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Special Attraction - Legend Fight
Heavyweight (265lbs)

Derrell "Overachiever" Collins
Team Collateral Damage
Chop Down
Highest Rank: #6
Record: 50 - 21
Jan "The Annihilator" Abicht
Blue Baby MMA
Push the Pace
Highest Rank: #1
Record: 72 - 33

Round 1
Jan sends Derrell Collins to the mat with a well timed jab, falling into his guard. "Overachiever" gives up guard avoiding a powerful hammer fist. He now has half guard. Jan Abicht tries to pull his leg out of half guard, but no luck. Derrell hits an upward elbow on Abicht, and attempts to get to full guard. During the scramble though Abicht takes side control. Abicht lands a few stiff elbows from side control. Derrell Collins tries to get back to full guard, but has to settle with half guard. Derrell Collins tries to scramble out of half guard, but Jan Abicht takes his back during it. "The Annihilator" slides off to the side of "Overachiever" and lands several heavy knees into his ribs. Before he can lose the position, "The Annihilator" switches back to full back control. "Overachiever" carefully protects himself from Abichts strikes. Round 1 is over.

Round 2
Derrell Collins is staggered by a jab to the chin. Abicht attempts to press in on Derrell Collins but is met with powerful inside-leg kicks. The fighters circle each other. "The Annihilator" does a good job to circle away from Collins but becomes too predictable and Collins lands a switch kick to Jans ribs. "The Annihilator" throws a wild punch, putting him off balance. A few well timed strikes from Derrell puts "The Annihilator" on the mat giving his back up. The ref stops the fight as the round comes to an end.

Round 3
Derrell gets hit with a strong punch, putting him to the mat, but he recovers just in time to give up his back. "Overachiever" tries to stand up but "The Annihilator" plants him back down with several strikes. Derrell is able to make it back to the standing position. "Overachiever" takes a punch and goes to the mat, Abicht pounces into side control. "Overachiever" recovers quickly. Jan attempts an armbar, but Collins stops the attempt. Jan uses the oppurtunity to take mount. "The Annihilator" punishes Derrell with a series of strikes from the mount. Jan Abicht maintains mount but laying some well timed strikes. The bell signals the end of round 3.

Round 4
"Overachiever" pushes away from "The Annihilator" and lands a strong chopping kick to the lead leg. Collins takes a punch and goes to the mat, Abicht pounces into side control. Collins recovers quickly. Abicht lands a few stiff elbows from side control. Derrell Collins gives his back up in an attempt to get out of side control. Derrell tries to explode out the backdoor but Jan Abicht sinks in both hooks, continually landing outside strikes. Derrell falls flat to protect himself. Jan Abicht lands undefended strikes to the side of Derrell Collinss head. The ref stops the fight.

Jan "The Annihilator" Abicht wins by TKO (Ref Stoppage)