The Bus Riders

Last Online - Wednesday 13th of December 2023
Display Name Jbear
Member Since Nov 22, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 22255-17971


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7-1-2022 6:00 pm EST
hey jbear do you check the forums ever? i wanted to ask you something but idk if you use the forums anymore as its a ghost town.
5-25-2022 9:14 am EST
Hey Jbear your up for the HW title I auto challenge by mistake and it wont let me retract the fights... hope you get on and get the shot
2-10-2021 6:14 am EST
Hey, check out sfl forum when you can, alliance legend event coming up with rosters due 2/17
MMA Jeddah Club
12-10-2020 11:12 pm EST
Damn, Marcelo is really underrated! Good job and welcome back!
11-28-2020 2:21 pm EST
Thank you to Marcelo Luiz Ruiz for keeping this camp alive in my absence and allowing me to regain control at the end of 2020. Marcelo is a legend in my eyes. I'm forever grateful.
6-30-2018 6:59 pm EST
#1 in Camp Rankings - 30/06/2018
2-10-2017 4:58 pm EST
Helping to run this camp for a while (Marcelo Luiz Riz)
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-23-2014 4:06 pm EST
Comment comment comment. Graffiti graffiti graffiti :)
12-30-2013 8:18 am EST
Dead Game Revival Begins