Last Online - Tuesday 1st of May 2018
Display Name Fiver
Member Since Jun 16, 2008
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3-12-2018 9:09 am EST
And where is the fairness of this pathetic ban? You see, what I have been saying all along... there is a certain click and certain prejudice based on who is in and who is out. I didn't start this issue, I looked for peace and it was rejected so... WTF? And now, worst of all... there is now means of communications of what has precipitated an and why it has precipitated to this point. I have never gone looking for trouble with Matty. He has always instigated the bad blood. Until it stops, I won'
2-11-2018 9:51 am EST
Haha don’t worry about it, it happens occasionally, I have to expect it when I’ve open up as many camps as I have! It worked out well for me, as now I get some tips on PtP, which is always nice! I’ll put it in as a top 3 stat but continue to build the other stats too and see how it goes, I appreciate it.
2-11-2018 7:23 am EST
Hey man, I appreciate the comments. I am on the forums, I am CobheadJake, I just couldn't have that display name for this camp as it was already in use. Thank you for the tip with PTP too, Its interesting, I have speed as one of the main 3 instead of strength, but the rest of our builds match up. I'll try include strength though, I appreciate the help.
Garbage Omlette
Breakfast Club
2-9-2018 1:09 pm EST
Thanks for the legend fight just got back into game trying to rework things lol
1-7-2018 11:43 am EST
It's ok, man. I would have done the same thing.
1-7-2018 11:04 am EST
I didn't intentionally skip you. If I did, I just missed it. I do know that almost every reset I defended multiple ppl had the same wins or ppl sat out.
10-7-2017 11:03 pm EST
Yout Dojo is one Bad Dojo ...
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
9-26-2017 7:22 pm EST
Congrats of Keons win man. Solid win, not taking anything away from you but it looks like your guy doesn't have the best stats for L n P, I was using sprawl n Brawl with stats more suited for it and still solidly lost. Do you have any advice or are you jut as confused as I am? lol
9-25-2017 3:43 pm EST
Thanks. I've played before but its been awhile. Any advice on what to make a good twa kwan do person? Couldn't find a good build
9-24-2017 4:16 pm EST
Thanks for giving me my first fight
12-22-2014 9:40 pm EST
Hope your doing ok fiver, haven't seen you on in awhile bro.
Mister Judo
11-13-2014 4:47 am EST
its odd though. anytime i fight anyone but u its the opposite. i think ur lnp is glitched to pl or something lol
Mister Judo
11-11-2014 6:00 pm EST
MMArmy119@gmail.com email him to arrange a password
Mister Judo
11-11-2014 5:42 pm EST
how did u suddenly forget ur password? lol
Mister Judo
11-11-2014 5:04 pm EST
What do u mean locked? Did chief ban u?
11-4-2014 12:23 pm EST
I see, well I guess lay n pray is out for me then, I can't have 2 styles that are weak to ground & pound... Have you figured out what ippons are weak against more then lay n pray? I don't find pull guards to do very well against them but I have not got a very good player since I came back
11-4-2014 7:16 am EST
Btw what do you think push the pace and lay n prays weaknesses and strengths are?
11-4-2014 7:14 am EST
Nah I got banned from forums because I was not "one of the group" and did not kiss their ass =/
11-2-2014 8:21 pm EST
Do you train Fortitude and speed for push the pace switch or do they work for lay n prey?
10-22-2014 3:38 pm EST
Please give zeus his shot against your p4p 1 ;)
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
9-9-2014 9:25 am EST
Kicked my ass man.
8-31-2014 3:10 am EST
Fiver, you need to put your mix n match hw in by monday very latest bro
Big Ace
6-4-2014 6:12 pm EST
It's longevity. Not skill. Cheers.
Big Ace
6-4-2014 6:08 pm EST
stop picking on me!! I kid - thanks for the challenges.
3-27-2014 8:08 pm EST
where u been? our camps haven't fought in a bit....
3-8-2014 6:01 pm EST
Ahhh haha. Sorry man I didn't know. I was wondering what was going on because I saw the fighters online all the time. Thx bro, cheers!
Murder Muay Thai
3-4-2014 2:06 am EST
I just had a fight against another gym called Cobra Kai. Do you run that gym also?
jimmy chin wynn
3-2-2014 10:33 am EST
thanks for the shot man
Mister Judo
3-1-2014 3:29 pm EST
Now my guy popped outta the org. Sorry dude hopefully I win the auto challenge
Mister Judo
3-1-2014 6:53 am EST
nopethat chief. same egg (mod) different basket
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
2-26-2014 1:18 pm EST
Must a just missed me, weight and that doesnt bother me I like getting challenges cause I never look for them, wins and loses doesnt bother me am lazy :P
2-6-2014 5:41 am EST
must be on ur end....I haven't ever blocked anyone... u seeing this message?
Goodkid MMA
2-4-2014 5:12 pm EST
I was surprised as shit. You got me in the first round, and I switched to SiO.
2-4-2014 1:57 pm EST
good win...
2-2-2014 3:01 pm EST
tell me bout it...the only fight request I ever seem to get are from the fs or ptp guys....
2-2-2014 1:12 pm EST
i wish u would switch back....my fast feet fighters misses all the pl guys that used to be here ;)
2-2-2014 1:09 pm EST
thanks for clearing our misunderstand up...take care, man.
2-2-2014 1:09 pm EST
thanks for clearing our misunderstand up...take care, man.
