420 Fight Club

Last Online - Sunday 19th of May 2024
Display Name Grapple420
Member Since Jan 20, 2008
Active Record 199-290
Overall Record 14860-13516


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Welsh Warriors
5-14-2024 2:55 am EST
Long time indeed bro, hope your all good! Been in and out the game on and off for years but keep in touch in the real world with Turbo and Matty so thought id jump back in.
Welsh Warriors
5-13-2024 2:12 am EST
Welcome back Old School!
4-12-2024 8:45 am EST
Damn shit just got real, grap's back!
3-19-2024 6:33 pm EST
Gotta have you join me in DBA my guy
3-17-2024 6:44 pm EST
Crappie my guy
4-27-2021 2:57 pm EST
I see you
Little Star
7-28-2016 4:59 pm EST
Yeah, I got banned sometime today. No clue what happened. Chief must've misfired the banhammer.
Little Star
7-28-2016 3:25 pm EST
Tell Chef to unban me. I have no idea what I was banned for either.
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
5-19-2016 4:43 pm EST
3-18-2016 11:19 am EST
Whats up grap
Irelands Finest
Irish Sleep Squad
3-16-2016 2:51 pm EST
Let us go
Rock Hard MMA
2-21-2016 3:31 pm EST
Yeah I realized what id done as soon as i clicked it haha
Rock Hard MMA
2-20-2016 2:33 pm EST
all good man Im not worried
Angel Cola
2-19-2016 12:28 pm EST
Forum? I'm sorry if I caused any trouble. I'll look out next time.
2-7-2016 8:26 am EST
11-1-2015 8:15 am EST
You know ill always take the fights, never gonna bitch about getting challenges from you, win or lose
11-1-2015 1:45 am EST
Thanks for the fights grap, legit love waking up to loads of challenges, it's about the only time I'll get in fights this reset! Keep em coming!
420 Fight Club
10-19-2015 6:26 am EST
jun2465 2nd reset in a row Mason Blake of Team Smacku has ducked Riku. He chose to just sit on the belt instead of defending at all. Smack was online 10 minutes prior to reset in may2465 where he ducked Riku the first time.
420 Fight Club
10-18-2015 3:44 pm EST
may2465 smacku sat out april2465 reset instead of defending. gave may title shot to the #1 contender from april2465 instead of riku the radish who had 3 wins in a row including a win in the previous reset.
10-10-2015 7:18 pm EST
also i would not have won anyway being stomped out would have made me happy since it would be the first efc title shot in a long time
10-10-2015 7:11 pm EST
I was not talking shit chill out i did not sit out i dont always get a fight sometimes the whole place fights and i dont want to fight the bottom fighters. You did fight a guy you know you would beat since you beat him before so i was not lying or being salty.
8-23-2015 11:24 pm EST
No worries, was gonna move him up to EFC anyway, so U made my decision easy :)
8-23-2015 4:07 am EST
Sent a Prel title fight to both your guys, both coming off 2 wins, you can choose who takes the shot
7-31-2015 8:09 pm EST
thanks man on the rebuild :)
dmf crew
aqdwe weezy
7-19-2015 1:21 am EST
Bye fatapple!
dmf crew
aqdwe weezy
7-19-2015 1:20 am EST
I know he'll delete it since I figured out his info, but here you go: dmf crew aqdwe weezy 7-19-2015 1:20 am EST I will admit Chief, you made me laugh with this ban. Whether it's upheld or not, I'll always be trollin'. I'm just glad you keep showing everyone how much of a spoiled brat you are, I see why people in your life leave eventually. It's hard to tolerate an adult like yourself. We'll just leave Chiefys personal life at that.
dmf crew
aqdwe weezy
7-19-2015 1:13 am EST
Fatapple! He can't stop the man with unlimited proxies!
7-17-2015 7:11 pm EST
Also, your facts 2 posts below are 80% false. His wins were over better ranked opponents. Dont inflate the numbers in your favor.
7-17-2015 6:59 pm EST
Lol. You just tried taking advantage of me to get a shot. Pretty sad imo. You weren't even deserving of the shot at the time and you know it. It's in the past tho. I don't give a shit. Just never knew you were the type.!
