Til The Death

Last Online - Wednesday 4th of October 2023
Display Name Trite
Member Since Mar 26, 2009
Active Record 219-199
Overall Record 6544-5495


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Deak Skin Mask
6-22-2023 5:10 am EST
I know what title etiquette is just get tired of people not accepting and missing fights every reset my apologies will do a better job going forward
Wrestle Huck
Wrestle Vikings
6-12-2023 2:16 pm EST
Any chance of getting accepted to your alliance? My resuest has been pending for 1 month now.
Marvin Edwards
5-21-2023 4:54 pm EST
Yes i`m new on here. Well been playing for over 6 months now and learning the game.
3-30-2023 8:20 am EST
Pink Panther coach, don't remember him, but he's obsessed with me and it's very weird
ll xPINKx ll
3-30-2023 5:14 am EST
There is a "Decline button" and you know the purpose of it so you don't need to over act gay.
ll xPINKx ll
3-30-2023 5:11 am EST
Too much drama this Gay has been playing this game wtf.
ll xPINKx ll
3-30-2023 5:10 am EST
Just decline the fight offer Gay. you don't need to comment stupid words!!!
3-23-2023 11:05 am EST
I did miss retention, I was not around. I thought we still went off streaks for challenges regardless. My mistake
3-22-2023 7:42 pm EST
It was not a challenge all. I'm on a 7 fight win streak? It was a belt challenge
3-13-2023 2:27 pm EST
I realize this now lol that was my first women's EFC title too :(
Coach Peavler
Pride MMA
2-28-2023 5:49 pm EST
with that being said, i understand where you're coming from
Coach Peavler
Pride MMA
2-28-2023 5:47 pm EST
i mean, you can be bitter if you want but that fight was personal between angie and iris
ll xPINKx ll
2-28-2023 7:20 am EST
hey dofus camp
Adam Dyke
2-21-2023 2:30 pm EST
No brother, I just put whatever on the fighter I feel goes with their character haha. He is chael P as in chael p sonnen, and his last name is lantz, p+lantz is plants and therefore a weed sponsorship logo would be fitting haha i hope you dont mind hombre
2-9-2023 5:01 pm EST
I usually use the bi-colored just to squeeze a little more of the secondary color in.
1-13-2023 3:51 am EST
I fight all the belts, maybe there was another fighter ahead of you! thanks
9-13-2022 9:11 am EST
I did check Trite his 2 wins where 250# your where higher
8-22-2022 10:00 am EST
Sorry if i skipped your guy. When it comes to efc belts i do it by the books but yes i absolutely get a little lazy with the lower belts.
8-21-2022 3:30 pm EST
I did send Drink the fight and sat on the challenge for 3/4s of a reset before expanding the challenge out.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-7-2022 10:27 am EST
Oh I didnt even know this was another of your camps Trite. Cool!
5-6-2022 6:28 am EST
I sent sassy the invite looks like someone got in ahead of them as I sent many shot invites.
5-6-2022 12:24 am EST
I did send you invite to take the shot but someone else accepted their invite before you
Sub N Tug FC
4-21-2022 1:54 am EST
It's all good I actually think I missed that day. Was afraid someone would call me out for missing. Sorry about that as I'm sure you woulda crushed me as always.
4-18-2022 3:38 pm EST
im oldskool man.. old camp was high demand in 2008... much love and peace brother
Zangy Wonkers
11-16-2021 10:33 am EST
Maybe will stop by! Thanks!
Balboa Brickhead House
6-4-2021 2:43 pm EST
I auto title shot everyone in the top ten to not lose it by inactivity
Zangy Wonkers
5-6-2021 11:58 am EST
Miyata Gym
4-12-2021 12:25 pm EST
Thanks Trite, hopefully he pans out to be a good one!
4-5-2021 4:31 pm EST
Don't quite understand your view point, but good luck with him
Mister Judo
3-24-2021 5:05 pm EST
Glow and lethal dance are better
Jesus Sanchez
1-27-2021 4:07 pm EST
I know I’m an idiot. Never think young guys are gonna work out.
12-2-2020 5:36 am EST
haha thx man, oakleigh has 2 :) i cant even add up all of yours lol
Mister Judo
12-2-2020 4:42 am EST
whats my "great idea?"
11-25-2020 6:29 pm EST
Whiskey Warriors, Russian Beardogs, The Final Solution, Viking Vanguard, Dane in the Membrane (maybe) all same coach. Coach does not understand title etiquette, falsely accuses people of ducking when giving proper shots, makes trolling, racist, inflammatory comments and restricts other coaches. Typical weirdo coward who hates himself. Any other camp of his, please notify me, thanks.
Micky OCallahan
Whiskey Warriors
11-25-2020 6:09 pm EST
You're a ducking nigger
11-2-2020 2:44 am EST
Revenge is a dish best served cold http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=7847972
Cool Beans
10-24-2020 2:49 pm EST
Thank you chief, hoping Chael can be #1 next reset
8-24-2020 12:22 am EST
Lol is it? I didn't read the thread, thought it was straight KO, my bad
MMA Jeddah Club
7-22-2020 11:15 pm EST
One fight left on the contract. There was no losing fights on the last fights on the old contracts.
7-18-2020 12:44 pm EST
Thanks for the comment, man. Hoping Sebastien turns into a beast. If not, well, I'll fight him until he retires just because of all the effort put in into dressing him, lol.
5-2-2020 7:06 am EST
Hahah for real though! She just decided to turn into a good fighter all of a sudden. I’m pretty sure she will be busted for PED’s pretty soon lol
Smooth Jesus
Smooth Jesus
3-1-2020 2:43 pm EST
Man all I do is some basic chin tests when they're young and watch auto challenge the world from there. Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't. Lol
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
2-19-2020 7:56 am EST
Hey man, sorry, I couldn't play the last reset
Crazy KO Camp
2-7-2020 7:57 am EST
Lol Vice lord is weirdly accurate for my guy Ray Wang
12-18-2019 4:09 am EST
fucked up again with my first EFC title :( Abraham couldn't become it.
12-12-2019 10:41 am EST
you think so? any tips my man? what to train etc?
Luna Cali
12-11-2019 4:07 pm EST
Lets do it
Luna Cali
12-10-2019 8:39 pm EST
Yes. I already auto renew but after the fight i need to sign a contract.
Luna Cali
12-9-2019 6:31 pm EST
I'm just asking bro. Good luck further
Luna Cali
12-8-2019 12:05 pm EST
Hey, r u okay?
12-4-2019 7:03 am EST
Shawn Jenkins first champ- UNO HW Sep 2716