Last Online - Friday 30th of November 2018
Display Name Finesse Jess
Member Since Jan 17, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1122-1125


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Rock Hard MMA
12-10-2015 6:34 pm EST
Gratz on the first EFC belt man good fight
Finesse Jess
12-8-2015 10:28 am EST
After about 6 months, Mota has overcome its negative W/L ratio. 933-928 from 258-372
7-26-2015 4:41 pm EST
Join TRT alliance
7-24-2015 8:34 pm EST
welcome back, nice oldschool camp you got.
6-22-2015 5:44 am EST
I didn't think that you'll accept, I just tried again.
6-12-2015 4:32 pm EST
I like seeing your camp around. Thanks for the fights, man.
6-6-2015 3:38 pm EST
you toman anytime i run Team Smash and nCAA as well
6-3-2015 3:30 pm EST
Join Tokyo rowdy temple , only two places left. Create a forum name and pm me. Join the elite players. All top players are in one of the 7 alliances
1-21-2008 6:40 am EST
absolutely.. anytime