2-2-2014 1:07 pm EST
fair enough...I have no hard feelings toward u and lift my "ban" on fighting ur camp. lol i seriously wasn't ducking u...i just really wanted to fight the number 1 guy on the game to see how my guy would hang. hope to fight u again soon (even tho i hate u ptp guys, lol)
2-2-2014 12:57 pm EST
the only time I didn't take a fight was if you were so far down the list that it didn't make sense to take a fight when u had style advantage and it was a lose/lose situation.
2-2-2014 12:11 pm EST
one last thing before i put ur camp on ignore, i erase every comment anyone makes after i read it, i wasn't trying to "hide" your accusations from anyone. don't ever send my camp a request - i always fought ur guys even when i never had the fight advantage.
2-2-2014 12:08 pm EST
its one thing to jokingly talk shit to each other, but u need to get ur facts straight before you start calling me out on other fighters pages. i didn't wait out a reset like u suggested....i just didn't want to fight ur guy since he was so far down the list. i fought a guy ahead of me so im not "cowardly" and ducking anyone. i take fights where i know my guy has slim chances of winning every time i come here.
1-28-2014 1:33 pm EST
Same to you! youre Fiver on the forums right? i think you mentioned that before. Good Luck in future battles!
1-21-2014 3:52 pm EST
a lot of tlcs left the game, but we are trying to get it back up and running...ill see if a few of the guys wants to do a alliance vs alliance something against u guys...
1-18-2014 2:57 pm EST
im in TLCS...
1-17-2014 7:57 pm EST
u in an alliance?
M00ndog Andy
1-14-2014 10:13 am EST
ive just started back...ill be in those orgs very soon. keep running.
M00ndog Andy
1-14-2014 4:52 am EST
don't make me pull ur skirt up and show the rest of mmarmy ur pink panties.
M00ndog Andy
1-14-2014 1:17 am EST
tell u what, send ur guys over to my camp and ill show them what real training and real fighters are all about.
M00ndog Andy
1-12-2014 7:35 pm EST
im calling ur weak camp out. come get some, p****
1-11-2014 11:08 pm EST
rematch? im top 25 and ur guy is 200 guys behind me and besides the mercy fight I threw u (u had style advantage) u go beat in first round. GET EM A BODYBAG, YEAHHHHHHHHH
1-11-2014 4:36 pm EST
im sorry that I have a life and can't fight every reset and move my guys up the same speed as ur camp. NO MERCY
1-11-2014 3:16 pm EST
hiding in addiction after a first round ko....that is funny stuff, bro
M00ndog Andy
1-7-2014 6:41 am EST
I fight anybody that sends me request...so send me more.
1-7-2014 4:23 am EST
Haha yeah man, its like wanderlei silva vs quinton but i still lost the 3rd time, Same here man, always fun fights !
1-6-2014 5:45 pm EST
ur right...the best dojo did win even when u had the style advantage. NO MERCY
1-4-2014 5:45 pm EST
don't be scared, homie...
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
12-19-2013 9:23 pm EST
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
12-19-2013 9:22 pm EST
12-16-2013 3:48 am EST
every time we fight, im gonna show u sand da floor, paint the fence, and wax on wax off.
12-15-2013 11:43 pm EST
lol at ur last comment on my camp page....
12-15-2013 2:36 pm EST
fear is for the weak....
12-15-2013 2:07 am EST
my guys are gunning for ur camp. get em a body bag....yeahhhhhh
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
11-30-2013 9:46 am EST
There is a popular independent wrestler named KobraKai. I hear that he is quite talented.
John Blaze
11-27-2013 3:56 am EST
Congrats to Duarte on rejuvenating his career. Caught a second win I guess. I'm gonna have to come challenge for that belt. Cheers!
John Blaze
11-24-2013 10:44 am EST
No disrespect meant, I looked at what you said . I understand, no hard feelings bro. Just get tired of people looking for the easy fight. No beef.
Who Knew
11-24-2013 8:42 am EST
Naw, you get it, you take the auto-challenge. You don't pass on those, regardless of your recent history.
Who Knew
11-22-2013 8:01 am EST
He's a little small too. There are not as many coaches, so you can maybe get away with that. Really, for small cutters, mostly it can work for MW's and LHW's, because the game always tends to have less of those. His stats are not really high. Hopefully, your camp has enough money to get better equipment maybe, and you'll get beeter at scouting recruits.
11-20-2013 7:16 am EST
You see the forums up there ^^ next to rankings? Well if you have account on there then send me a message, my forum name is Tommo, if you don't have a forum account then make one. When i got an offer to join WDOA months ago i thought "What's the point, i can't be bothered" but i gave it a go and we do events all the time and it adds more fun to the game. So if you want to give it a shot then message me on the forum.
Who Knew
10-16-2013 1:29 pm EST
The guy who beat my guy was right below him tho
10-14-2013 4:58 pm EST
your mother is a big bitch
10-14-2013 5:15 am EST
i fucke your momy yesterday two times and dont wont more
9-7-2013 10:03 am EST
Anytime scro!
8-13-2013 3:56 pm EST
Cool bro cheers for thw fight weve had some good ones over the past months cheers Sorry again mate
7-22-2013 2:38 am EST
You are a young camp with a bright future. Keep plugging away to the top of the hill. If I can be of any help, let me know. Regards!
Who Knew
7-11-2013 4:08 pm EST
I just wanted to see if he made weight. I have two camps, I mainly use the other one to test my fighters weight. i take a guy that I know can't make the weight, and see if the guy from my other camp can.
Who Knew
7-10-2013 4:34 pm EST
No big deal man, he's a weight tester that I did not want to buy out