Last Online - Thursday 30th of November 2023
Display Name Snake
Member Since Jan 9, 2014
Active Record 187-135
Overall Record 13331-12969


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Who Knew
11-1-2021 7:20 pm EST
Snake, sign up for my event on the forums bro!
6-4-2021 6:27 pm EST
Thanks man. I updated them. Ill give the league a shot lol. My online bets do fairly well so I should be able to compete I think. Well see what happens.
4-16-2021 11:20 pm EST
thank you brotha, will do!
3-12-2021 6:11 am EST
I am. Not too active on the forums though. No problem on the shot.
12-10-2016 9:51 pm EST
12-10/11-2016 Never forgetti
9-29-2016 2:31 am EST
My opinion > Your opinion. Forever and Always.
Camp Connect
9-27-2016 7:51 am EST
Thanks Plan on fighting more Legends with you
7-13-2016 11:02 am EST
When I took over for duke he was at prel level in pop and I tried to keep him in prel but his pop was so high that it voided the renewal and sent me to efc anyways
6-6-2016 4:47 am EST
Don't forget Kumite recruiting starts today! Please recruit a HWT either this reset of next and post in the forums.
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
5-19-2016 4:29 pm EST
well that was inevitable lol
4-16-2016 5:16 pm EST
got the belt now anyway but thanks
4-16-2016 5:14 pm EST
i work bro thats why i missed resets. life you know
Vi Kings MMA
Vi Kings MMA
2-21-2016 7:45 pm EST
Thanks for the tip
King Kittan
Black Siblings
2-10-2016 4:46 pm EST
Awesome rematch dude
King Kittan
Black Siblings
2-10-2016 4:45 pm EST
Trip Ingram vs Mitch Roberts XXX heavyweight title rematch, it was a split decision, i dont think you'll take it again
10-8-2015 7:34 pm EST
Bro your a bitch. Fuck your WLOF Belt you fucking weenie. I talk shit to make it fun. We can have a rematch??
9-16-2015 4:21 pm EST
Thanks for letting me know that. It does make a difference. Respect.
8-20-2015 4:15 pm EST
why can't i beat you? WHY!!!!
7-16-2015 1:28 pm EST
Read my comment from the 1st of July.
7-16-2015 11:01 am EST
Don't get mouthy with me. Has nothing to do with childish.
7-1-2015 3:29 pm EST
Oh I see. Like I said don't joke with spoilers though. Just be cool. Can't risk that you know what I mean?
7-1-2015 3:09 pm EST
They didn't say anything just be cool around Chief like he just said down in your camp comments. Cant joke about spoilers or any of that.
7-1-2015 12:15 pm EST
You'll be back tomorrow. Just watch what you say to me. I'm not very reasonable.
Penn nation
6-20-2015 6:55 pm EST
I check occasionally. My email doesn't work for some reason
8-27-2014 4:45 am EST
Ok man, you're in Chaos Crew now. Welcome! Be sure to log into the forums and introduce yourself in the Chaos Crew Board, which is located where it says MMAliance. Be sure to check our stat guides and our stat theories to see which builds have worked for us. Again, welcome.
8-26-2014 5:23 pm EST
Sure. Alliances are sort of like "guilds" or "clans" in this game. Our alliance, Chaos Crew, is currently trying to figure out numerous styles and how they match up against others and what makes them work. We also have tournaments every once and awhile, and we just had an Alliance battle with another one, which is sort of like a clan war. We just have some players that have been playing the game for a long time and we're trying to help each other out, have fun, and look for new people to ad
8-26-2014 1:13 pm EST
Ok cool are you familiar with alliances? I can let you into Chaos Crew if you'd like. If you are unfamiliar with alliances I'd be happy to explain.
8-25-2014 4:33 pm EST
Are you on the forums? The alliance I'm in could use some good camps and I can let you in if you're interested.
8-23-2014 10:00 pm EST
Yeah it was a good fight. Smart move going PiB, wasn't expecting that.