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Last Online - Wednesday 10th of August 2016
Display Name Irishwhiskey22
Member Since Jun 1, 2010
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Overall Record 2152-1859


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2-24-2014 8:01 am EST
appreciate the hints mate, i think i've got like 1 or 2 fighters who can cut above 20lbs at the minute, one of my guys can only cut 1lbs any advice for PiB? Thanks mate
Fat Camp
2-22-2014 8:37 am EST
Who the fuck are you? And no they are not go suck a dick.
Sticky Green MMA
11-8-2011 8:42 am EST
Everyone else is done but you and Timmy. GET THE FUCK ON IT!!!
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
8-14-2011 5:45 pm EST
ya btw you have 2 efc belts yourself ther ebuddy.... not exactly a big number... sooo, how bout u stfu???? why'd you even post on my page.
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
8-14-2011 5:34 pm EST
ummm okay??? have i talked shit to you??? who are you???
4-26-2011 7:35 am EST
Ok. I made one. Display name is BJKANE.
4-20-2011 6:42 pm EST
Ok. How do i sign up?
4-20-2011 11:39 am EST
What are the pros for being in an alliance?
Big Ace
4-5-2011 5:01 pm EST
no issues. I wasn't around. Mmarmy moves on. Good luck.
3-20-2011 9:06 pm EST
Thanks for the fights.
1-13-2011 6:44 am EST
Its Just Ive Noticed Your An Up And Coming Camp, And If You Want Any Advice Or Help Or Anything Like That, Theres Alot Of Good Guys On The Forums Who Will Help You Out.
1-13-2011 5:08 am EST
Have You Checked Out The Forums Mate?