Dungeon of Doom

Last Online - Friday 4th of March 2022
Display Name The Task Master
Member Since Nov 14, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 3054-2627


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9-29-2012 11:00 pm EST
Oh shit, not the YETTIIIII!!!!!
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-6-2012 3:44 pm EST
and only went to decision 4 times! IMO this record will never be broke. ppl tell me my camp sucks, but at least im the BEST at something! -FFF
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-6-2012 3:38 pm EST
ever see this guy? http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=811665
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
3-29-2012 1:21 pm EST
The Zodiak! Yes! No! Yes!
jimmy chin wynn
3-11-2012 6:37 pm EST
lol wrong person thought this was someone elses wall my bad
jimmy chin wynn
3-11-2012 5:25 pm EST
1-14-2012 2:14 pm EST
luis ramirez how about a rematch with ridrigo antonelli for the belt
1-7-2012 12:30 am EST
Wow the task master kevin sullivan. I havent thought about him in ages. Allthoe as a little kid i do remember the "no holds barred pin fall anywhere" matches with chris benoit in wcw. Fightin in the mens room. Haha sorry,thanks for takin me back in time. Lol. good camp keep truckin dude.
11-22-2011 4:39 pm EST
hey bro. wanna fight lambert with del again ? your guy seemed to get better and so did lambert. our rivalry has been awesome xD you down ? but..you have to get in ProXc .-.