Gabriel "Sosa" Vargas - Stats

Org    -
Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Darcio Lira BTJJ
Record 113-39    
KO Win % 22
Sub Win % 45
Division FLY Weight 159 lbs
Age 449 Born Sep 2548
Years Pro 426 Recruit Date Nov 2571
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank #1
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
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9-24-2017 3:32 pm EST
This guy is an absolute legend, Happy Dan Pickett has managed to beat him
Tap or Sleep
9-17-2017 8:40 am EST
Thanks for the shot and good fight.
9-13-2017 7:16 am EST
Thank you for the shot.. Dan Pickett
9-12-2017 9:11 am EST
must 1-8 on those title shot against sosa with abel, what a kickass LOL
9-8-2017 4:41 pm EST
Dan Pickett wants the belt
8-28-2017 9:37 am EST
probably have the shot this reset Phreak, will wait for it
8-8-2017 6:03 am EST
Just so you know as to where your fighter stands, I went PG/PG.
7-26-2017 4:24 am EST
well that was quite a fight.. dan pickett