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Last Online - Sunday 19th of September 2021
Display Name ThePandaMan
Member Since Dec 29, 2013
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Overall Record 2596-2834


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Who Knew
2-19-2022 3:03 pm EST
Come back bro!
Pressure MMMA
1-3-2017 9:30 pm EST
Have a few prospects in each camp looking good brother. Yea I have to build my gyms Turnstiles has no stat more then three That seems to be the plan ...I am thinking trying a hkks and AA switch
Pressure MMMA
1-3-2017 3:36 pm EST
Sup playa how's it going on your end?
Pressure MMMA
1-2-2017 7:57 pm EST
Thanks bro, it had its ups and downs. Santiago on my other account is tanking hardcore... thinking of a style switch
12-20-2016 2:33 pm EST
Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.
Camp Connect
9-30-2016 7:21 pm EST
Thanks definitely worth a try
12-25-2015 1:51 pm EST
He has been redeemed!
8-20-2014 4:19 am EST
One guy's "work" is another guy's "fun". We'll agree to disagree.
8-18-2014 6:40 pm EST
I don't do that much homework with it man. The guy was undefeated in his last 4-5 fights. That's all I ever look at. This game is fun to me...don't wanna make it too much like work :)
Monster M M A
8-14-2014 8:11 am EST
With a successful run in mma and being monster mmas first EFC champ, Chepe Perez, takes over monster mma after 9 long years in retirement. His first plan as head coach is to move the gym and its members to Greece where he now resides. Aug 2393
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
7-12-2014 8:47 pm EST
What's good, my man? I just recently got back - trying to build some trainers. Gettin my ass kicked. How's your camp?
7-3-2014 8:09 pm EST
grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.
6-5-2014 3:24 pm EST
What is your name on the forums?
Flying Armbars
5-3-2014 9:23 am EST
ya the kickers will have the new style. im considering dropping ippon and using 2 striking styles
4-18-2014 11:59 am EST
Thanks for the fights lately
4-16-2014 5:59 pm EST
Game of Thrones > Everything Else
4-15-2014 1:54 pm EST
teach me the ways old wise one
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
3-27-2014 8:14 am EST
Thanks brotha!
Monster M M A
12-31-2013 5:06 am EST
Fueled By Monster Energy