Kentucky FC

Last Online - Saturday 17th of April 2021
Display Name Chubby
Member Since May 31, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 5497-4771


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8-26-2018 12:45 pm EST
did i send the challenge for the title? No, LCM did and i accepted. Why he sent it i don't know.
8-15-2018 11:40 pm EST
Don't worry bud! I'm sure that's just the beginning of the coming 'gone from 12-2 ' to 14-18 that I always experience lol
7-30-2018 11:36 pm EST
I love kentucky fried chicken... so good
Kentucky Fury
8-31-2016 5:16 pm EST
im pretty much new, around 08 i played a little pit with another account but i had no idea what i was doing
Kentucky Fury
8-29-2016 11:33 pm EST
hay another Kentucky team hello
BJ Dwinell
Team Birdman
5-30-2016 12:40 pm EST
I guess I deserve that ko after spanking your butt haha...Duane has learned a lesson
1-12-2016 8:52 am EST
The Duck is angry at you. >:(|)
8-20-2015 9:47 am EST
You think you can help me out with this game mate? please . Good fight as well man. Just have no idea what im doing
5-25-2015 9:37 pm EST
This camp is now run by thesnake101.
Goodkid MMA
3-12-2014 5:39 pm EST
I used him strictly as a trainer. I decided to have him fight so I signed to an org, got a win, bought it out after getting higher popularity. Etc, etc, etc... It makes it so I move my guy up ASAP. I don't like staying in Lotc/Prel for 4 fights per contract. I don't like can crushing. Other coaches use the same method. When you build your 3 stat fighters, you don't have to stay in the org for the full contract if you get a win. I just buy out the contract and move up.
2-28-2014 2:04 pm EST
Rank means squat. He had a better win streak fighting in the org that the belt was in.
Heart FC
12-24-2013 4:14 pm EST
Merry Christmas.
11-21-2012 7:39 pm EST
haha kk i love the PtP its actually really strong
10-20-2012 3:47 am EST
Well i also like your attitude bro, Heart Fc and Littleboy FC are very good camps but i never new that you owned them both. Im back now and i see you in my orgs everynow and again so feel free to challenge me and we can start having these wars again lol.Peace.
10-19-2012 9:17 am EST
so your chubby? dam my bad for the hate comments before....Live long and prosper!
10-17-2012 8:57 am EST
No problem lol and ya I used to play this way back in the day and just got back into it now. And no this is my only camp
10-15-2012 5:58 pm EST
awesome camp name
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
10-7-2012 8:07 am EST
Thanks for the fights as of recently, you have a nice camp going!
Who Knew
10-4-2012 5:21 pm EST
You know what, you're right. I didn't know I was going to fight him, but he kept winning. I should have moved him up, but did not want to buy him out. I apologize.
9-17-2012 11:20 am EST
you and your HKK , right GnP here i come.
9-8-2012 6:49 am EST
cheers bro I hope he is. :) Turbo
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
6-13-2012 5:40 pm EST
you from Kentucky?
4-30-2012 1:11 am EST
Message to belly, I wooped his ass twice, so there u orphan
4-22-2012 11:30 am EST
chubby, sent u a pm on forum!
Flying Armbars
3-12-2012 8:52 am EST
ahh shoulda figured that with the fc lol
Flying Armbars
3-11-2012 10:15 pm EST
is this timmyz?
3-11-2012 2:53 pm EST
Greetings from Serbia!Thanks for your hospitality.This is a great game,but i am still a beginner.Good luck to you,too!!
scott cooley
3-10-2012 5:55 pm EST
youre a good sport. i like you. one day we can have a snow cone or something
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
3-7-2012 5:27 pm EST
Yeah, I accepted the auto challenge with him, could not resist. Had to defend it once I got it. I am gonna train him up a bit before fighting again.
scott cooley
3-5-2012 2:24 pm EST
on a serious note i only said that bc i hate wardog and you have been whoopin my butt lately. but remember in a few months i will be wiping the floor with your ass....see ya soon.
scott cooley
3-4-2012 5:28 pm EST
so who won outta wardog and kfc???? hopefully you guys both imploded and the authorities could not find any identifiable body parts....love BELLY
2-24-2012 6:15 pm EST
Hell, KFC is gonna start training Sambo on top of everything else.
12-27-2011 2:46 pm EST
Haha yeah like my other guy fucked you up in the 1st, I doubt that
12-25-2011 7:48 am EST
Man stop protecting that record and fight me! You may win,you may lose but man your fighting chumps that are lower than me, I'm calling you out.
12-24-2011 3:49 am EST
Haha yeah that's not the reason though is it;) whatever you'll lose it no matter what.
Mister Judo
12-16-2011 1:34 pm EST
lol! sorry bud. hes a light fighter. to light for my standards. i have something to cheer ya up! are u on the forums? if so id like to invite u to my alliance. if ur interested let me know :)