Skip Lange - Stats

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Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Kiflas Camp
Record 94-20    
KO Win % 45
Sub Win % 7
Division HW Weight 277 lbs
Age 957 Born Mar 2041
Years Pro 1048 Recruit Date Dec 1949
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank -
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
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6-26-2015 11:23 am EST
cheers for the fight skip
Sick Puppy MMA
4-14-2015 2:39 pm EST
good battle and good luck
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-6-2015 7:43 am EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix. .
Goodkid MMA
8-28-2014 6:36 pm EST
Has to be a fluke win.
3-23-2013 12:19 pm EST
greatest mmarmy fighter ever
2-26-2011 4:35 am EST
Wow -- What a history in this guy. Very nice! Thanks for the link.
12-9-2010 5:27 pm EST
i think he's the best ever , bro !
11-2-2010 8:14 am EST
In 92 fights my guy was only stopped twice, never as fast as Skip just did it, amazing
8-22-2010 11:06 pm EST
Yeah, there is nobody more impressive than him :(
Team Masquerade
6-21-2010 3:23 pm EST
Best fighter there's ever been, past and present.
Sizzerb MMA
3-16-2010 9:33 pm EST
greatest fighter ever... you have 46 wins in EFC, thats crazy
No Surrender
2-19-2010 6:04 am EST
amazing fight! suprised cookie got the SD
2-5-2010 10:09 am EST
hey...their were skittles in there
Elite Evolution
12-9-2009 5:45 am EST
This guy is a tank.
12-8-2009 11:23 am EST
Skip "The Summer" Lange
Andy G Miller
AGM Fight Camp
10-16-2009 10:17 am EST
this guy is insane
10-16-2009 6:48 am EST
Still check this guy out from time to time lol I can't believe I beat this MAMMOUTH 3x for the strap, luck I swear!
KP Keough
Beast Mode
9-6-2009 11:29 pm EST
And to think, he lost his first fight. Imagine if you got impatient and retired him?!
6-11-2009 2:15 pm EST
K Rich
K Rich
6-10-2009 12:17 pm EST
There will never be another more dominant
SnaPs N TaPs
6-10-2009 4:20 am EST
G O A T. I'd have to agree seeing as how he broke the record. Happy retirement dude. Glad to have began my career here at mmarmy and saw you dismantle your opponents..
6-9-2009 10:53 pm EST
Pit For Life
6-9-2009 2:48 pm EST
Glad I can say I saw this fighter!
Penns Pit
6-9-2009 2:15 pm EST
That was fun to watch, and be a part of.
Pi Phi Lambda
6-9-2009 10:59 am EST
Greatest I've ever seen! Glad to have been around to watch!
6-9-2009 8:53 am EST
Congrats Skip, G.O.A.T!! Got the record and then decided to rest. You'll be greatly missed at the top of the p4p rankings. Enjoy retirement!! :D
6-9-2009 6:03 am EST
Nice! Get the record then retire, cool. Well hey man IMO G.O.A.T enjoy that retirement....Kennedy will be there shortly :)
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
6-9-2009 4:52 am EST
by 5*
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
6-9-2009 4:50 am EST
mkick is only letting u beat the record by 1 haha..outstanding career..
6-9-2009 3:44 am EST
Great career buddy!
Penns Pit
6-8-2009 9:16 pm EST
Cali has two top 5 wins now. Ready to knock him out?
6-8-2009 7:04 pm EST
Congrats on Skip's success, Klok! GOAT! GOAT! GOAT!
Penns Pit
6-8-2009 7:01 pm EST
I think even people who are NOT vets appreciate what has been done here.
6-8-2009 6:56 pm EST
How fitting you get the record against lil ol me (John F). I think Skip and Kennedy will have much to talk about in the retirement home LOL Congrats my man it has definitely been a pleasure.
6-8-2009 6:48 pm EST
SKIIIPPP!!!! Congrats, absolutely insane. A million congratulations! Way to go man. Keep it up!!!
6-8-2009 6:44 pm EST
Grats klok, all the vets that have waited for this moment to happen im sure is going to be giving you props 1 by 1 as we have been waiting for the fighter to dethrone soups 45 total.
