Last Online - Tuesday 4th of April 2017
Display Name Zensation
Member Since Sep 23, 2013
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 7682-9652


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10-20-2023 7:37 am EST
Hi bro
9-23-2021 6:33 pm EST
hi zenex
2-20-2021 8:40 pm EST
Hi bro
Worship our leader
1-11-2020 6:54 pm EST
Nice camp bro
Worship our leader
1-11-2020 6:54 pm EST
Nice camp bro
3-10-2019 3:56 pm EST
Hi mate its a shame they banned you
3-25-2017 2:44 pm EST
Hey Zenex any challenges you receive from my Camps are Auto Challenges. The only time I pick fights is if they are up for a title shot. Feel free to deny any challenges you feel are unfair. Best of luck!
3-24-2017 9:53 am EST
Good to have you back
1-4-2017 5:01 am EST
Okay them, yesterday you tell me "fuck you" and call me cherry picker, today, you challenge my 39-29 guy with a 27-34? Sorry, but I will not take that fight.
1-3-2017 10:26 am EST
Listen to me and listen to me good broski, I am going to call Billy Joel to come through and play angry one young with one hand on your skull
1-3-2017 6:40 am EST
Next reset you can try and bring an ax, but you ain't Ave Lincoln and you can't chop down this cheery tree... ya bum lol
cool dudde
1-3-2017 5:59 am EST
Ha ha ha what a virgin
Gonoreja BJJ
12-30-2016 12:08 pm EST
Maggie Mcrae
12-7-2016 6:09 am EST
Maggie Mcrae
12-5-2016 2:32 am EST
12-1-2016 9:26 am EST
Are you going to do a hype thread for Future of Zenex?
11-20-2016 6:33 am EST
Congratulations with your first EFC camp Congrats for your first EFC champ
11-18-2016 2:16 pm EST
won everything with boxing, now I'm going to do it with wrestling
9-23-2016 9:53 am EST
Np. Just round out your builds a lil more and I think you will see a difference.
9-21-2016 5:27 pm EST
Hector has some style guides up on the forums that may help as well.
9-21-2016 9:28 am EST
Good luck with the SR. Tok has some good advice below. I'd add though that box and fw might be a better base than box and speed. FW is the main for RnG as well as a support stats for stand up styles. I don't think speed is a main for any styles you use, just a support stat.
9-11-2016 9:01 am EST
With some footwork, speed and reflex, it should OK bro! Good luck in your quest!
8-22-2016 2:17 pm EST
Now I'm gonna go out of my way to challenge yr noobs ;)
7-24-2016 1:08 am EST
i build the best boxers bro. i got this.
4-23-2016 8:39 pm EST
Awesome fight!
Sick Puppy MMA
4-10-2016 9:43 pm EST
Dont fuck with Zenny!
Master MMArtist
Ghana Jungle Gym
3-27-2016 8:59 am EST
Challenge all motherfucker
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
3-26-2016 5:40 pm EST
i didn't even look at your fighters. really wouldn't be scared of anyone on your roster past or present.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
3-22-2016 2:30 pm EST
i often challenge all fighters. if your fighters are afraid to fight, deny the challenge. or just retire.
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
3-4-2016 11:12 am EST
2-15-2016 12:33 pm EST
thinking to evolve in a mt camp
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
1-16-2016 4:08 pm EST
I withdrew the challenge cos I that fight was never gonna happen, don't worry
11-22-2015 4:56 am EST
zenex been dominating with our boxing game but its time to show our mma game.
11-6-2015 12:01 pm EST
We're actually full. Just had a spot open but it got filled.
11-4-2015 10:10 pm EST
Lets fight ya pussy. Remeber all tha shit you were talking awhile ago homie. Accept the fights
11-2-2015 4:27 pm EST
please continue The Life and times of Mr Macho. Found it to be a good read.
10-30-2015 8:25 am EST
I don't incubate at all, I just can't always fight every reset.
