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Last Online - Sunday 20th of April 2014
Display Name Felix Silva
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Mister Judo
9-15-2011 7:39 am EST
np dude. are u on the forums?
Felix Silva
Team Nature
12-13-2010 2:05 pm EST
Joselio Gracie and Frei Civita fought through a similar path and both became WVA champions while being undefeated at 7-0 simultaneously. I thought that was interesting to point out. It's probably safe to say that their paths as fighters will change soon enough.
Jack the Accountant
Hit Stuff
12-8-2010 5:09 pm EST
Thanks for the shot.
2-9-2010 5:03 pm EST
yeah i usually dont miss weight that much lol
7-8-2009 3:45 pm EST
What can I say...he's a beast. :-)
5-25-2009 11:04 am EST
i have no clue what the hell you are talking about ur gonna have tell me what fight you are talking about ?
We Do Armbars
3-3-2009 4:41 pm EST
Your welcome dude, Seems my guy is taking advantage of the longer fights.
lennith Ray
1-24-2009 6:39 pm EST
I want a chance at your belt...
Enik Schleestack
Land of the Lost Gym
1-1-2009 4:23 pm EST
Forgot to switch styles.