Penns Pit
6-8-2009 6:43 pm EST
YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I just posted a story about Skip in his thread!!
Hitmen MMA
6-8-2009 4:53 pm EST
I smell steroids.
6-8-2009 3:37 pm EST
i think MKick should do something special for little Skippy.
6-8-2009 3:27 pm EST
when you get people checking the top fighters to see if your still yellow before they even sign in you know you've made it. glad i am semi apart of something this special...TLCS!!!
jersey devils
6-8-2009 2:22 pm EST
Skip is selfish!
6-8-2009 2:21 pm EST
Scrapper.com is reporting that an internal investigation into the underworld of MMArmy and its management is underway and some serious allegations will be made public soon.
6-8-2009 2:18 pm EST
Thanks everyone. I'm hoping for one more win tonight.
Penns Pit
6-8-2009 2:18 pm EST
6-8-2009 2:14 pm EST
Man I knew you could do it. Just had to live long enough to get there. Anyways congrats sir you've earned it!!!!
6-8-2009 2:10 pm EST
CONGRATS ON BEING TIED WITH THE RECORD SKIP!!! WOOO!!! Best of luck man. Break it tonight. I'm pulling for you!
Penns Pit
6-8-2009 3:38 am EST
I was pulling for Skip to beat me. GOAT!
Penns Pit
6-7-2009 8:05 pm EST
I guess Cali is up? Only one left with an EFC win.
6-7-2009 3:24 pm EST
wow. bad ass fighter dude.
jersey devils
6-7-2009 10:35 am EST
I hate Skip Lange.
6-7-2009 7:40 am EST
only a matter of picking the right style
6-6-2009 8:55 pm EST
And by record I meant you beating 666's 41 that to me is a very big accomplishment sir!
6-6-2009 7:39 pm EST
what age do u usually have to retire? or can they fight and just keep increasing...i hope to have a fighter like skip lol
6-6-2009 4:55 pm EST
Congrats on getting the record klok. I obviously had a big part in that and I although I didn't enjoy the ass-whoopings (John F) lol I sure as hell enjoyed witnessing greatness!! Good Luck bro on reaching 50, yeah its a stretch but anything is possible with this dude.
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
6-6-2009 4:19 pm EST
HUH? LOL! I don't mind losing to Skip but by armbar is too much!
6-6-2009 9:25 am EST
When TFK was still around, he fought Skip in the WAC and was brutally beaten. I either told you or GF on the forumas that Skip was going to be legendary, considering he was whoopin ass at such a young age. Congrats Klok, enjoy having one of, if not, the GOAT!!- Caleb/Team Shakes Owner.
6-6-2009 2:38 am EST
LOL thanks everyone. You make Skip proud.
Nathaniel Santos
Mishima Santos Systems
6-5-2009 6:50 pm EST
words can't describe this guy.
Penns Pit
6-5-2009 6:21 pm EST
Can I have your autograph????
6-5-2009 4:16 pm EST
"and the scary thing is, he's only getting better! " -Joe Rogan
Nathaniel Santos
Mishima Santos Systems
6-5-2009 10:58 am EST
jersey devils
6-4-2009 9:01 pm EST
Not much of a surprise there. Thanks for another beating.
6-4-2009 7:32 am EST
Gwan mate! Rule Britannia /;)
6-3-2009 10:24 pm EST
6-3-2009 10:24 pm EST
keep that belt shiny
sick of you too
are you stupid
6-3-2009 5:50 pm EST
wow...is that a record? you and Kennedy have fought each other 14 times for the EFC title?
6-3-2009 5:44 pm EST
BASTARD! I thought you might try that shit again. lol Atleast I got out the first this time....
Penns Pit
6-3-2009 4:13 am EST
I would love to go at it again with Skip. But I gotta consider Harsh having three wins in a row.
Diamond cutter
Fight art AZ
6-3-2009 2:38 am EST
nice record
6-3-2009 12:47 am EST
How much you get paid per mach?