420 Fight Club
7-14-2015 2:11 pm EST
may2449 Chico 'baby back' ribeiro skipped for his title shot by Gerhart 'The Jerk' Cherry of Robos Dungeon. Chico had wins over the fighter who got the shot ranked #70 and another at #87. Fighter who got shot had wins over #237 and #346. Chico had a missed reset between both wins but fought previous reset. Champion gave apr2449 shot to a fighter who had a missed reset, and acknowledged on Augusta Castillo of legendary mauy thai camps wall.
Welsh Warriors
5-31-2015 3:34 am EST
Yo, cheers Grap, good to see some familiar names
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-16-2015 1:42 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
Itagaki Gym
12-28-2014 9:31 pm EST
yea it is, who is this?
Goodkid MMA
12-13-2014 9:30 am EST
Fridge Largemeats
12-8-2014 3:21 pm EST
Ps. I'll just delete your desperate attempts to get under my skin. Congratulations on becoming the most unpopular Coach in all mmarmy. The truth is when I asked people to join us by pm .They all said no as they couldn't stand you.
12-8-2014 3:12 pm EST
I'm done with you. Post your trolling and silly posts on my wall all you want.
12-7-2014 11:42 pm EST
Thought it was you all along . Now I have the answer ;)
420 Fight Club
10-12-2014 9:13 am EST
July2403: Janio Slap a Ho ducked by gladiator camp for EFC LW. janio had wins over 29 and 39. Guy who got the shot had wins over 29 and 290.
420 Fight Club
10-11-2014 11:25 pm EST
June2403. Janio Slap a Ho is ducked by OEJ's Kit Colon for EFC LW title. Janios wins were over #29 and #39. Fighter who got shot had wins over #124 and #9 plus skipped the previous reset.
Goodkid MMA
8-22-2014 11:05 am EST
Yes sir. My first #1.
Big Ace
7-27-2014 3:31 pm EST
No prob. Thanks for getting back to me.
7-21-2014 2:24 am EST
I invite your raping old man!
Karates Best
6-21-2014 9:53 pm EST
yeah im not, I cant remember my login codes on my other account anyways nor the forums. this is my only active account and yeah... that's it lol
Karates Best
6-21-2014 9:51 pm EST
oh nvm I fully read what u wrote
Karates Best
6-21-2014 9:47 pm EST
idk what u truly mean by feeding other that getting beat up, but im not intentionally letting people win ya kno
Karates Best
6-21-2014 9:42 pm EST
tbh just getting back started and my guys are just getting beat up lol
420 Fight Club
6-13-2014 4:23 pm EST
The wheelchair assassin AKA The Gout White Hope AKA Kid Pussy Ho ducks my rightful #1 EFC contender for the 5th time in 2 weeks. Cmon Chief. may2383
6-11-2014 5:38 am EST
Hey sorry just saw you message on my wall from like a week ago. Yeah I am on the forums. I also run never tap and am currently with the company. Look forward to more. Battles with your camp. Cheers.
Badass Inc
5-28-2014 7:41 pm EST
I beat the last 2 number 1 guys in the last 3 resets so I thought he might have a shot. Glad he got since he is getting fucked on matchups in title fights lol.
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
4-24-2014 10:32 am EST
Lol! Thanks for the info bro! He did come across as a case of a sad little bitch who probably does not get laid a lot...I will gladly follow your advice
The Domain
4-23-2014 6:10 pm EST
Thanks, been a long while but good to be back. Now if I can just get some good prospects.
3-24-2014 9:45 am EST
Just realised this is grap lol, cant keep up with which camp belongs to who lol, thought u was 420KC and thus why I asked why your active here but not on the forums, ignore me grap, im retarded
3-23-2014 5:03 am EST
You not on the forums atm?
3-21-2014 9:03 am EST
Thanks. Good to be back
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
3-12-2014 5:38 am EST
Even with 8 arms, as his record shows, my boy Jon Scott sucks big time LOL
3-8-2014 5:04 pm EST
Haha I will make the real Rusev soon man. Stay tuned
3-5-2014 10:55 am EST
3-3-2014 10:30 am EST
good to see you back! :)
420 Fight Club
2-19-2014 6:58 am EST
PL-GnP. Back to the roots.
