Murder Muay Thai

Last Online - Saturday 30th of September 2023
Display Name Russianthai
Member Since Feb 9, 2014
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Overall Record 601-431


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4-22-2015 1:55 am EST
Always fun fighting you, plus the more camps the better around here :) im struggling to run 2 atm tho!
4-21-2015 4:20 am EST
Glad to see this camp back RT :)
5-21-2014 1:25 am EST
You gonna watch GLORY Last Man Standing next month? One night 8 man tourney with Wayne Barrett, Bogdan Stoica, Artem Levin, Simon Marcus, Melvin Manhoef and others, it's gonna be crazy with those 5 in it! Think Bazooka Joe is also fighting on thr card but i'm not sure.
5-21-2014 1:20 am EST
Certainly did, loved how Davis did nothing but talk about Jones before the fight and then got dominated like that. Rumble fight Lil Nog next, i expect another solid performance from Mr Johnson. I'd like to see Rumble vs Manuwa at some point.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-4-2014 6:35 pm EST
Thanks man. Appreciate the nice words. I am struggling now but re learning the game again. Send a challenge any time!
5-4-2014 5:36 pm EST
If you like his name..Then why the hell did you beat him!! Let him win one for God's sake!!
Who Knew
4-26-2014 6:18 pm EST