Heart FC
10-24-2015 5:29 pm EST
We are full right now buddy.
10-24-2015 1:39 pm EST
Quit talking shit an lets fight punk. My dudes will put hands on all your guys
Rock Hard MMA
10-24-2015 4:00 am EST
Man did you see that spinning elbow? Oh wait I guess not!
Tonari no Totoro
10-24-2015 12:31 am EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/camp_display.php?id=6961 http://www.mmarmy.com/camp_display.php?id=579 Nice old models of "the best boxers" camps.
Heart FC
10-22-2015 9:07 pm EST
Well, we are always looking for active members. We might be full right now I'm not sure, I'll ask.
Rock Hard MMA
10-22-2015 4:57 pm EST
Not as much as your mother!
10-21-2015 8:14 pm EST
See me in real life an get your shit slept. Keyboard warrior. I aint ever been no sucka BITCH
GNP 247
10-14-2015 1:33 pm EST
pite meh faghit
Kiwi brawlers
10-9-2015 8:45 pm EST
Kiwi brawlers coming for you boy!!
8-14-2015 8:41 pm EST
The american sausage marcus morrison is on fire at the moment and has just signed a contract with goliath.
8-1-2015 4:06 am EST
That was emotional
7-18-2015 2:28 am EST
Hey zensation I need to know if you still want to be part of T.R.T if yes post on my wall and need to actively post in the sub forum
6-21-2015 12:20 pm EST
Hey, can you stop by the Alliance forums today? Thanks.
4-8-2015 8:03 pm EST
The mega cock won cage gladiators championship.
4-8-2015 2:50 pm EST
Grant miles is on fire at the moment on a 9 fight winning streak he is destroying anyone stupid enough to step in front of him with his great all round mma skills and dynamic boxing ability. Only problem is he might retire before he gets to efc. But he plans to take many scalps on the road to retirement.
3-6-2015 3:14 am EST
Zenex fighter tiago alves.. Is doing very well.. He has great boxing jujitsu and wrestling skills..
2-20-2015 2:18 pm EST
Keep an eye out on zenexes new recruit branden fields aka strawberry fields. Hes a boxer with good speed and on a one fight win streak with no losses.. Holler!
1-31-2015 4:23 pm EST
Hey,you skipped Sonny Hughes for Prel LW Title shot.
1-13-2015 7:23 pm EST
I just looked bro and it says you are apart of us.
1-13-2015 7:21 pm EST
You are blocked from Unchained?
1-12-2015 10:59 pm EST
Hey bro where have u been? You haven't checked in the alliance forum yet. We are Unchained if you forgot.
12-24-2014 11:27 am EST
the zenex corporation wishes you a merry xmas.
12-20-2014 6:50 am EST
he s a special recruit (cf game news in menu): i have recruiting him with these stats and pop.
12-20-2014 6:50 am EST
he s a special recruit (cf game news in menu): i have recruiting him with these stats and pop.
12-5-2014 12:18 pm EST
zenex has reached efc. spread the word.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
10-28-2014 5:46 pm EST
The other thing that might help is your fight/org selection. I try to only fight guys near my fighters ID# when they are first starting out. Fighting against guys that way out stat you is a recipe for a loss. Also, I will hold my guys back a bit if their stats are a bit low for the next organization level. Just give them a bit of time to catch up to others in the org. Finally, this isn't necessary, but it helps - building a secondary style will help throw your opponents off.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
10-28-2014 5:43 pm EST
Okay, a few things, a big thing in this game is weight. You tend to fight with anyone you recruit, and while there are good fighters under weight, they are fighting an uphill battle. You want your fighter to be as close to the max weight in his weight class (35 pounds over). I will usually cut anyone that's under 18 pounds over or less. So for each weight class like this - LW: 175+ WW: 190+ MW: 205+ LHW: 225+ HW: 270+.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
10-25-2014 6:08 pm EST
Hey, don't take this the wrong way - but if you want I can help you get better at this game. I don't mind, man. You've been pretty cool to me. I think you've got a bad rep and don't deserve it too much.