420 Fight Club
10-16-2012 10:58 am EST
LOL Team Werewolf incubates to 4 bars, then hoards tier 2 belts!! What a great coach!! Also ducks like a bitch in EFC. ANother puss boy that wont be getting any title shots from me!
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
10-16-2012 8:27 am EST
Well I've noticed other camps have the so called "trainers" like you have Seth Griffin and Maks Panin and I've never utilized that in the past. I decided to try it out but opted to forgo that route and not have "trainers" cause I think it's a stupid concept. So yeah I'm a big bad "incubating pussy." Sorry to burden your life!!
10-11-2012 6:22 am EST
give my fighter cody albright please a titleshot
jersey devils
9-25-2012 8:12 pm EST
Thanks for all the fights lately. Seems like we r in the same divisions recently and it's nice being able to get fights.
9-5-2012 7:37 pm EST
thanks for the fights
Team foran
8-18-2012 4:16 pm EST
AKA is mine and your getting fucked up
Team foran
8-18-2012 4:16 pm EST
Check out my better camp Bud
Ivan drago187
AKA 187
8-14-2012 11:12 pm EST
Goin down bitch ass trick
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
8-3-2012 2:31 pm EST
its a'ight -FFF
6-18-2012 9:00 pm EST
Dam you! Picked the right style 3 times now and lose all of them lol.
Mister Judo
6-5-2012 8:29 pm EST
lol sry
Itagaki Gym
4-23-2012 5:01 pm EST
new member, i also own the other hajime no ippo camp with the ptp/gnp switch
Team Vegas
4-21-2012 11:00 am EST
Sorry man, I didn't see your comment until after I fought today. I probably wouldn't be very reliable with a competition now anyways.
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
4-19-2012 11:19 am EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 7:52 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies thx were gay so were lookin 4 gay couple u n ur mate want 2 join ? ? ? ?
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 6:05 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
4-1-2012 11:29 am EST
hsorry hit you up late am intrested
3-28-2012 9:09 pm EST
well that was a poopyass fight mr.poopyface
Fat Camp
2-23-2012 4:44 am EST
I know, it is my fault. If I knew the other stats in 8pts maybe I would win. But as far as I can tell only MT, and Speed really do anything.
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
2-22-2012 3:13 pm EST
Your camps are looking great bro! Every time I take a peek at the top 25 you've got a couple fighters in there.
2-8-2012 11:40 am EST
I'm going to kill myself now because 420 told me to
Big Losers
1-26-2012 5:38 am EST
meant to say weekends, not weeks
Big Losers
1-26-2012 5:38 am EST
hey grapple, not that it is worth anything, but i typically don't fight the night sessions, so i do sit out a lot of re-sets, but almost exclusively at night. I miss most of the weeks too, but i do try to log on and fight my top 5 guys in the limited time i have. during the day, i spend wayyyyy tooo much time here. gl
Juice Factory
1-14-2012 1:00 pm EST
Vince Lynch
12-22-2011 11:27 pm EST
lol good question, I guess I could make another one. Just did it for self entertainment.
11-28-2011 8:31 pm EST
I'm not on the forums, I'm interested, but what I have to do?
11-9-2011 9:14 am EST
no. i played a while ago and just started up my camp again. dont really know any of the new stuff.
Noland Geoffery
Camp 617
11-6-2011 8:25 am EST
Ok I'll check it out, my computer has been dying on me slowly so I'm mostly on my mobile phone playing but it sounds fun. My fighters are all failing right now though lol, I need some good recruits..
Noland Geoffery
Camp 617
11-5-2011 1:21 pm EST
Cool cool, yea it's kinda rough getting started again, everyone's got much better fighters this time around, you really have to cultivate them well before sending them into battle. What's this Alliance business? Forum related?
10-28-2011 5:55 pm EST
Oil Check MMA
10-27-2011 11:53 am EST
Fat Camp
10-18-2011 9:22 pm EST
OK, maybe I did overreact, thank you for the advice. I do give good title shots, you'll see. Just don't black list my camp, please.
