Vince Lynch
5-17-2012 1:31 pm EST
I've been less and less active lately.
Pork Hunt
5-17-2012 12:35 pm EST
Hi there. You signed my fighters page and asked me about alliance. No I am not in with anybody. What is the story with an alliance and what do you offer and what do you want me to do for it....
Free Flow
Like Water
5-12-2012 11:49 am EST
He wasn't even the #1 contender. don't talk about stuff you have no clue about
5-12-2012 3:49 am EST
no probs man, good luck with it!
4-19-2012 5:48 am EST
As we say in Brum 0 1 2 1 do one :)
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 6:33 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
4-5-2012 9:54 am EST
hey thanks for the offer but unfortunately at this time im too caught up with work. thanks for the offer though and i'll keep your camp in mind when i look for fights
4-2-2012 8:05 am EST
Thanks for the shot, champ.
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
4-1-2012 7:18 pm EST
hi mate! No, I started the university and I don't have the time to attend the game... But I consider to come back some time!
3-28-2012 2:48 pm EST
No, I'm not in alliance, but I'm also only semi active right now. Work is busy right now so I'm thinking about shutting things down until the summer actually.
3-27-2012 9:01 am EST
yeah but my guy sucks, to much greasy foods.Not many fighters in Strikefest
3-26-2012 11:45 pm EST
Yo, 4 in sfest now, just need your guy and one more bro, thanks
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
3-18-2012 9:37 am EST
Yeah I signed
3-16-2012 1:07 pm EST
Was out of town.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
2-25-2012 8:16 pm EST
I went with TLCS before anyone came back to try and help rebuild it. Thought it best to have another active alliance.
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
2-20-2012 12:28 pm EST
hey beer, I think that you have many good fighters that shouldn't be in low tiers...
2-19-2012 10:19 pm EST
Beach boy x3 champ lol. One more needed for my record ,not a beach bum anymore lol
Camp GT
2-18-2012 11:48 am EST
Yea I messed up my bad lol
jimmy chin wynn
2-16-2012 11:34 am EST
lol yeah i was drunk meant for you = )
jimmy chin wynn
2-15-2012 10:59 pm EST
hell ya man you seem legit bro add me on fb soon
jimmy chin wynn
2-15-2012 8:03 pm EST
lol thanks man figured you were logged in everytime i got on thanks for the fights
2-14-2012 1:15 am EST
you can sleep again at night... Curly Jones retired.
2-12-2012 5:40 am EST
i'll amend his nick accordingly :D
2-12-2012 12:54 am EST
haha, zootork is 'known' here also. that guy is a first class punk!
No Surrender
2-11-2012 10:30 am EST
lol, funny stuff, our whole alliance has that loser blacklisted. we are blacklisting zootork too, its that pathetic loser sharky
2-11-2012 4:06 am EST
Sent You A PM With The Fighter Links
2-10-2012 9:34 pm EST
Yep, Draw Is No Bet, ITS ON!
2-10-2012 11:25 am EST
Cheers B33r, Yours Too! Gonna Be A Great Game, Because Its At OT Rather Than Anfield, Im More Confident, But We'll See, Shall We Do A Bet Where The Losing Teams Supporter Has To Add A Message of A Few Words Under Their Sig For A Week? For Example, Man U Win, You Have To Have Something Like MUFC 4 Life Or Something :D
2-10-2012 8:27 am EST
Fek Off Dirty Scouse Sheep Shagger...P.S I Love You
2-9-2012 10:59 am EST
ok man no problem
Mister Judo
2-9-2012 9:45 am EST
yeah thought the same. i almost went pg 2 lol
Team Vegas
2-4-2012 10:15 am EST
Also, thanks!
Team Vegas
2-4-2012 10:14 am EST
Is he signed to Leap yet?
jimmy chin wynn
2-1-2012 10:33 am EST
gf man sorry about that one time just was having a bad day irl....
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
1-30-2012 11:50 pm EST
LOL You see whats on TV on Wednesday Newport Bouncers :) with your name you better be on it !!!!!!
No Surrender
1-28-2012 6:18 am EST
Thanks bro!
Dr House
1-26-2012 3:48 pm EST
Yeah man for sure I've just been doing overnights lately so its been throwing me off my game time
1-24-2012 4:03 am EST
I demand a re-match, with twinkle toes
Fat Camp
1-22-2012 6:40 am EST
Thank you b33r. I am actually so happy for my fighter and my camp. Thanks again, I might not have gotten the belt if you never recruited me.
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
1-21-2012 8:02 am EST
or not lol
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
1-21-2012 8:01 am EST
Haha ok, but Im gonna be champ for a long time man
1-18-2012 4:33 pm EST
Yo fight for the vacant glory belt bro , sagita is waiting for you
jimmy chin wynn
1-18-2012 2:51 pm EST
and there were more deserving fighters when i gave you a shot.... you gave a guy ranked 1 thousand something... only one guy higher than me in the division and you didn't give to him so that makes no sense but whatever...
jimmy chin wynn
1-18-2012 1:05 am EST
really dude whats your beef man?
jimmy chin wynn
1-17-2012 8:17 pm EST
rematch as a leaving the division present?
