Rock Hard MMA

Last Online - Saturday 15th of June 2024
Display Name Andymac666
Member Since Jun 30, 2008
Active Record 214-168
Overall Record 5476-6517


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3-9-2024 4:28 pm EST
Awesome camp man.
Professor Ex
Corinthians MMA
5-8-2021 1:17 pm EST
Good point about the weight I didnt even notice, thanks and congrats on the win
2-26-2021 2:25 am EST
Awesome man, good to see you back, you back in DBA on the forums?
2-25-2021 4:12 am EST
Yeh I think OZ and NZ and others handled it really well and took the obvious steps, unfortunately weve got an incompetent bunch of cunts in charge who are just using their power to milk money into their pockets and their mates pockets, handing out contracts to friends companies for stuff they dont even specialise in! Thats just one issue tho with this lot tho, google could easily list of hundreds of issues with the corrupt cunts! Anyway, whats brought you back :)
2-25-2021 1:36 am EST
oh nice, thats not bad at all bud, you quite far away from the bigger parts of OZ? This country has been a shit show since the start, were currently on lockdown 3, with a plan to be out fully by june, but probably gonna see lockdown 4 by then! Government need rounding up and killing off lol
2-24-2021 6:08 am EST
u guys back to normal now over in OZ?
2-24-2021 4:04 am EST
Welcome back bud :D
8-18-2018 11:15 am EST
Damn horrible decision you kicked my ass "Mateo zoric"
8-18-2018 5:06 am EST
You will be in top form before you know it. "Never Surrender!"
1-2-2017 6:30 pm EST
Hey, Andy. Just stopped by for a visit. Nobody was home but I looked about anyway. With your belts and alumni ranks it appears that you are progress quite well. Now go slay some more dragons! GL.
12-31-2016 4:43 am EST
crazy batlles this reset Andy ! thanks.
Flying Armbars
2-11-2016 8:41 am EST
Just lost 2 studs too retirement. Judokas looking better lol
2-9-2016 3:45 pm EST
Not in Uno smashing noobs. I don't fight anyone that age in lower orgs. Take him off the books and use him to train if he's a trainer, stop playing like a douche challenging 2 year olds.
Finesse Jess
12-10-2015 10:52 pm EST
Thanks man. I never thought I'd get EFC gold with this camp, but helps when you have old fighters in a shallow division lol but yeah definitely satisfying considering I don't have much for equipment.
12-8-2015 8:16 am EST
Climbing up the ladder there mate :)
denomic angels
denomic angels
11-22-2015 6:12 pm EST
thx 4 the advice i will do that
11-9-2015 9:05 pm EST
lol Saul Goodman
11-9-2015 6:43 pm EST
lol who is Saul Goodman?
10-22-2015 4:29 am EST
your camp sucks
9-10-2015 5:15 pm EST
I thought you were saying I was trying to feed sorry..it's been so long since if seen South Park it went right over my head.
8-22-2015 5:49 pm EST
Lets fight. Accept it homie
Oil Check MMA
7-27-2014 11:01 pm EST
hey nice camp bro. Welcome back.
Mister Judo
9-14-2012 9:16 am EST
new tourny on the forums! mod league season 3! sign up!
Flying Armbars
8-26-2012 3:33 pm EST
thats what its all about. success comes in time :)
Flying Armbars
8-25-2012 9:32 am EST
ur camps looking good andy!
Flying Armbars
7-31-2012 5:08 pm EST
ive pm'd u on the forums
Flying Armbars
7-30-2012 6:09 pm EST
if u signed up id be interested in having u join my alliance. let me know if ur interested
Wrestle Huck
Wrestle Vikings
7-30-2012 12:24 am EST
thnx for the fight mate, cru morris
Flying Armbars
7-26-2012 5:05 am EST
nice camp dude. u on the forums?