Fat Camp
10-17-2011 9:08 am EST
I already hate life enough, I don't need you trying to make my camp look bad.
Fat Camp
10-17-2011 9:07 am EST
Just don't accept the fight, I don't feel like I was "stat crushing", its only WC, I always give the shot to the most deserving person if they don't want to sign in and take it other people get it. I'm always defending my belts against PG camps, and its a different game when you start playing with people who have been playing for years already. Thanks for the friendly advice that I was well aware of, thank you.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
10-15-2011 7:57 am EST
I'm back, as of today. I had a couple busy weeks and wasn't able to get on here.
10-14-2011 11:33 am EST
Did i hit a nerve? winny bitch!
10-14-2011 9:29 am EST
Fuck you arse face.
10-13-2011 6:47 pm EST
im here.....bored but here
scott cooley
10-5-2011 1:07 pm EST
after today and our round of fights i am very glad to tell you thaat the huskers lost!!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Nathan Santos
Santos Fighting Arts
9-27-2011 7:35 pm EST
Oh ok, I'm just not sure how to do it. What do I do?
scott cooley
9-24-2011 9:49 am EST
9-16-2011 7:25 pm EST
OK man im on the forums. id REO
Forest Griffin
9-8-2011 11:53 am EST
hey man got your message about coaches to forums
8-14-2011 7:15 pm EST
have you had any conversations with kid. he runs gaylords.
8-13-2011 6:50 am EST
i want to set up a shit talk tourney!!!! it should be fun. do you want to play? i wanna team up with you and matty. we just need three opponents. what do you think
Boxing Battle Arts
8-7-2011 3:20 pm EST
Not on the forums, just read them occasionally when I was in my playing prime. I'll take a look at them now.
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
8-1-2011 7:45 pm EST
Thanks bro, good luck to you too. Watch out for Stiffler.
Mister Judo
8-1-2011 6:11 pm EST
sryy hun i was bsy lol
A Swell Gang Indeed
MOD Alliance Camp
8-1-2011 11:44 am EST
i is in your aliance. MoD sucks teh cox of evury uther alliyance
7-26-2011 7:57 pm EST
Hey, sorry. I didn't see your wall post until today. I am one the forums, although i wouldn't say I'm active. I just got back on here after a long break and started this new camp. My forum name is: cumoneileen8. i don't want to commit to an alliance or anything like that until at least another few weeks because i flaked out on one once before. i'll be in touch on the forum though if i get back into here more seriously.
7-26-2011 6:02 pm EST
Ya, I'll giver a go. Where do I start?
7-24-2011 2:07 pm EST
No man i'm not on the forums
7-24-2011 12:21 pm EST
I am interested. Get me involved bro
7-23-2011 3:46 pm EST
no, i'm not on the forums, i like to fly under the radar. see you around bud.
American Squad
American Fight Squad
7-23-2011 8:25 am EST
Lol Thanks anyways man, But I know what I am doing on here :P Check out my other teams belts, Hallzysquad
American Squad
American Fight Squad
7-21-2011 7:12 am EST
I was on the forums before didn't like it very much, was on THC and left, to much BS goes on in the forums.
Fat Camp
7-20-2011 8:43 pm EST
yea i am on the forum, i am Chubby. I had four camps but when i realized you get more fighters i am only keeping this one. thanks tho, i will stick around
The Domain
7-20-2011 1:18 pm EST
yea i am on the forums, francua6151985, i don't post much but im just coming back after a long time away from the game.
Angel Lewis
Wicked MMA Camp
7-20-2011 9:02 am EST
thanks for the info. will try to check the forums out! cheers!
Lake Fighting Systems
7-20-2011 4:58 am EST
Hey man! I saw your message. I've talked to you before in SB -OhioStateBuckeye
Sleazy E
The Sleaze
7-20-2011 1:37 am EST
Haven't been interested in them. I usually do this between work stuff. Nothing very serious. Thanks for the heads up, though.
sick side
7-19-2011 7:30 pm EST
Thanks for the compliment. Not on the forums yet. I just got this smart phone so now I can log on anywhere. I will try to jump on the forums.
