Sevastian "Future Man" Nurmagomedov - Stats

Org    -
Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Samara Top Team
Record 101-25    
KO Win % 29
Sub Win % 29
Division FW Weight 180 lbs
Age 422 Born Jul 2575
Years Pro 394 Recruit Date Dec 2603
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank #2
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
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Kowboy Killers
3-31-2018 8:05 pm EST
I hate this guy. Stanislav has never beaten him and would be a dominant champ were he in a different division.
3-26-2018 10:42 am EST
Wow I finally got you once....Thanks for the shot
3-20-2018 11:34 am EST
I hate you so much
2-1-2018 7:46 am EST
Nice little Trilogy early on in their careers. Hopefully we shall meet again in higher tiers. Gotta remember his name so I can ignore him until Tier 3 lol. Gotta keep that 2-1 advantage.