Penns Pit
6-2-2009 3:49 pm EST
Wow, still number one!!! Awesome man!
KP Keough
Beast Mode
6-2-2009 5:50 am EST
Is this really the great Skip Lange?
Penns Pit
6-2-2009 4:15 am EST
Whoa, crap man, thanks for the fight bro.
Penns Pit
6-2-2009 4:12 am EST
Chance to get some revenge for ya. I would predict a first round KO. lol
6-1-2009 2:12 pm EST
I hope you know your the reason I'm not dominating EFC HW right now!! LOL...Just my luck :)
6-1-2009 5:25 am EST
Ok man this just isn't fair anymore. And to think I've actuslly finished this guy more than once, HA! DOminiating performances man thanks for yet another shot and another ass-whoopin. -John F
K Rich
K Rich
5-31-2009 5:32 pm EST
One of the most dominating fighters in MMArmy history. This guy will be remembered with the greatest.
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
5-31-2009 3:55 pm EST
I am starting to hate you lol!
ShitStain McGee
Streak Mark
5-31-2009 3:39 pm EST
Damn dude.
5-31-2009 10:59 am EST
Klok I will get you one more time before you go dammit!!! lol....Phucking one of the greatest of all time for sure don't care what anyone says!!!
Penns Pit
5-31-2009 7:45 am EST
Phuck, I shoulda just sayed in glory....lmao!!!!
jersey devils
5-31-2009 5:22 am EST
I can't beat this guy I might move to Glory until he retires! Thanks for the shot.
Club Casual
5-30-2009 7:44 am EST
fair enough bro
Club Casual
5-30-2009 3:48 am EST
hey bro i have sent the challenge. would appriciate to know wether ur guna accept or not? Fair enough if not but i jus thought i would see
jersey devils
5-29-2009 10:53 pm EST
Thanks for the shot bro.
5-29-2009 7:58 am EST
I was going to stick with my damn PG, but I said I'm tired of getting KTFO lol Damn it nice one klok.
5-29-2009 5:19 am EST
AH yes #1 vs #2 this should be fun!
5-28-2009 8:07 am EST
I was hoping my secondary would kick in..hehe Nice one
5-27-2009 3:51 pm EST
Close ass fight, UGh i almost had it! THanks for the shot! (Cal Stevenson)
5-27-2009 2:29 pm EST
so can i at least get a chance and if he misses someone else gets the shot ?
5-27-2009 12:15 pm EST
4 of my last 5 wins title shot ?
5-25-2009 3:58 pm EST
5-25-2009 7:25 am EST
Damn, you outsmarted me on the style switch. I thought you'd most likely go GNP, and you knew that i'd go SIO. But your stats are so jacked.
5-24-2009 4:01 pm EST
All that and I forgot to switch I would've went back to PG not that it means I would've won, but still. Anyways champ great fight!
5-24-2009 3:21 pm EST
no you are right man im vacating for sure
5-22-2009 6:09 pm EST
5-22-2009 3:42 pm EST
Title shot for Cal Stevenson?
5-22-2009 12:01 pm EST
meant to say I don't see** my guy losing to anyone else except you and you know what he hasn't! LOLS
5-22-2009 12:00 pm EST
This definitely a great rivalry with that first round sub last time we met and now this you never know what's going to happen with this 2. I'm sure we should meet again the only that could prevent that is retirement because I don't my guy really losing to anyone else but you, CHEERS!
5-21-2009 6:15 am EST
Whoa totally unexpected. Thanks for the shot!
5-20-2009 6:59 pm EST
Hey man just to let you know Hunter "Maple Leaf Muscle" Gagne deliberately didn't fight me b/c he says he knew fighting me was a definite loss.
5-20-2009 6:41 pm EST
title shot won 4 of 5 in efc and beat mountain lion last fight when he was ranked number 5 over all
5-20-2009 8:44 am EST
good fight man
5-20-2009 7:09 am EST
What a switch! Nice one sir.
