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6-24-2017 3:29 pm EST
Definitely! He's the first guy I've won an efc title with in this camp as well. Excited for his future! Thanks for the fight
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-20-2017 12:35 pm EST
Trump is blaming Canada for our dairy trade practices. He should be running, Blame Canada's mixed martial arts camp.
Dirtbag MMA
8-18-2016 9:44 am EST
good fight, eh...
Crazy Mexicans
10-8-2015 7:58 am EST
Cheers, northern neighbor.
Rock Hard MMA
9-10-2015 5:57 pm EST
all good bro nice win when i saw MMArtist i was expecting to win both fights easily ...nope!
Rock Hard MMA
9-10-2015 5:07 pm EST
hmm its a Terrance and Phillip quote, no offence! lol
9-9-2015 12:43 pm EST
Don't blame Canada, blame yourself. - Lance Storm
Elite Evolution
5-21-2010 3:02 pm EST
REPPIN CANADA BABY, good fights bro.