1-17-2012 11:13 am EST
good fight and yea this guy has been around forever lol i got him when he was 18 so i guess he has lasted ro long cuz i got him young
1-14-2012 6:30 pm EST
yea that is something i wannna work towards fixing
1-14-2012 7:20 am EST
1-12-2012 6:38 am EST
35 Belts still to collect as of today (9 in tier 1)
1-7-2012 6:44 am EST
LOL B33r My Bad Buddy! Real Sorry, Love You :D
Moscow Kick Boxing
Moscow Kick Boxing
1-2-2012 1:49 am EST
Hey, join back up at LEAP with your guy Devon Hart. Im also coming off a loss and would love to fight you, either Sep or Oct 2234. We're both coming off losses and standup fighters, itd be a great fight!- Juan Soto, 18-4 LEAP
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
1-1-2012 7:08 am EST
A am av no slept yet :L ma mates party actually supernova infact disny start till 9, am buzzin on pro+ to help mae stay awake a just couldny stay away fae this game lol
1-1-2012 2:32 am EST
mate sorry to keep bugging you but how does the alliance work how do i talk to people and get help be good if you could explain it a bit cheers
1-1-2012 1:37 am EST
Happy new year mate,have a good one
1-1-2012 12:18 am EST
ohh and mate recon you could just give me a bit of advise on what i should do with one of my fighters Anacleto Vargas cheer if you can let me know ??
12-31-2011 11:49 pm EST
hey mate i sent you a thing on the forums on how to link my account ??
12-31-2011 6:18 pm EST
thanks beer happy new year
12-31-2011 4:28 pm EST
Hey bro I'm interested in your alliance offer. So what do I do now. ??
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-31-2011 5:14 am EST
Happy new years I'm off
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-31-2011 5:04 am EST
Yeah hehe, yea had good one, you? been a bit inactive for now
12-29-2011 1:33 pm EST
Cheers beer
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-25-2011 3:39 pm EST
You too man, you were the first to KO him check the record http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display_record.php?id=912029 HK all the way!
12-19-2011 8:47 am EST
You Fokin did lol
12-15-2011 11:47 am EST
Yeah my bad man, I ordered a new computer so ive been off for a while. But yeah, im still down to join. ill send that message asap
Van Jam
12-10-2011 3:44 pm EST
You've peaked my interest. How do I join?
12-10-2011 12:49 pm EST
Sounds cool,ill play a little more and if i decide to stick around ill most likely take part. Im enjoying this game alot so ill probably be in contact soon lol
12-8-2011 1:00 pm EST
No he had to quit,too much work and got married lol. Youve got a nice camp with good fighters,been playing long?
12-8-2011 12:51 pm EST
First and only camp,a good friend of mine strongly recommended this game. I got a few tips so i wouldnt get beat all the time lol, im not sure if im getting lucky or doing well so far
Van Jam
12-7-2011 9:26 pm EST
Lol. not sure what "mod" is, but I haven't joined anything in this game since I began. Been flyin solo.
12-4-2011 3:06 pm EST
gate master
push off me
12-3-2011 4:54 pm EST
a your just a punk that cant fight and just talk trash becuz hes in a lower weight class than your apose to be heres some advise go to contract and pick the ones with the higher rating
gate master
push off me
12-3-2011 4:44 pm EST
come on turkey fight me sissy
gate master
push off me
12-3-2011 8:09 am EST
figth me for the title
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-1-2011 6:35 am EST
Yeah, well I got you on the ground in 1st fight but did nothing successful. Complete tool for a fighter back to serve in restaurants lol. But yeah needs more these tourneys
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-1-2011 6:23 am EST
He just haven't got the chance to show wrestling and gnp skills cause he got no stand up
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-1-2011 6:22 am EST
Yeah for sure, he fought drunk as hell at the alley of some bar and next day in hangover ko'd again, but anyone is ok
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-1-2011 6:07 am EST
Oh lol fu
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
12-1-2011 6:07 am EST
What? Thought I was out anyway already
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
11-30-2011 5:30 am EST
Dont worry a wont lol had bad luck with him am blamin ma illness, thats how av no been on forums
11-30-2011 3:33 am EST
No problem bro...i“m doing good its“getting better and better! i think i got some talented fighters ;)
Dr House
11-29-2011 3:40 pm EST
Yeah I do, I haven't posted yet, got hammered last night so I've been recovering all day haha
11-24-2011 4:48 am EST
Hi i“m very active, this game ist just adictive! I“m not from UK i“m from Germany ;). If there“s any possibility for me to join you, i would be very happy to do so!
11-23-2011 11:15 am EST
Nice one mate :)
11-23-2011 9:31 am EST
thx for the battles too! trying to work my way up ;)
11-22-2011 8:10 pm EST
I got access now thanks
11-21-2011 9:54 pm EST
Yea I'm in Merchants of Death but thanks for offer
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
11-21-2011 6:31 am EST
haha but that fighter of my camp is soooo bad, for sure you had a chance!!! yes, nice win yesterday, but man c is unsstoppable unfortunatly.
