Hokutoryu JuJutsu

Last Online - Saturday 31st of May 2014
Display Name Auvo Niiniketo
Member Since May 3, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 3877-5355


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4-22-2013 4:25 am EST
yea no probs bro anytime. Turbo
Welsh Warriors
4-1-2013 1:30 pm EST
Yo Koki get a guy in the Caranogirl Challenge event and let us know how your doing bro
Lake Fighting Systems
12-28-2012 12:05 am EST
we've had some great fights lately
12-3-2012 6:28 pm EST
no problem man anytime always a pleasure fighting you i run team smash and ncaa as well send fights anytime
Welsh Warriors
10-14-2012 9:18 am EST
Yo Koki check out the Rising Star league thread on our forum your in that one ok mate.
9-28-2012 12:38 pm EST
well im starting an alliance bro, your camps awesome and youd be welcome to join bro let me know.
8-13-2012 12:44 am EST
jep, mut itel ku oli ne huonot ajat nii pääottelijat on samoi ku nyt, niiku yhel jäbäl ollu nyt joku 70 matsii, ikiin päässy matsaa tittelist ku ollu nii huono ja nyt 11 matsin voittoputkes :D
8-13-2012 12:36 am EST
nii, itel äijät alko voittaa ku nyrkkeilijät ja painijat sai nopeuden kolmee, ja sain treenattuu sen takii ku tuli tuuril recruitist jäbä jol oli nopeus jo heti 3 ja puol :D
8-13-2012 12:24 am EST
itekkii aina lähetän challengee kaikille ketä on vaa paikal :D Nyt joku 5 päivää sitte itel alko kääntyy tappiot voitoks ja nyt jengii rankingis ihan hyvil sijoil, viikko sitte paras ei ollu top 1000... :D
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
7-14-2012 7:31 am EST
Good camp name.
Gouken Sakuma
Gouken Dojo
7-11-2012 12:04 pm EST
Same for me)got couple of titles and decided to stick with 1 style now)
Gouken Sakuma
Gouken Dojo
7-11-2012 11:59 am EST
Kokis if youd check news more youd knew that Bao Quach and Gouken are the same face brother)
7-10-2012 1:29 pm EST
You've been sending very even good fights lately. I have a few different camps and you've had some nice wins.
Team Putnel
6-3-2012 9:54 am EST
Thanks for the fight bro :D
Mister Judo
5-20-2012 8:54 am EST
U can mock my build but my fighters will reign supreme! :P
4-15-2012 3:53 pm EST
Nice fights recently good sir. Keep up the hard work. - Pain
4-9-2012 12:51 am EST
Thanks mate. -Jodoin
Camp Brutalinski
4-6-2012 6:41 am EST
Thaks - rematch anytime! Javier Moreno
4-5-2012 10:38 am EST
Thanks bro :)
3-29-2012 12:43 pm EST
No probs bro, always good to fight u
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
3-24-2012 11:32 pm EST
Ok bro, I will sort it out later today so you get a fighter from WDoA Outlaws
Hayato Fuurinji
Ryouzanpaku Dojo
3-23-2012 2:13 am EST
I appreciate the fights between our fighters.
3-22-2012 6:07 am EST
nice fighting your camp. hope we battle some more.
3-16-2012 4:22 pm EST
I've had fun fighting you recently bro. Nice camp.
Ivan Menjivar
Philthy Fighters
3-9-2012 4:45 am EST
Keep up with this camp. Maybe I'll eventually beat one of your guys hahah :)
Ivan Menjivar
Philthy Fighters
3-9-2012 4:25 am EST
No, I've just been away for a while. I had an old camp called Athlon MMA
Flying Armbars
2-29-2012 12:50 pm EST
lol nice. be online an ul get a challenge everytime lol
2-28-2012 4:51 pm EST
i never turn down any fight... bring it...
2-11-2012 2:07 pm EST
Yeah nice fight pal, good win!
Fat Camp
2-7-2012 5:02 pm EST
that sucks. how did it happen? you training in real life??
2-1-2012 10:10 am EST
no problem man, good luck. KentB
1-21-2012 8:07 am EST
Lol - thanks for the fight mate - im sure u will get back in the mix soon
1-12-2012 9:46 pm EST
Seems like everytime i turn around im fighting one of your guys
1-10-2012 9:01 pm EST
Thanks for the shot champ.
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-8-2012 4:44 am EST
12-31-2011 5:38 am EST
Happy new year bro, have a good one!
11-5-2011 5:15 pm EST
LOL two round beating 2 get warmed up :)
Eleven Lounge
10-27-2011 4:16 pm EST
always down for a challenge
xtreme holmes
10-12-2011 3:48 pm EST
rematch in 12 min. Kevin McDonald
Bao Quach
Team Oyama
9-20-2011 11:40 pm EST
Im kinda stuck with all this work stuff...cant find good job that wood be suit me...today gonna call 3 different companies)hope to pick something))
Bao Quach
Team Oyama
9-14-2011 4:14 am EST
oh...but mayb we can settle fight Nicolas Couture vs Aaron Murphy? Im gonna use PG in this battle to make it even.what you say?
Welsh Warriors
9-10-2011 2:22 am EST
Thanks mate - if your challenge does not get accepted before the reset - you win by DQ. It seems Bravehearts Gym is inactive at moment as I checked his camp. I will post next round at reset
Jack Clark
Clark Top Team
8-4-2011 4:06 am EST
Nice three fights with Ortega, good luck.
Bao Quach
Team Oyama
7-21-2011 1:18 am EST
Well if you wanna meet some other my fighters im more to welcome cose fighting your camp is always exiting)so hit me back if you find both our fighters in one promotion and if you wanna fight between. OSU)
7-8-2011 2:16 am EST
You from Finland?
7-4-2011 11:28 am EST
good looking camp, you should try hopping on the forums. tons of good advice and help there to get you started and also alliances to join and they can help you even more as well. hope to see you there, i go by soviet if you join up.
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
6-7-2011 10:16 am EST
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
5-6-2011 7:49 am EST
I dont pick my opponents, always looking for top competition!