Jacque Strap
Dream Killers
7-19-2011 9:30 am EST
Hey Grapple, it's Ehrod. This is my camp for Smacku's camp competition. Good to see you trying to get more peeps on the forums regardless. Good luck.
7-19-2011 5:53 am EST
Just joined the forums at your mention: Username:"FrankTheTank" What can I do?
Clown Camp
7-19-2011 4:32 am EST
I'm not in the forums too much. Just dont have the time.
Sleazy E
The Sleaze
7-18-2011 9:43 pm EST
Naw man.
7-15-2011 2:26 pm EST
what are u doing? i must see this to believe it. i may have to relinquish my title to you if this is tru.
7-13-2011 5:42 pm EST
i do hate all of those ma-fuckers!!!!!!! the other day a guy was talkin bout being on a vacation trip in the shitbox. can u believe that crap?
7-12-2011 2:30 pm EST
i dont know. what do you guys have going on? you guys have already dominated mmarmy. warren is half dead or maybe even three quarters dead. sharky is gone. it seems like the world of mmarmy is good.
7-10-2011 6:31 pm EST
where have u been
6-26-2011 11:43 am EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=837430 what do you think about him as DIRTY BOXER
6-11-2011 6:54 am EST
allright here it is.... i should not have let words get to me. thats why i hate texting and email. we are probly more alike than different but i do want to admit it was me with the chip on my shoulder and i take full responsibility for my poo poo. btw i loved the pic of the hardcore christian and you.
6-3-2011 10:14 am EST
Sorry waiting for title shot with. Grapple 420 tribute
Eleven Lounge
5-27-2011 2:59 pm EST
haha i had a guy before with a white rashguard and a blue singlet. the idea was 2 make the singlet look like overalls hahaha
5-11-2011 4:17 am EST
Sorry buddy was just very busy this past weekend. My b day u know
5-5-2011 3:59 pm EST
Yea man I'm just waiting until they remove me from DV to send someone a message.
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
5-4-2011 2:31 pm EST
ya i know man he's 7 he does really get it lol
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
5-4-2011 11:57 am EST
well fair enough man
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
5-4-2011 11:48 am EST
dude I fight my little bro alot is that an offence don't put that garbage on my wall again man
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
5-3-2011 10:30 pm EST
Love the camp!
4-27-2011 3:28 pm EST
hey, you threw out the offer of an alliance, this team doesn't look established - i'm in if I can help... I'm only skilled in 1/2 stlyes but collected loads o' data.
Billy Mayes Jr
Newfie Pride Fighters
4-22-2011 10:02 pm EST
lol, that's how we roll
Chaos MMA
4-15-2011 8:58 pm EST
How do I join MoD?
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
4-15-2011 12:31 pm EST
Sure Guy, I'll jump in.
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
4-15-2011 11:58 am EST
my forum ID is axeman23
4-14-2011 10:33 pm EST
You will find me as "fasttrapper" on the forums and I was finally taken in by TTT after an abscense. My old aliance never got back to me when I asked to rejoin which was THC.
Stephen Dunlop
Unforgiven Pain
4-14-2011 9:00 pm EST
no i dont. ya maybe i will
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
4-14-2011 4:14 pm EST
Balls. Your record reeks of it. Who else is in this alliance?
4-13-2011 4:07 pm EST
Nah - can't get deep enough in to join an alliance, just re-dicovering the game and giving it around 45 mins a day
Stephen Dunlop
Unforgiven Pain
4-12-2011 1:31 pm EST
not really
Stephen Dunlop
Unforgiven Pain
4-12-2011 12:19 am EST
i browse once in a blue moon
3-25-2011 6:44 pm EST
Thanks man, same goes for you!
Mister Judo
3-11-2011 9:09 am EST
well im a member of merchants of death. i think with u being a returning player an alliance could be helpful to u. and u could be useful to us when u get back in ur prime lol. its a win win :p if ur interested let me know and il bring it up with the guys :)
Mister Judo
3-10-2011 8:48 pm EST
hey man u looking for an alliance?
5-13-2008 3:38 pm EST
thanks man and good fight i respect ur camp so we can battle anytime!!