Pride MMA

Last Online - Friday 27th of October 2023
Display Name Coach Peavler
Member Since Jul 22, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2729-2314


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3-10-2023 9:54 pm EST
If time is the problem that’s understandable , hop in the forums much easier to elaborate, saw you were speaking with trite , He should get you up to speed
3-10-2023 4:52 pm EST
Getting some complaints forum side , Your belt defenses are all over the place , in all fairness,You have to challenge the deserving people for the title , Someone preferably who meets one or multiple standards , Whether it’s an IN ORG win streak , A rematch for the title if someone previously lost , you gotta choose the true contender or you’ll miss out on many title fights in the future .Stay blessed yo ur doin great just gotta clean it up and you’re gold
Who Knew
3-10-2023 4:42 pm EST
Just saw your comment. In org wins matter. Not outside orgs. And not sure you are referring to what I was. I cannot recall, since you did it more than once. Four wins in org better streak than two, unless the four win streak is not previous reset, streak must end with previous reset brother. I am never rude for any reason. Bad shots lead to blacklisting and that leads to coaches being frustrated and leaving. And, I am a lot nicer than some others
Finesse Gambinoo
3-4-2023 1:23 pm EST
Lol I know right
Goodkid MMA
4-29-2014 8:32 pm EST
You will if you join TLCS. At least join the forums and shoot me a PM.
Goodkid MMA
4-29-2014 4:04 pm EST
Not just anyone. We are very selective, and you have caught our interest.
Goodkid MMA
4-28-2014 7:00 pm EST
Hello sir, I belong to The Lebowski Crime Syndicate alliance on the forums. We are looking for active coaches to join our alliance. Some of the best coaches in MMArmy history are in our alliance, and we are looking to add one more! You! We want you to join our alliance! I am "GoodkidCC" on the forums. Join the forums and send me a PM sir. We want YOU to be the next member of TLCS. We are hands down the greatest group of players looking for our next brother in arms. Join the forums! Join us!
2-10-2014 7:29 pm EST
thanks....hope to fight u again soon...
hell Saints 14
1-22-2014 9:46 am EST
Free Flow
Like Water
1-5-2014 5:51 pm EST
Fighter tournament going on in the forums. Check it out. It's called the breakfast league.
12-25-2013 1:16 pm EST
No what is that
12-24-2013 6:13 pm EST
Yes lots
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
12-13-2013 1:27 am EST
Nice camp. Which fighter had the rivalry with Chris Biek?
engine room
engine room
12-3-2013 4:33 pm EST
Thanks for the nice words about the my team :)