11-20-2011 6:14 pm EST
sure, I'd love to join your alliance.
11-18-2011 4:10 am EST
No 5 star equip? Damn, nice job dude.
11-14-2011 3:27 pm EST
I'm kind of dissatisfied with it. I'm actually transitioning to Brawl/Pow/Wres/Strength/Fort right now, and abandoning the PG. I'm sure if you stick with it long enough, it'll prove to be a decent build, but as of yet I'm disappointed.
Talon Wing
11-2-2011 10:32 am EST
Yep, I'm with TTT, thanks for teh consideration though.
Jack Clark
Clark Top Team
10-30-2011 4:58 pm EST
I would be definitely be interrested in joining. How exactly does an aliance help me and what am I expected to do? I don't have any experience with aliances.
10-24-2011 4:37 am EST
Good Fights Buddy!
10-13-2011 6:46 am EST
its cool, but in all seriousness i sent it out at like 5pm which is right after reset and waited til 1am which is like 3 hours before the next reset
10-12-2011 9:42 am EST
damn man, i took your efc and strike belt today. thanks for the fights! im sure youll get them back soon
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
9-29-2011 3:11 am EST
Np, deserved and of course no idea how I won that tho but split
9-28-2011 5:43 am EST
Nice one for the fight mate :) next till i will get u
Mallet Heads
9-13-2011 6:25 am EST
I was watching the Welsh game man was a heart breaker, we are shite, Italy would beat us playing the way we did.
Hells Lair
9-12-2011 5:07 pm EST
Not sure, we've talke about doing one or the mcc again. Wun runs some fun tourneys. What alliance you in again??
Hells Lair
9-12-2011 12:49 pm EST
The company
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
8-19-2011 9:07 pm EST
yah im on the forums and im in DBA. thanks tho.
8-1-2011 12:59 am EST
P.S, You Got Robbed By Villa - £20mil For Downing Then They Pay £9mil For N'Zogbia LOL! I'd Take N'Zogbia Anyday! Also I See Stevie G Is Becoming The New Hargreaves, You'll Have To Free Transfer Him Soon Like We Did To Hargreaves ;)
8-1-2011 12:56 am EST
Very Much Looking Forward To The Season, Our Pre-Seasons Been Great, Unbeaten And Beat The Best In The World, Scored 20, Conceded 2. Compared To The Dirty Scousers Getting Hammered 3-0 By Hull :D And Arsenal Throwing Away Leads To Boca And New York Red Bulls :D LMAO!
7-26-2011 10:20 am EST
Hi man, I am flatered that your alliance want me to join but i dont think i could give you guys the time you deserve. Sorry. Hope we can chat in the future.
7-26-2011 5:38 am EST
whats up b33r. i just saw taht axehandle comment today haha. mod is good. we got some new guys and they seem pretty cool. hows the new alliance?
7-18-2011 9:56 am EST
I have been asked about the alliance thing a few times, but I am not sure I could dedacate enough time and didnt want to let people down.
7-17-2011 12:57 pm EST
It would be easy to miss the flag thing pissed or not dude. Lol
7-7-2011 12:13 pm EST
I'm not seeing a challenge dude. Must have missed it. I'll fight your guys any time.
Team Goat Beard
7-5-2011 8:14 am EST
Thanks. Some people take things too seriously. This is just a game after all.
7-3-2011 4:31 am EST
Check out my fighter baldric, at work with jon who just changed his name
6-21-2011 8:32 pm EST
Haha sorry bro I started a new job and was swamped. I sparred him a few days ago but didn't have time to fight him and so I'm glad you got someone that will.
6-8-2011 11:37 pm EST
Gabi Rodriguez gets knocked out in quickest ever fight! http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=4437195
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
6-8-2011 1:06 pm EST
Done. Posted him on the "Post to Enter" thread. Thx man. -Axeman
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
6-8-2011 10:45 am EST
Looks like I've got a guy that'll work. I should post him on the thread I guess hey? _Axeman
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
6-8-2011 8:29 am EST
Sorry man, I didn't realize which fighter I was challenging you with. Totally understand, sorry, shouldn't have bothered you man. I'll catch a W then try again. -Axeman
scott cooley
6-5-2011 5:37 am EST
a lil of both....i still talk to everyone and have no hard feelings. i really just wanted to take time and try and figure out the mmartist thing. i'm still rootin for u guys
James Lacie
Lacie catjitsu
5-27-2011 10:44 am EST
It should be fixed now, I had to buy out his contract.
James Lacie
Lacie catjitsu
5-26-2011 11:13 am EST
I've been trying to, but the game won't let me. IDK what else to do.
Iron Bull
5-26-2011 3:11 am EST
Will do mate=)
5-3-2011 1:31 am EST
Fight My Guy...
grizzys monstas
4-13-2011 3:10 pm EST
Yeah man...thanks for the fights...tryin to get my guy back up to champion status...tough finding his style combo...good luck to you grizzysmonstas