Last Online - Sunday 6th of March 2011
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Krazy Krackers
12-13-2016 12:48 pm EST
Hi dickhead
2-22-2011 9:54 am EST
yes i did, but the two things you related in fact had nothing to do with each other. To spend the ten dollars on it two years seem to be as good of a value as any game i ever bought for a platform. And thank you for informing me of my sexuality.
2-22-2011 7:34 am EST
just so you know, you don't have to have spent money on the game to have a career record like mine. the two things are in no way related. and thanks for letting me know i need a girl. I really appreciate that advice.
2-21-2011 5:04 pm EST
see now we had are fight now were done and it was a good one too ur fighters one of 2 guys who jaws didnt finish and the other one was unanimous
2-21-2011 8:32 am EST
at least i ca spell what is fxxx
2-20-2011 4:59 pm EST
i didnt have a problem but now i do, i did send you a challenge and you didnt take it now your poppin off at me especialy when you ducked me again? why dont you shut the hell up and win a title better then pankrash then you can talk shit
2-20-2011 3:24 pm EST
no at the time i sent the challenge my fighter was the champ and you know this unlessvyou cant see colors
2-12-2011 8:07 am EST
2-4-2011 4:45 pm EST
hit me up when ever ill go HD vs Roger 3 lol
ground pound
2-4-2011 1:15 am EST
my bad, i didnt get a chance to get on. can i still get the shot?
2-2-2011 4:21 pm EST
2-2-2011 7:14 am EST
And if THAT wasn't bad enough, you're making fun of me for my best guy having 11 wins, and 3 losses, while YOUR top guys have double the wins, but double the losses too! Not only that, but your entire camp is a duck job! I feel like I've been punk'd!
2-2-2011 7:10 am EST
OH, and if that wasn't bad enough, you've been running your camp ten days longer than I've been running this one. AND, even worse, I never spent real money on this game, the guy before me that ran this camp did. I've had GEC belts. Your RR belts don't mean jack shit to me. You're just upset because I'm better than you in every way possible.
2-2-2011 7:07 am EST
Oh, and my best fighter that's 11-3 was ALSO the same one that KO'd your guy in one round. Keep talkin, it's amusing.
2-2-2011 7:06 am EST
And your best fighter is in WC. Lmfao you think you mean shit to me? You're the one taking the time to duck my guys.
1-26-2011 4:52 pm EST
We can do a rematch any time you like. - Ryo Arai
1-21-2011 10:45 am EST
haha it happens I had an old account but forgot the password so i had to start over so if you need tips n stuff man i'll review your fighters n stuff.
All Out Attack
1-19-2011 2:18 pm EST
nice, gl in the future champ....
All Out Attack
1-19-2011 2:11 pm EST
im trying but noone fights...
1-17-2011 12:12 pm EST
You'll have your revenge on tonight reset if you wishes!
1-16-2011 3:24 am EST
The guy didnt sign in. You would have gotten the shot. :( Good news though. Riggs meets all my criteria this reset for #1 contender so good luck. Still hope to see you on the forums. There is a bunch to do there that adds a whole new dimension to the game.
1-15-2011 5:06 pm EST
You can just leave the challenge up. I will check when i get home from work about an hour before reset. If I haven't fought by then I will accept your challenge.
1-15-2011 5:04 pm EST
Fair play. I'm rooting that the other guy forgets to sign on then. :)
1-15-2011 4:52 pm EST
Now that challenge is a much more appropriate one. However there is 1 fighter in the org on a 3 fight win streak of pankrase fights who also fought last reset. To me that makes you #2 contender with this new challenger. If you want to leave that challenge up til just before reset I will be more than happy to accept it, if the #1 contender hasn't accepted by then. You really could learn a lot from the forums beside this. You should consider it.
1-15-2011 4:44 pm EST
j will explain his standards for title shots i dont know what else to tell you but talkin shit like you are doesnt help you in fact itll make your situation worse you gotta remember these are real people your talkin to not so me computers in a video game please go to the forums if you need any other info on why your not gettin the title shot right now.
1-15-2011 4:43 pm EST
ok bro, you dont get title shots becuase your the highest rank in an org it may seem like that but everyone has different standards on title shots and right now your fighter doesnt meet jb's, if you want a shot you cant be coming off a loss that doesnt help you at all do you see that happening alot in actual MMA? if you want to know these standards JB is on the speak box on the forum right now i am too if you want to you can make a forum account unless you already have one if you do get on and
1-15-2011 4:35 pm EST
Visit the forum chat right now and we can politely discuss how title shots are generally decided. Your attitude certainly isn't helping your case at the moment.
1-15-2011 4:30 pm EST
you dont deserve the shot from j your fighter is coming off a loss he doesnt give people gifted title shots just because you can challenge for the title doesnt mean you are the number 1 contendor get on a win streak then maybe youll be deserving
1-15-2011 4:24 pm EST
You have no idea what you are talking about.
1-14-2011 4:20 am EST
In the fight last night you were nt on but my team came victory for the title :D
1-12-2011 6:35 pm EST
just send me the challenge and ill see wats up
1-12-2011 6:34 pm EST
which one of your guys do u want to put up against hack?
1-12-2011 3:40 pm EST
wats up then who u want to fight from my camp?