9-15-2014 6:33 pm EST
I denied your title challenges in jungle scrap with chuck Howard because your guys are both on losing streaks...reputable camps honor in org winning streaks with quality of wins mixed in
Who Knew
9-9-2014 5:36 pm EST
You're the one with the racist name. Never ask me for a fight. Don't spam challenge me either, understand?
Jorge Silva
Black Cadge MMA
9-8-2014 6:23 am EST
No problem, completely understandable. I'm glad to see you changed your opinion about young vs old fighters. I haven't been getting any of those types of challenges from you anymore. Fair play.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
8-25-2014 3:47 pm EST
Once your guy is already low, yea - you send mostly fights to younger fighters. Before that, it helps a lot if you fight guys near your fighters age. That's how I've been having some success. You seem like a solid coach, I think once you get some selective matches going you could start destroying divisions.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
8-25-2014 7:55 am EST
Stat crushing is where you have super stated guys but mostly just send fights to guys who have no stats, or are really low in the rankings constantly. If you do it a couple times it doesn't hurt, but doing it a bunch it fucks up your fighters ranking. Losing to a guy ranked >2500 kills your ranking. So, the incentive to fight them constantly isn't there.
8-21-2014 1:23 am EST
Well as I was reading it I was sure I won that, your fighter is very lucky this game likes to rob people sometimes.
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-13-2014 12:46 pm EST
a fighter with 49 fights with 12 fights is easy
7-1-2014 4:21 pm EST
Tournament is up and ready, enter your best 16 figters that will destroy me then, i bet you won't even enter, IF you have the guts to put 16 fighters in then tell me when you've done it
3-27-2014 12:30 pm EST
Hey- ITC's doing a Coach's Career Challenge if your interested drop by the subforum and sign up. Thx.
3-17-2014 12:54 pm EST
Cool. I'll give you access to our subforum.
3-16-2014 12:39 pm EST
Are you still interested in ITC? If so, just let me know your forum username.
3-4-2014 11:55 am EST
Cool. Just let me know your forum username. If you haven't just create one and let me know it. Then I'll give you access to the ITC subforum.
3-4-2014 5:26 am EST
If you want to join ITC, just leave me a msg on my wall and I can add you to the subforum as I'm of the mods for ITC.
2-28-2014 4:49 am EST
Hey i found you bro go to the forums and click on International Takeover Commission and state that IP Man asked for you to come from SFC
Brandon Coats
The BCs
2-24-2014 3:23 pm EST
well your teams doing better off then mine so keep up the good work
1988 Top Team
2-13-2014 1:21 pm EST
I actually don't know much about punches in bunches. If your training up boxing just add power and brawling and use swing for the fences. But like the guy below me said, you should just stick with 8pts. Just train Muay Thai,speed,footwork,power. Then if you want to add a secondary, just get your kickboxing up and use 8pts/high kick kill shot.
Brandon Coats
The BCs
2-12-2014 3:48 pm EST
you should utilize secondary styles and pin which areas you need to train for your primary and secondary style... i see your using 8 point you should take your comrades help they are leaving you.
Brandon Coats
The BCs
2-12-2014 3:48 pm EST
you should utilize secondary styles and pin which areas you need to train for your primary and secondary style... i see your using 8 point you should take your comrades help they are leaving you.
1988 Top Team
2-6-2014 2:45 pm EST
No problem, feel free to ask any questions you have.
Camp Connect
2-5-2014 6:26 pm EST
flying subs is 8ts weakness
1988 Top Team
2-5-2014 12:49 am EST
Hey I see your training all your stats up. If you need help let me know. It seems like your useing 8pts(Muay Thai) you don't need to train anything besides Muay Thai, speed, footwork and power for 8pts.
11-11-2013 1:01 am EST