5-19-2009 1:40 pm EST
ok klok hitmen's guy is getting sir. I believe you and I then have a date in the am, thats if I win of course! /;)
5-19-2009 1:30 pm EST
Hey klok for the pm reset I'm actually between giving the shot to you or hitmen's guy not to sure, I mean he's on a pretty good streak as well, but with you being #1 and all kinda tough to pass up so I'm a bit undecided right now bro...
5-19-2009 5:06 am EST
Tell me if you want a shot. (Katsu Ito)
5-18-2009 10:42 am EST
great fight man thanks for the shot my 1st efc belt ever
jersey devils
5-18-2009 6:54 am EST
No problem. Didn't check any1 else's record before i sent challenge.
5-17-2009 6:18 pm EST
title shot just beat juggernaut won 2 in a row ?
5-17-2009 3:49 pm EST
So pissed at that fight..Good one you deserved dont you go retiring on me either I want revenge! lol
jersey devils
5-17-2009 10:10 am EST
Good fight Klok. I'm happy my guy survived vs ur beast.
5-16-2009 5:12 pm EST
Oh thanks goodness!! Whoo **wipes forehead*..Great battle bro -John F
5-15-2009 3:55 pm EST
Thanks for understanding man unlike these other nimrods on here lols
5-15-2009 3:51 pm EST
Sorry man I think the guy underneath you deserves it more just based off the strength he beat the #3 ranked fighter last reset...I'm just trying to be fair even though I know your an ex-champ...
Peter Parker
Spider Sense Team
5-14-2009 7:24 pm EST
Thanks for fighting
Team Last Place
5-13-2009 4:52 pm EST
I'm sure I wont have an issue for now guys accepting fights, but I do look forward to the rematch. I'd love to go on a run like you did.
Team Last Place
5-13-2009 3:54 pm EST
You are a true champ sir, Thankyou for the fight, ohh and btw the nickname wasn't directed towards you, it was to everyone else that keep avoiding request I sent. Len McDonald
5-13-2009 9:02 am EST
Appreciate that champ...fucker lols!! Nice one finish
Todd Federksen
Northern Lights MMA
5-12-2009 8:04 pm EST
why you not giving harley popham a shot.he deserves a shot
5-12-2009 4:24 pm EST
5-12-2009 4:24 pm EST
damn even though I beat better comp I'm still high for the strap anyways gl defending bro!
5-12-2009 1:09 pm EST
Hey man I think John F is up for the shot bro 2 efc wins against guys ranked higher than me I mean I'm at the very bottom for goodness sakes lol So idk we'll see after the ranking update I guess...would be an interesting battle look forward to it!
5-12-2009 11:01 am EST
Congrats on the win...
5-11-2009 11:14 am EST
Thanks for the shot...
5-11-2009 9:41 am EST
Nice fighter bro. Congrats.
John Ramdeen
Public Enemy
5-10-2009 6:38 am EST
Damn you, Skip, you're too good! Congrats.
5-7-2009 5:44 pm EST
Thanks for the shot, to bad he couldn't make weight.. lol
5-7-2009 3:38 pm EST
Let's have another between Skip and Katsu...
5-7-2009 12:05 pm EST
congrats on the win bro
5-6-2009 5:44 pm EST
thanks for the fight man
5-5-2009 4:21 pm EST
Now why the heck Katsu could not do that in the title fight?
5-5-2009 6:18 am EST
sorry to ruin that beautiful streak you had goin' BTW
5-5-2009 6:18 am EST
thanks for the shot bro.. great fight
Team Last Place
5-2-2009 11:25 am EST
Thanks for the fight, I hate losing split decisions. Len McDonald
5-1-2009 10:04 pm EST
To everyone Klok has been gone for the past few days. I forgot that I needed to fight his camp so him not fighting was my fault. Seavillebri1
Team Last Place
5-1-2009 7:48 am EST
come on champ the whole org is waiting for you to fight.
4-29-2009 8:07 am EST
Holy smokes, I thought I could go the distance. Usually means retirement is close. Thanks for the shot though!
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-28-2009 5:17 am EST
Congrats man. EFC title in 36 fights. Impressive.
4-25-2009 11:51 pm EST
all good man...thanks for the shot