Tok Fighting System

Last Online - Sunday 21st of May 2023
Display Name Tok
Member Since Jan 31, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 8591-8447


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10-19-2017 8:04 pm EST
Thanks tok :) that was a fun legends fight. Congrats on the win.
Samart Payakna
Samart Tiger Camp
7-3-2016 1:16 pm EST
Just a little question from a noob. I'd thank you very much if you solve this. How do you start the career of a fighter directly in an org of a tier superior to Shaato? I 've seen some fighters with 0 fights starting his career directly in Lord of the Cage, or even I barely remember if i have seen one fighter starting directly in an org of tier 3.
7-2-2016 11:40 pm EST
Tok fighting system is on all challenge mode !
Black Legion Fury
10-29-2015 4:13 pm EST
Thanks man! He started off as a trainer (hence the four star MA) and then figured, might as well give him some fights and here we are now.
9-11-2015 4:05 pm EST
Aint it you HKK that normally do me... I will fight anyone
8-17-2015 6:22 am EST
Yeah I really respect you as a coach and like fighting you. I felt the need to explain myself. Looking forward to future fights.
Itagaki Gym
4-25-2015 12:24 pm EST
yes, just a build i've been working on to fight kicking styles! thanks for noticing!
Itagaki Gym
4-25-2015 11:36 am EST
thanks tok, usually it's the other way around! just lucky today, perhaps. your striking camp is top 5!
6-12-2009 3:31 pm EST
I see you're 0-0 active record. Hit me up if you start playing again. I finally got some EFC gold lol.
5-26-2009 6:14 am EST
It seems you don't log on any more, but if you check at all just do me a favor and bookmark www.realityse.com. JC & I are getting our stuff together and JC will be up and running in 3-6 month. If it's just a logo, just be patient. It will be uploaded when fully completed.
3-8-2009 11:32 pm EST
Agreed, but I trained Lucas Davis Wrestling & Sambo for like 3 weeks each & couldn't get it higher then 2.75. So I desided to move to JJ & it worked lol. The funny thing is Lucas loses with JJ, he only wins with PL, GnP or Slam. I'm not worried though, my young guys are starting to work how you said they would. :D
3-7-2009 5:21 pm EST
LoL! Not bad at all man. Yea I got a few guys up to 3.25 but my "good fighters" can't seem to train over 2.75. They all seem to have a cap of some sort.
2-19-2009 6:41 am EST
Check your inbox on the forums
2-18-2009 12:42 pm EST
Argao is alright but I had to train the crap out of his Con to get him to make weight. Bozano looks ok too but he's your typical striker who has the possibility to lose to any grappler. Miki looked pretty impressive. I can't get to top 5 in the org :P
2-18-2009 6:02 am EST
Yea, man it keeps me busy. I can't complain. My camps finally starting to produce so it's making it more interesting. Take a look at Lucas Davis 18-1 start... what a lost cause lol
1-29-2009 1:24 pm EST
thanks bro, great fight..
1-28-2009 10:45 pm EST
ISAO MIKI FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! champ in deh makang
Jimmy Cricket
Camp No Worries
11-23-2008 10:02 am EST
No worries bro, I have had a couple guys that couldnt really hang in the bigs so they had to stay in the middle orgs. I know how it feels to get the 5 Ds. Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive & DODGE.
10-29-2008 8:41 pm EST
I haven't heard anything fomr JC since it closed...the old website won't even work anymore :( my forum account is still vanpeebles, but i rarelly get on there these days. I think all of us are just going to blend in here and find a new game to conquer good luck with everything man!!
10-28-2008 7:47 pm EST
Tok!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its BVS/Vanpeebles from JC. I got a message from R. Godier, and followed the bread crumb trail all the way to you! Whats up?? It seems alot of us have moved over here without me even realizing.
10-28-2008 11:22 am EST
Thanks man, I know you're the same. /;) Good luck in future.
Junior Madden
Toronto Fighting
9-20-2008 11:13 am EST
What up tok. its R Godier from Jc. Put the junnior name as a joke lol. Looks like you got this shit figured out. my msn/email is rgodier91@hotmail.com hit me up and help me learn this game out. only reason i have done good is cuz i come online alot and earn money to buy good equipment. as far as styles go im semi clueless. hope to hear from you and hope everything is good with you. ttyl hopefully
9-13-2008 2:20 pm EST
Hey man, CGodier from JungleChaos. Nice collection of belts /;)
team gorilla
9-4-2008 10:42 pm EST
Paul Inosanto
JKD MMA Concepts
8-22-2008 10:47 am EST
Thanks man, looking at your camp, it's just a matter of time until you grab an EFC belt! Your Delirium set is a nice feat as well!
Yoshihiro Aoki
Shanghai Samurais
8-20-2008 1:00 pm EST
my name is Ken Taketomo, i fight in Shaato and i wan't a shot at your belt im ranked number five at 11-5.
Hawaiian Pride
Tap Out Or Nap Out
8-8-2008 2:01 pm EST
haha,yeah man,I love chicken katsu.Especially with sweet and sour sauce :) We eat it here all the time in hawaii. Nice collection of belts.
Paul Inosanto
JKD MMA Concepts
8-8-2008 4:02 am EST
Thanks a lot! A real fight is much more fun than taking easy wins...
7-14-2008 10:04 am EST
im actually glad you lost to the "Spartan", now i got to kick his ass and get that EFC gold!!
team gorilla
7-9-2008 3:55 pm EST
yeah i know junglechaos and i love to play there also but i really dont have more time now but if i have, im going to try there...goodluck to you and your camp...
team gorilla
7-9-2008 3:53 pm EST
thanks man..i hope i get all the belt but it will be hard as hell...
team gorilla
7-8-2008 10:45 pm EST
you also got a nice belt collection...
team gorilla
7-8-2008 10:44 pm EST
zup tok...im not the gorilla from the jungle chaos
Satoshi Fukuoka
5-25-2008 9:59 am EST
Good to hear there's other people on, I'll definitely hit them up. I was scared fighting Takahama, he's got killer statistics and a good record. Good luck to you, let's meet up in EFC
Satoshi Fukuoka
5-24-2008 9:02 am EST
Matthew Phelan, formerly Nikon Mironov. Good to see someone else from JC on here
Satoshi Fukuoka
5-21-2008 11:35 am EST
Are you Tok from Jungle Chaos?